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Monday, January 16, 2012

Canadian citizen executed in Culiacan, Sinaloa.

The body of a naturalized Canadian citizen of Iraqi origin, the victim of an organized crime style execution, was found in the Country Alamo area of Culiacan, Sinaloa, late Sunday night.

According to investigators the victim, identified as Salid Abdulaziz Sahbaz, had been shot multiple times in the head by what appeared to be a .45 caliber firearm. At least 8 empty shells of that caliber were recovered at the scene.

Robbery was not thought to be the motive as a passport and money was found on the body. According to the El Noroeste newspaper a Canadian government ID card was also found on the body.

Gerardo Vargas Landeros, a Sinaloa state government official, stated that the initial investigation found evidence that Sahbaz was was not a vacationer but was somehow involved in illegal activities. Vargas did not specify what those activities were.


  1. so chapo literally has talibanes working for him haha

  2. damn glad black ops got to this alqueda before he did some real damage in the USA.

  3. United Nations (gang) from Canada are involved in drug trafficking, they usually send people to Sinaloa, many of their members are from Arabic descent.

  4. 8 shots? Emptied the clip, sure wanted him dead dead.

  5. He wad killed for a reason. anthrax don't care bout USA problem HE was taking money and not speaking truthfully he also helped to set up our boss with an inocent citizen that your website posted a photo of not far back. Because our boss sent warning to pay chapo or he could be in Paradise with his virgins.

    1. Plez explain more we don't need to know details that can get u caught up just more info Im from guasave and very interested

  6. @8:42: spot on!

    For those stupid f***s who still believe in santa and the taliban educate urself (thinking u'll never learn though):

  7. OMG the previous posts are ridiculous. paranoid fools.

  8. Two United Nations gang members were killed in Guadalajara Mexico in 2008 Elliott "Taco" Castaneda of Abbotsford and Ahmet Kaawach, who used to live in Metro Vancouver, died in a hail of bullets.

    United Nations gang members and other B.C gangs are known to go to Mexico to buy drugs.

  9. January 17, 2012 9:54 AM If you are from Guasave you are probably a cartel figure my friend. Maybe you are trying to dig information.

  10. @ January 17, 2012 2:32 AM ,Hermano,don't get spooked,you cool on here.No motherfucker will ever know who you are,if you dont want them to know.Its just interest,you know,the real deal,instead of everyone runnin they mouth.The UN,is well know in Abbotsford in Canada,the main man been lifed up.Murkin each other,Angels,UN,RedScorpions,BaconBros,all that shit,they shift wood over the border from Canada,and doin shit for Meth,end.Anyway 2:32 AM,he won't be playin,he just interested in what you say cause you know the score.You aint givin nothin up,if the arab deserved murkin then fuck him,play straight.Its the fuckin rats you always gotta look out for.

  11. @ 1:30 AM .Hermano,fuck that fool,he can dig all he want,you cant be found out on here unless you givin your clave,name,street,shop center,whatever.You cool on here,fuck him,he just a citizen who thinks you a bad guy,and wants you caught.You cannot be found out unless you stupid,post what you like,there are lots on here want to hear from players,not fools like him.Be cool.

  12. the safest way to be on here is to treat everyone as a working cartel member,or a snitch/grass. loose mouths cause deaths..

  13. Shit wish i cud work up the nerve to meet someone there just seems like so many peeps cfom my hood try and die tempting with the fuckin garbage re pressed repress that goes arond here and peeps still trying to charge top doller i want some real fuckin wash yo


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