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Saturday, December 24, 2011

US Confirms Three U.S. citizens Among the Dead in Veracruz Bus Attack

Members of the Mexican Navy control the Roads in Veracruz After Bus Attack

Three U.S. citizens traveling to spend the holidays with their relatives in Mexico were among those killed in a spree of shooting attacks on buses in northern Mexico, authorities from both countries said Friday.
 A group of five gunmen attacked three buses in Mexico’s Gulf coast state of Veracruz on Thursday, killing a total of seven passengers in what authorities said appeared to be a violent robbery spree.

 An official of the neighboring state of Hidalgo said the Americans killed in the attack included a mother who was born in the area, and was returning with her two daughters to visit relatives in the region, known as the Huasteca.

A 14-year-old nephew from the Mexican border city of Reynosa who had joined the three family members on the trip was also killed, said Hidalgo state regional assistant secretary Jorge Rocha.
A U.S. embassy official confirmed the women’s nationalities, but could offer no information on their ages or hometowns. The official, who was not authorized to be quoted by name, said consular authorities were offering assistance to the victims’ relatives.

Rocha identified the dead U.S. mother as Maria Sanchez Hernandez, 39, of Fort Worth, Texas, and the daughters as Carla, 19, and Cristina, 13. However, the embassy could not confirm the names. Rocha said Karla appeared to have been born in Mexico, and that all three held dual citizenship.
 While funeral plans were unclear, Rocha said Sanchez Hernandez’s mother wants her daughter to be buried in Mexico.

Rocha said the other bus passengers killed in the attacks were a young Mexican couple, who left behind a three-month-old baby boy, who survived the attack. A bus driver was also killed.

Five gunmen who allegedly carried out the attacks were later killed by soldiers.
Earlier in their spree, the gunmen shot to death three people and killed a fourth with grenade in the nearby town of El Higo, Veracruz.

On Thursday, the U.S. Consulate General in Matamoros, a Mexican border city north of where the attacks occurred, said in a statement that “several vehicles,” including the buses, were attacked, but did not specify what the other vehicles were.

The consulate urged Americans to “exercise caution” when traveling in Veracruz, and “avoid intercity road travel at night.”

While the specific area where the Thursday attacks occurred is not frequented by foreign travelers, other parts of the Huasteca — a hilly, verdant area on the Gulf coast — are popular among Mexican tourists and some foreigners.The attack occurred near the border with the state of Tamaulipas, an area that has been the scene of bloody battles between the Zetas and Gulf drug cartels.

NY Daily News

UPDATE 12.26.11

Little Mike and Angie and now back home with relatives in Cleburne Texas!


  1. I think its time for the us to get involved and do something about these bums.

  2. They wont get involved unless theres $ to be made.

  3. Thats what they get for going to a war torn country. Who in there right mind goes to Mexico???

  4. The family had not visited relatives in Mx for 4 yrs Maria missed her mom and heard this route was safer. One surviving child has downs syndrome and remains in Mx. She along with a sibling witnessed the killings and fam members are trying to get them out of Mx. read more here

  5. so sad, how could you shoot a mother and her children??? I am glad these guys are dead!

  6. 10:59, thats a very idiotic thing to say..

  7. "Thats what they get for going to a war torn country. Who in there right mind goes to Mexico???"

    Anonymous - are you stupid? Mexico is anything but a war torn country! I have lived in Mexico for 4 years and where I live there is FAR less crime than the U.S. city I came from.

    No doubt that the U.S. State Department should issue a travel warning for humans traveling to the city you live in!

    Here's an idea. Try engaging your brain before your keyboard.

  8. It's tragic to what happened to a mother, wife and her 2 children.

    The Narco bums need to be eliminated. They take up WAY too much oxygen.

  9. Si los gringos van de metiches a mexico, la mejor estrategia es comprarle armas a los paises arabes a venezuela o a rusia con eso le das en su madre a los gringous por que no van a hacer money vendiendo armas ellos mismos a sus "enemies" son bien vivos los kabrones. Ya con eso no vienen por que no hay negocio para ellos.

  10. Esta Estupid 9:34 and Merry Christmas

  11. The last real gentlemanDecember 25, 2011 at 12:32 PM

    only a real spineless pussy would kill a woman and a child. Takes no balls to pull a trigger, they will pay the price for their stupidity. This is not about the Narcos, it is about some petty pathetic street hoods with no connections or brains that only know how to steal and rob. They are at the bottom of the ladder, no one will ever respect such pussy bitches for this pathetic crime. They will suffer the wrath of Karma, soon, no way they walk away from this.

  12. do people really read this website to just always write "Thats what they get for going to a war torn country. Who in there right mind goes to Mexico???" they don't speak Spanish, know anything about Mexico, hate their own government and sit in McDonald's every morning talking about the last "great" thing they did in their lives which was being a cook in the US army during the Vietnam War. Pityfull.

  13. 9:38
    Pinche vato pendejo sii eran mujeres y ninas que mataron y tu muy chingon culero. Si no era por los estados unidos no tuvieran dinero ustedes mexicanos pendejos.
    Ven a Los Angeles para k mires como robamos a los paisas que vienen de mexico como tu que se creen chingones de que matan ninas. Pinche enano puto.. May those innocent people rest in peace..

  14. im glad to hear the Soldiers killed all 5 gunmen

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

  15. I just posted an update to the bus killings post. The children are now back home with relatives in Texas..

  16. Thank you Chivis. Hopefully these kids will somehow be able to get over this horrific event. Mexico is a huge country. Not very much of it is a battle ground. But where ever brutality occurs, it stains a bigger area in peoples' minds. And before you know it, Mexico is seen as a war torn country--which it truly is not. There is so much good in Mexico. Unfortunately, this family was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

  17. I cannot imagine the horror these babies witnessed!
    At least in the US they will receive the professional help they need, unlike the the children of Mx who witness the atrocities and are never given professional help..I wonder what that will do to them as adults, as paretns, as spouses and as citizens

  18. @ December 25, 2011 5:06 PM,tu comentario me da a entender que no eres Mexicano,(gracias a dios)haz de ser un pobre Centro-Americano desplazado de su propio pais,que te la pasas en el McArthur Park robando senoras.Y si vas a comentar en este tema de mujeres y ninos inocentes,lavate el hocico y acuerdate que en tu pais Centro-Americano es lo que mas hacen.Son una bola de violadores!Es mas la mayoria de los sicarios que matan ninos y mujeres aqui en mi pais son extranjeros (o sea,Centro-Americanos).Oh y otra,cuando te agarre la migra y te vayan a deportar a tu pais,no les mientas como lo hacen tus paisanos diciendo que son Mexicanos porque ya no queremos mas basura como tu.Y no se te olvide,si vives en un Barrio de Los Angeles,ahi estas al mando de(MMexicanos) los(Senores),no te hagas pendejo que sabes muy bien a que me refiero!!!

  19. esto es como colombia en los 80s mexico esta hundiendose en guerrras internas matanzas y crimenes coches bombas descuartizados esto es narcoterrorismo puro antes iba a mexico 2 veces verano y navidad hace 4 que no voy ahora prefiero vacacionar aqui mismo en estados unidos, antes no pasaban estas atrocidadesesto comenzo con el sexenio presidencial en mexico, que triste es ver a un mexico bello despedazarse asi por gente con mucho poder y poco valor por la vida sanginarios sin corazon,el turismo es la segunda entrada de dinero para mexico despues del peroleo y con esto esta ahuyentando el turismo.los fallecidos descansen en paz y mi pesame a los sobrevivientes.

  20. 5:06
    No mames haha soy Nacido aqui en Southern California motherfucker! Y mis padres son Mexicanos de verdad no un pendejo como tu que viene a EU y se cree muy chingon. Tu eres el pendejo k dijiste "eso les pasa a los.gringos por venir a mexico" pero eran ninas baboso. Y no me gusta lo k dijiste.. USA all day you fucken shit.

  21. @ USA all day you fucken shit.December 30, 2011 11:08 AM,youre pathethic,eres de los que piensan que son gringos porque nacieron al otro lado,Wake up,the White Man doesnt see you as his equal & will NEVER accept you as such & our people reject you for your ignorance,stupidity & betrayal!Y aunque mi pais se este quemando...VIVA MEXICO!!!


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