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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Los Zetas the idol of children"

A morbid message to the children of Secundaria Tecnica 18, a middle school in the colonia Valle de Santa Lucia in Monterrey, was scrawled on a wall surrounding the school grounds late Tuesday night beneath the remains of two unidentified dismembered bodies.

The red graffiti on the wall read "Los Z el Ídolo de los niños" (or Los Zetas the idol of children).

Residents alerted the police who arrived at the scene and secured the bodies of two unidentified young males, one missing the head and hands and the other with only a torso.

Investigating authorities stated that the men had been executed elsewhere and the remains left at the scene. No witnesses could be found that would describe the vehicles used by the murderers.

The fear by the authorities was such that snipers were positioned to guard the area against an attack while the forensic crime scene investigation proceeded.

At least three other men have been the victims of organized crime style executions in Valle de Santa Lucia since the beginning of the year.

Another blow against Mexico's youth occurred this morning in the colonia Guadalupe area of Culiacan, Sinaloa when a group of students were sprayed by gunfire from the occupants of a passing vehicle.

Sinaloa state police officers patrol the entrance to the Conalep III school in Culiacan after a student was shot Wednesday morning.

The students were attacked at the entrance of the Conalep III campus (a vocational technical school) for having unfortunately looked at the vehicle as it drove by.

Miraculously only one student was injured, suffering a non-life threatening wound to his legs.

According to witnesses a Honda Civic with heavily tinted windows and two occupants on board was driving past the school when it stopped and reversed back to the entrance where a group of students was entering and threatened them before the driver discharged a .45 caliber handgun, aiming at their legs.

The occupants of the vehicle yelled "qué me ven, me conocen o qué", what are you looking at, do you know me or what?, to the students who had dared to glance at the suspicious looking vehicle.


  1. This whole mess gets more disturbing every week. When I started following this stuff in 09 or so, it was kind of interesting. Now it is just nauseating.

  2. I suggest you take a break from this forum but yeah I know what you mean but if there was a blog dedicated to all of the gang violence occurring in the U.S you would feel the same way.

  3. Que chingen su madre todos los zetas.. Abajo los zetas... Hahaha

  4. The worst part is that it actually DOESN'T get worse every week. It's the same stories of graphic violence day after day and i feel like its been at this level for 2 years now. There is no doubt in my mind that the entire country has more or less grown numb to it and become acustomed to this level of violence. It shows no sign of slowing anytime soon.

  5. The thousands of children in Mexico who's only inspiration is to grow up and be a drug cartel sicario are the scariest part of the militarization of the drug war.

    Even if the war were to end tomorrow, kids who grow up wanting to be Zetas, or La Linea, or Los Negros, are ticking time bombs who could end up anywhere in the world with a predisposed propensity to murder.

  6. CDG still fighting in Monterrey, apparently.


    The killers could have easily been los Anthrax.Borderlandbeat should post facts not opinions!!!!

  8. This is how we end up with so many laws. Watch. Now Mexico will ban tinted windows. This is how America lost its freedom. And I am not blaming government. I am blaming the dumbasses who can't obey the law and restrict their actions to only affecting their own lifes.

  9. Psycologist tell us that if you can imprint a human child in the first 7 years of life you will have a lifelong follower, Moslum,Catholic,Jewish,and other religions and almost all nationalistic political systems prove this every day. Point training of children can revolutionize any culture, Maby even Mexico. So if children are imprinted with ethics,morals and a sence of community,caring about others,this could change anyplace WITHOUT FIRING A SHOT. On the other hand the idea that anybody anywhere would relate to Zetas or others is truly sad and upsetting,once grown tainted people have to be locked away or exterminated a waste of time money and the potential of the wasted criminal person.It is truly upsetting to see youg people in Mexico influenced by criminals.

  10. @10:31 good observation SISKYOU

  11. No one wants to grow up and be a Zeta other than an ignorant, undeducated individual. Not to say there aren't many. But sadly, Mexico is no exception to parents not educating their kids.

    But to recruit kids, at a middle school? Pinches Zetas. Everyday you guys and gals stoop lower and lower. Es increible, and know you wonder why Sinaloa wants to wipe these fools out.

    For the sake of society, pick your poison poblado. You want the Z's to recruit your kids?
    Look Sinaloa, CDJ, CDG, BLO, are all the same. Pushing drugs and killing yourselves is one thing but to recruit teenagers openly is another.

  12. 07:56 dude there is no comparison. torture, beheadings, dumping body parts in the street, where is this occuring in the us? gang violence in america ain't got shit on these animals. doesn't even merit a blog

  13. 07:26am no seas pendejo para hablar investiga lee primero un claro ejemplo de que el cds tambien recluta ninos es el MINI6 o algo asi TONTO............

    1. Tu si no sabes no digas nada. No lo reclutaron su papa era de ese cartel y el escojio esa vida.pendejo

  14. Agreed, mini 6 grew up in the mafia. His dad, uncles were all narcos. Some still are, the Torres in CDS.

    Chapos and Mayos guys don't go around recruiting 12 year olds. Do they probably have them wanting to join, well most likely. But a kid isn't a man in the narco world.

    They should be left out!

  15. Mexico's pride use to be public education for the poor. Now the poor segundarias (middle school) children are being introduced to drugs and the Mexican Culture is changing. Poor children who can not leave the Narco environment are domed to follow the Narco way. Millions of poor Mexican children will be the strong Narco force of tommorrow. Ask any student attending a segundaria or prepa and they will tell you about the pressure put on them to deal drugs and take drugs. Life in Mexico has changed! Youth in Mexico has died.

  16. I feel sorry for u if see those cockroachezz as your idol

  17. "Even if the war were to end tomorrow, kids who grow up wanting to be Zetas, or La Linea, or Los Negros, are ticking time bombs who could end up anywhere in the world with a predisposed propensity to murder."

    Now you are beginning to see what the "drug war" is really about.

  18. Yet you all hate on us Sinaloenses say we all act narco, slang drugs, worship chapo fuck all that fuck zacatejazzz puro maricon para ya yo no sabia que ay hombres por esos rumbos

  19. bet the guy in the car who shot at the students wouldn't of been so tuff without his gun, I'm sure even those kids could've kicked his ass. Narcos, esp zetas, are just armed pussies and only a kid would be dumb enough to want to join them, that's why they target the kids for recruits.


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