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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

194 tons of precursor chemicals seized in Michoacan

On Tuesday Mexico's federal government announced the seizure of 194 tons of methylamine, a precursor chemical used in the synthesis of methamphetamine, in the port city of Lazaro Cardenas, Michoacan.

The joint Semar (Naval Ministry) and PGR (Attorney General's Office) operation discovered the chemicals in 12 containers that were in transit thru the port facility. According to authorities the point of origin of the shipment was China, with the final destination of 10 containers listed as Puerto Quetzal, Guatemala and the remaining 2 containers for Puerto de Corinto, Nicaragua.

This seizure comes in the heels of another operation that netted containers holding 120 tons of precursor chemicals in December in Lazaro Cardenas. That shipment also originated in China and was headed for Guatemala.

It is believed that these seizures point to the growing presence of illicit synthetic drug production operations in Central America by Mexican drug cartels.

On Monday, January 16, President Felipe Calderon was in Lazaro Cardenas to inaugurate the port's modernized customs facilities, specifically designed to address the growing volume in container traffic.


  1. Kudos Borderland Beat for helping save the republic safe for democracy.

    Behind closed doors, US Intel and law enforcement officials see ever escalating use of Meth.

  2. I wonder who's bust is this? It either Los Zetas or Sinaloa but I have a feeling it's a Los Zetas bust, they might be moving in on the meth trade and possibly collaborating with La Familia chemists and providing muscle to them. Los Caballeros Templarios are in a very bad position right now if they don't allign themselves with someone.

    1. @3:19
      Yeah I think you're right. I also have a feeling it was Zetas bust because both Sinaloa and Zetas have a presence in Guatemala in Puerto Quetzal.. But Zetas control most of Nicaragua especially Puerto de Corinto..

  3. This is progress! Thank You Mexican Law,Military or whoever great job!!

  4. China...The true enemy of the USA

  5. Hello amigos!!!
    Good job police!!! Good job!!!
    Just goes to show how fucking stupid this asshole morales is!!!No good, SOB, pinche queer, cum eating, pendejos all if these bastardos r!!!
    They all belong in the fucking grave, to burn in HELL with Satan, their Papa!!
    Have a nice day!!!

  6. Just a drop in the bucket. China and India are sending these chemicals to Canada where La Familia is cooking. They are international now. Good luck with your stupid prohibition laws.


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