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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Meth Bust Involving Members of La Familia

Feds Announce (Another) Local Meth Bust Involving Members of La Familia Drug Cartel.

Since then La Familia, which, per Time, attempts to mask its infamous, well-documented brutality behind quasi-religious camouflage, has overhauled its operations, at least from the looks of the latest heads-up from the U.S. Attorney's Office.

A Dallas federal grand jury this week indicted 16 more members of La Familia, all of whom were arrested December 14 in Tyler and Dallas. Some were nabbed in rural Tyler, at the so-called "ranch" of Sergio Renteria Echeverria, otherwise known as "Trippa," the 30-year-old who Capra and U.S. Attorney Sarah Saldaña say is the "cell-head" who "concealed large amounts of drugs" on the premises. They also say he maintains another residence in Richardson, on Midway Drive, which the feds will seize if he's convicted.

This time around, authorities say they got about $700,000 in cash, 20 pounds of meth, one kilo of cocaine and 70 firearms. They also discovered a meth conversion lab in Duncanville. It's not just shipping the drugs to Dallas-Fort Worth; La Familia is now manufacturing them locally.

According to the government, this investigation into La Familia's doings on U.S. soil has been going on since '06; that '09 bust was part of that. But it's like cutting off the head of a hyrda:

While the LFM cartel itself is based in Michoacan, the investigation identified several LFM distribution cells throughout North Texas. Intelligence obtained from the investigation revealed that after leaders of the LFM were arrested, replacement leaders, or "cell-head leaders" were assigned to continue the distribution of narcotics in the Dallas area and to other parts of the U.S.

Since the LFM Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force (OCDETF) investigation began, agents with DEA Dallas have arrested more than 100 defendants on federal charges and seized approximately $7.6 million in cash and assets, approximately 900 kilograms of methamphetamine, more than 85 kilograms of cocaine, approximately one kilogram of heroin and numerous firearms.


  1. this is a huge drug dealer in dallas just raised prices by $1.50

  2. My drug dealer in San Diego was getting Ice from Texas, the price is up by $2.50 now.

  3. Just a drop in the bucket. La Familia is world wide. In Canada as we speak making Ice for all the Hockey fans if you know what I mean. True story.

  4. i get a bag of ice for a buck

  5. La familia is worldwide??? Dude your retarded.According to the mexican goverment they dont even exist no more.They are street level now,well theyve always kinda been street level.

  6. I just make it myself

  7. @12:02 where has your ass been? No where your stuck at home while these guys are in Asia, AMERICA,Mexico, and parts of Canada

  8. @ January 9, 2012 4:01 PM .Shut up man,be the way you know what your talkin bout.Worldwide,if you knew shit,you know the authorities big up a key bust,as though you a major dealer.Ye they might go on holiday,when you made a nice score.No im jokin,i seen crews of them makin a plaza in Uzbekistan.

  9. @4:01----------Huh? I don`t read or speak stupid. Can you translate that jibberish for us over 30 folks? "authorities big up a key bust" "i seen crews" really?? C`mon man. Time to pull the pants up past the undies and put the cap straight on your head and learn to type plain english, because talking like that is one thing, but to type like that? I mean really? Really? and yes, I`m the speech police and the typing police as well. or should I say "po-po" so uz undystan wuz i bees say`n??


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