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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Four Dead, Seven Wounded in Juarez Prison Fight

Latin American Herald Tribune

CIUDAD JUAREZ, Mexico – Four inmates were killed and seven others wounded in a fight involving members of rival gangs at the Aquiles Serdan prison in the northern Mexican state of Chihuahua, state officials said Sunday.

Members of the Los Aztecas gang, which works for the Juarez drug cartel, fought with rivals from the Mexicles gang, the armed wing of the Sinaloa cartel, with homemade knives, Chihuahua state Attorney General’s Office spokesman Carlos Gonzalez said.

“As of now, there are four dead and seven wounded, all of them prison inmates, and all attacked with knives,” Gonzalez said.

Visiting hours were cancelled Sunday while investigators continue gathering evidence at the prison.

Federal Police officers found 24 weapons, including five assault rifles and two UZI submachine guns, and 800 doses of marijuana, cocaine and heroin during a search last September of the Aquiles Serdan prison, which is in Chihuahua city, the state capital.

Chihuahua, one of the states most affected by drug-related violence in Mexico, has accounted for about 30 percent of the more than 47,000 drug-related murders registered since President Felipe Calderon declared war on the country’s drug cartels in December 2006.

Chihuahua is home to Ciudad Juarez, located across the Rio Grande from El Paso, Texas, and considered Mexico’s murder capital.

The Juarez cartel has been battling the rival Sinaloa cartel for control of smuggling routes from Ciudad Juarez into the United States.

The border city, which topped the list of the world’s deadliest cities for three consecutive years, dropped to second last year with 148 homicides for every 100,000 residents.

The murder rate took off in the border city of 1.5 million people in 2007, when 310 people were killed, then it more than tripled to 1,607 in 2008, according to Chihuahua Attorney General’s Office figures, with the number of killings climbing to 2,754 in 2009.

More than 3,100 people were murdered in the border city in 2010, making it the worst year since the cartel turf war sent the homicide rate skyrocketing in 2008.

About 2,000 people were murdered in Juarez in 2011.


  1. Here we go again. Whenever the juarez cartel fights back hard, it only means that the homicide rate will only rise as many more people will die because I'm sure that la linea will kill anyone just to give the impression that the war is still going strong.

    The Juarez cartel cannot win against the sinaloa cartel and the police. Since the announcement of the new juarez cartel, homicides have slowly rizen again in juarez. I have a friend who's cousin from new mexico went to visit juarez two weeks ago with two friends and all three were shot to death in their car. They were not even cartel related.

    I bet you that it was the dirty aztecas who did this.

  2. Prison in Mexico is like a party,women drugs,weapons,beer,hilarious and ....yet sad. We should imprison them here and give Mexico the bill.

  3. "The Juarez Cartel has been battling the Sinaloa Cartel for control of Ciudad Juarez",more like the other way around.

    Its the Sinaloa Cartel is who is trying to take Ciudad Juarez from the Carillo Fuentes Organization,or the tradition cartel that has controlled Cd Juarez for decades.

  4. Go kill carillo and killings will stop. Juarez cartel are just killing people to show they are winning . But we all know they are getting there ass whip .

  5. Funny how all of these people talk so much shit about la linea like if they were gn!Bet if they went to the ceresos they be getting beat up and paying cuota to the gay ass aztecasJAJAJA

  6. @ 8:00 sure go kill him since its that easy right lol what an idiot . Sinaloa is the killing civilians to show they are still present in Juarez

  7. guys seem to hate the juarez cartel!!!funny though,i bet you guys dont know anything about the real stuff...first of all,juarez cartel getting beat,not so,guys.i could care less,but here in juarez you dont see any one from gn,not even the mexicles and aa,and the aztecas,well,drives down 2 or 3 blocks and you surley passed at least 20 of them.murder rate is down because the gn have been pushed out by the juarez cartel,this is a fact,for us who live in juarez.the ncj has pushed out chapos people and now they say,people on the streets,they are attacking the police force.they promised to kill one cop every day,well,they kept thier promise,8 officers have been killed in 8 days...

  8. yeah that is true everywhere there is aztecas in juarez.. if you dare say anything about gn or mexicles or doble aas youre sure to get killed.. i have no clue why they think cartel de juarez is losing at all.. everywhere in juarez is the juarez cartel super strong and sinaloa nowhere.. i dont know where they get those statistics all i know is that this will continue and more people and cops will die.. chihuhua city is full of cartel de juarez its not even funny everywhere if anything sinaloa is getting scared these guys are fucking killing anyone supporting sinaloa around the whole state starting with corrupt leyzaola and his murdering cops

    1. They killed 3 sicarios that were trying to kill cops and got there ass whip. Now assholes its a diffrent thing when the cops have guns. Jaja

  9. have you heard about all those mantas hung around juarez and the attack on the police force in the morning.. keep us noted what is happening, from what i know the juarez cartel is attacking brutally the police because leyzaola keeps trying to bring down the juarez cartel.. they say they are fighting chapos people and since leyzaola picked sides with sinaloa and threatened them and called them cockroaches the juarez cartel is enfuriated and will bring down all the police force until leyzaola resigns or gets killed for being corrupt and one sided.. fear is everywhere in the police force and they promised a lot more cops will die

  10. My family is from chihuis . Juarez cartel is strong. Chapos people did put a dent in it. But it was mostly the sloppy guys. Now la linea has changed it's ways. More secretly n trust no cops. Chapo has friends n high places, like the military n Feds , American and Mexican. But the war has been too long. He's friends are getting heat. There backing away. And chapo is letting he's promises go sour. He's sends people to the jay to die. He's people are starting to realize this. Caldron will be out of office soon. The people of chihuis favor Vicente. Things were calm with him. Chapo is a snitch, and a betrayer. Caldron gone. Chapo gone.


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