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Thursday, January 5, 2012

'Head of Security' for 'El Achilles' arrested in Tijuana

Security chief for 'Achilles' arrested in Tijuana, known as 'R12'.

A former municpal police officer, Omar Conteras Bengochea, was detained in Los Pinos, Tijuana, after an operation involving the arrest of retail drug dealers in the area. The arrest was made by Tijuana municipal police, and the subject was flown directly to Mexico City after his arrest, to prevent any escape attempts or violent reprisals.

Update: It is reported that 'El R12' has not been flown to Mexico City, as of January 5th 2012, though it is almost certain he will be in the next 48 hours.

Bengochea, was reportedly the head of 'El Achilles' security deal, and was wanted for his participation in Federal crimes, in the service of organized crime. El Achilles, Alfredo Azarte Arteaga, and his brother La Rana, Rene Arteaga, are considered to be the point men in the Sinaloa Cartel, 'El Mayos' representatives in the city. They are responsible for trafficking tons of marijuana and cocaine across the border, as well as setting up 'shops' for retail drug sales in designated areas of the city. La Rana engaged 'Rosy', sister of detained Sinaloa operative, 'El Guicho' in a battle for control of retail sales in Rosarito Beach, and areas of Tijuana.

Bengochea, is about 40 years old, in 2008-2010 he led, a now defunct crew of assassins and kidnappers, in the service of Teodoro Garcia Simental. He was said to be close with Raydel Lopez Uriarte, 'El Muletas', who was arrested in February, 2010. Also, he was alleged to be involved in the now infamous shooting at 'El Canaerval', Insurgentes bridge, in April of 2008. The shooting was the final breaking point between those loyal to Fernando Sanchez Arellano, and the group led by Garcia Simental, who refused to acknowledge Sanchez Arellano as the leader of the cartel.

The system the Sinaloa Cartel employs in Tijuana, is of several, loose, and unconnected cells, all under the banner of Sinaloa, which seems to encourage competition and disputes over territory. These disputes are the source of roughly 80% of the 436 murders in Tijuana, during 2011. El Achilles is thought to be the owner of at least one of the tunnels discovered in November 2011, as well as the product found inside. Many of the seized drug shipments in Tijuana, as well as 'financial safe house', in which 15 million dollars was seized, were thought to be the responsibility of 'El Achilles', who works in coordination with Fernando Sanchez Arellano. Between the two is a non aggression agreement, and working arrangement, confirmed by captured members of organized crime. Zeta Tijuana also reports in their most recent edition that Fernando Sanchez' organization also receive their product from Sinaloa.

This marks the second arrest of a secondary Sinaloa operative in the last several months, 'El Cuervo' was arrested November 24, 2011, in Tijuana.

Sources, AFN Tijuana, Zeta Tijuana


  1. When mid-level guys get taken in by municipal police, you have to wonder if they were simply replaced in a manner that's far more polite than the style of anyone but CDS.

  2. Thats OK another one hits the skids!

  3. @7:33
    Lets hope so! It always is like waiting to exhale with these detainments.

    Detained does not mean arrest, Mexico only goes on to arrest, charge and proscecute 2% of those "detained". they have a couple of mos and can extend that timeframe.

    like La Barbie-he was not arrested and when detainment is up they just applied to the court for extensions. Paz Chivis

  4. Mr. Valdez is in a unique situation. He waived all his rights and requested to be turned over to the USA. His greatest fear is they will release him in Mexico and someone will give him a taste of his own medicine.


  6. Ala verga con EL ASQUILES!....van a caer pronto todos sus chiles!...


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