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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Bloody Weekend in Jalisco Results in 30 Homicides

by Chivis Martinez for Borderland Beat
In 48 hours Jalisco racked up 30 homicides by various acts of violence, including the  discovery in Ejutla of clandestine graves containing 7 bodies, of which four were burned beyond recognition.
The body of Luis Zavala one of 30 Jalisco  homicides in 48 hours

In Lagos de Moreno three policemen were shot; two sustained fatal wounds and were dead at the scene, the third was transferred to a medical facility for treatment.  The gunmen followed the transfer and burst into the facility in a blaze of gunfire then bolted, triggering a police pursuit.  While the pursuit was in force, other gunmen entered the facility and killed the injured policeman being treated from the original shooting.
The homicides were in the metropolitan area of Guadalajara.

As reported by Jalisco’s Informador the following homicides occurred:

-In the municipality of Ixtlahuacán of quince, three men were executed

-Close by to the three executed men were the bodies of Aldo Omar, 17 years old, Ernesto Guillermo Enrique Cervantes Castro Aranda and Jose Velazquez, 27.

-In Zapopan Humberto Estrada Covarrubias, 24, was killed by stabbing

-Cesar Garcia Vazquez, 35 years old death by gunshot

-In Tlaquepaque Macias Luis Gerardo Zavala, 33, was found dead with gunshots to the head

-Two people "encobijadas" colonies in Colonia San Javier, in Lagos de Moreno

-Two people "encobijadas" that were located on the road leading from San Julian to San Miguel el Alto

-Naples-Ricardo Hernandez, 30, was executed in the streets of Cologne Heliodoro Hernández Loza, in Guadalajara

-A couple was found dead  in the town of Tlajomulco de Zuniga, by gunshot killed  were Miguel Angel Gonzalez Aguilar, 41, Aida Figueroa Sanchez

-The delegation-Atequiza, Ixtlahuacán River Township two men were attacked, one of them died and the health status of the other was reported as serious

-On the road leading from Tlajomulco San Miguel Zuniga Cuyutlán, four men were found gagged and beaten in a compact car, one of whom later died in the Green Cross

-In the town of Tala, a person was found burned to death

-In the municipal seat of Ameca was found shot and executed a man identified as Miguel Jauregui Camacho, 40, aboard a Chevrolet truck, which was parked a few meters from the bus station

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  1. 30 homicides in 48 hrs. is a lot dead people in a short amount of time.

    I feel so bad for mexico and it's people. They are a country that has fallen victim to an epidemic of poverty. And they are suffering because the U.S. just does'nt give a shit about them.

    1. How is that the U.S.'s problem?

    2. Maybe because it is the Americans who pay top dollar for their product. Drugs are being smuggled into the states on a daily basis and as long as there's a demand they will do what it takes to supply!

  2. poor jalisco and guadalajara.. they will now face the horrors and death of this war that chapo started and will not be finished by him... the zetas have evolutionized crime to another level.. they will kill and destroy everything and everyone.. chapos greed has in everyway destroyed mexico eventhough cheerleader may disagree

    1. True chapo fucked up... RIP the people of mexico

  3. Wait, I thought Mexico doesn't want help from the US? Oh I forgot, we already are helping with military operators at bases in Mexico....Yea the problem is poverty, CREATED by people having too many children due to Catholic principles and no planned parenthood. You cannot deny this.

    1. yea we are training to run cartels like z40 and el lazca

  4. @ 2:54 Sure, cause its Americas job to help everyone in the world including all the countries that shit on us while extending their hands for help. How about the Mexican govt, politicians, mayors, and police forces that dont give a shit and are on on the narco payrolls? Thats the actual problem.

  5. The problem is the fact that hard drugs are not legalized. If you would legalize it prices go down and governments could control and tax it.

    Big profits are gone for good ...........

  6. in juarez alone there was 24 murders this weekend almost the same number as a jalisco combined.. soon the numbers will even out as zetas keep infiltrating chapos territory

  7. The problem in mexico is there is a elite group that have monopilized olmost every single industry in mexico. Industries that are key for the developement of the country such as in energy privite and public monopolies that set up prices to whatever the market can bear which rise up the prices of everything else. All of this monopoly practices create extream poverty which in turn generates a lot of people willing to be sicarios just to feed their families better

  8. ajulio.. It isnt the US job to help, if it was beneficial to us, they would of helped by now.

    8:03.. Thats retarded, not everyone is Mexico is Catholic, and have 10 kids. Lol!

  9. we just found out that on the 29 of this month my sister-in -law was killed but I do believe my baby who is in heaven also needed her Tia she will be forever missed. BABY GIRL MOMMY WILL ALWAYS HAVE YOU IN MY HEART, your tia will watch over you til I get there with you. Love you both R.I.P.

  10. people are so uninformed why dont you get schooled on the real issue. Why do the the innocent have to pay , for the stupidity of others. I'm born& raised in California parents from texas grandparents from texas so I'm tired of you people of talking this S*** not knowing anything. do you think one is born saying I want to be born in a poor familia . So why don't you put yopuor self in there shoes for one day, you people are fast to talk about Mexicans but when you sit down to eat remember where it all comes from& who are the ones picking it. YOU SHOULD ALL WATCH " A DAY WITHOUT A MEXICAN'

  11. If z get to cuisillos jalisco I will have to sell weapons to the people their to fight back but I think they might be somewhat prepared. Idgaf

  12. All these foolish americans believing they have the power of the world. How about you take care of all your drug addicts in your country and they are the ones benefiting from the large amounts of drugs crossing the border. stop hidding everything under the rug U.S.A.


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