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Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Mayor Defends Leyzaloa

The mayor of Ciudad Juarez continues to support the work of the current boss of the Municipal Public Security Secretariat, Julián Leyzaloa, to the extent that he said he rather resign his position he holds as mayor, before the allows the resignation of the former Lieutenant Colonel.

During his speech at the 18th Public Hearing held in the community of Tierra Nueva, he made it clear that there is very little chance of the resignation or forced resignation of Leyaola, as has been called by criminal organizations through banners left around the city.

Not even in light of the eight officers that have been executed so far this month, will the Secretary of Public Safety leave his post, Hector Murguia said, "I will go first before Lieutenant Julian Leyzaola."

However, he said that they have already discussed several strategies for police officers to be able to defend themselves from these attacks, such as allowing them to take their weapons home or housing them in hotels with security, as did the federal police during their stay in this border town.

Source: Laredo Noticias


  1. Let him finish the juarez cartel first. They are getting there ass whip thats why they are crying

  2. I'm happy to see Hector Murguia supporting Julian Leyzaola. Yes they should allowing them to take their weapons home or housing them in hotels with security. I know this criminals are running out of time, soon they will be dead or arrested.

  3. Ummmm, they don't allow them to bring their duty weapons home with them!? What do they think will happen to them then in such a place as that, especially as police officers? They have big red targets on their backs. They are setting them up for death not allowing them to take their duty firearms home with them.

  4. chingen a ese puto leyzaola corrupto culero.. crees que puedes venir a juarez y a tratar de meter a los culeros del chapo aqui.. antes de ustedes chhihuahua estaba tranquilo y feliz lleno de vida.. aora que se cuide ese culero y todos los putos que apoyen al chapo que a donde va trae muerte.. el cartel de juarez sabe quienes estan con ellos y cuales policias andan con leyzaola matando y asesinando gente en las calles.. a estos weyes los ases pendejos en juarez sabemos que tipo de persona eres.. aste el bravito en tu cuartel con decenas de militares y policias protegiendote alrato se te van a ir acabando los policias que te estan ayudando a pelear con la verdadera genten de chihuhua.. pinche policia incompetente es un pinche asco cuantas personas no as matado culero.. vas andar llorando cuando te tumbe el cartel de juarez por corrupto

  5. @4:27 calmate mugrozzo antes Que llegara el chapo ustedes sela pasaban matando mujeres jotozzzz y Ora Que les entro el torro no le entran punales chillones jajahaja

    1. Muy correcto primero matando mujeres los jotos como no le atoran a los hombres con armas

  6. Leaozola is just screaming kill me,kill me!!!! And one day they will.I feel bad for the guy.All he had to do from the start was stay neutral,and not pick sides,but once you make a deal with Chapo im pretty sure you wont be able to back out,unless you are killed.Im almost waiting for the news of his death,its only a matter of time,obviously its not gunna happen today or tommorrow but it will happen.Underestimating El Viceroy,whose brother had an estimated amount of 25 Billion dollars was his mistake.

  7. Julain Leyzaola has a lot of balls but he only has one life ...if I were him I would get the fuck out of Cuidad Juarez

  8. if either one of them resigns for whatever reason that is like handing more power to the cartels. It is like saying okay, "Take the rest of it and run Juarez too, you assholes!"

  9. que no le atoran???estas pendejo o que?por 5 años el cartel juarense le a atorado a todo!!!le a atorado contra la policia fedreal,estatal,municipal,militar,contra pandillas y contra el cds!!!y sabes que,todavia no pueden con el cartel juarense...son los opiniones.5 años,pendejo y la linea y su gente sigue al pie del cañ mentira???analizalo pendejo...aqui en juarez,hoy y siempre,gente del chapo seguira yun hecho,y lo comprobamos...

  10. I dont think the cops,military,politicians is going to stop the blood flowing from our beutifull country its going to take the mejicanos the good people to rise up and take arms to extinguish this mess nobody wants to go to mexico anymore because of these scumbags.


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