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Monday, December 5, 2011

Seven more executions in Veracruz

On Friday, November 2, Vice Admiral Víctor Manuel Gamboa Carvallo, commander of Mexico's Third Naval Zone in Veracruz, announced that the surge of federal forces in Veracruz known as Operation "Veracruz Seguro" (Secure Veracruz) would continue until ordered otherwise by President Calderon.

According to the Vice Admiral, the strategy and deployment of forces in the Veracruz-Boca del Rio area has led to a very sporadic presence of organized crime groups there. A high level of vigilance is planned for the December holiday season to safeguard residents and visitors.

"Operation Veracruz Seguro is working, there are visibly good results, the citizens of the port of Veracruz-Boca del Rio metropolitan area are calmer and there has been a movement of criminals to other locations."

"The criminals are relocating to the south of the state, and some have gone to northern Veracruz, including rural communities where military forces are now conducting operations."

On Sunday morning, however, gunmen made their sporadic presence known when 7 bound and gagged males were executed and their bodies abandoned in the colonia Adolfo Lopez Mateos of Veracruz.

The unidentified bodies were found at approximately 5:00am. According to authorities no message was left with the bodies, some of which showed evidence of torture.

Unconfirmed reports posted on at least one social media website stated that according to witnesses state police officers were responsible for the execution of the 7 men.

Earlier Sunday morning, around 1:00am, the head of an unknown murder victim was
left at the Plaza America shopping mall in Boca del Rio, the site of the mass homicide where more than 30 murder victims were left during afternoon rush hour this past September.

State authorities later reported that the remains left at the scene was actually a decapitated rooster, which was discredited by local citizens.



  1. As long as it's SCUM,Keep'em Coming!

  2. This is one more example of a repressive government released on the people.

    At least one social media website stated that according to witnesses state police officers were the killers.

    This isn't as bad as the army and marina killings, but more average citizens are being killed by the government, just the same.

  3. ....@dec5 10:14...I guess it's easy to stand on these side of the world and pronounce judgement on these young boys, not knowing their circumstances or situations in life...
    ....Yes, maybe they deserved these,maybe not. God knows, and that's His job, not ours,...
    ....One thing bothers me is that they are young, and ignorant, and probably they don't know anything else, but these world that they live in, and for that maybe you can have some compassion...
    ...Evil comes in every shape and form, and poverty drives people to do things, so maybe, instead of speading more hate, feel grateful that you don't live in that enviornment...
    ...For what measure of judgement you pronounce, you yourself will be judged!!!...

  4. I hope they were Zeta's at least.

  5. What is the motive for State police killing people do the police work for drug gangs,I guess they do? For the Govt of Mexico to allow State,or locac,Fed. or Military to be infiltrated is INSANE. TREASON punishable by summary execution,but the govt would have to be in control? I often get the feeling that in Mexico there is no such thing as a honest person in any position of power,that they all are looking for a payment,they are all for sale,and this is why it has been so hard to get anything done to clean up the country. My experiences in Mexico have supported this sad situation,Enough!

  6. @11:26 PM...He vomits that same garbage statement after every event in Mexico that has bodies. He must sit by the computer and wait for a new post because he is always first. He never responds to your comments to him. I think he actually sees the pictures and responds. I don't think he reads others comments. You are wasting your time.

    But yes, it is very sad that social status and the Mexican economy has driven Mexico to this stage of animalistic murdering.

    @ 6:45 AM...The rule of thumb is, if the state police or municipal police are involved, they are working for the local cartel which I believe is the Zetas. It was probably enemy of the Zetas. Really though, just young people surviving in a country where there is no leadership, hope or direction.

  7. @ Dic-6-11, 6:56am. Think also about the USA. Not so honest people in the USA: HERMAN CAIN, GEORGE H BUSH, GEORGE W BUSH, BILL CLINTON, BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA, ERIC HOLDER, RICK PERRY, HILLARY CLINTON, RICHARD NIXON, ARNOLD SCHWATZZENEGER, BUSTER BROWN, Just to name a few in the upper echelons of government. Corruption? It's everywhere not only in Mexico. Most of law enforcement here in the Valley including state judges are involved.

  8. Its OK as long as the dead are Mexican. If an American is involved in drugs he made a mistake and needs an "intervention". If he's a Mexican, shoot him! Way to go Mexico... You should be proud to know your partner in this war (U.S) loves its drug addicts and dope dealers. You can walk into a headshop and buy everything from crack pipes to bongs. Shit they even flood your streets with guns and wash the cartels money. Anything to keep you killing your "evil" citizens while they embrace theirs.

  9. The difference in corruption is in Mexico, they will NEVER be outed for being corrupt. as you can see by the list of names you listed, they do get outed in the USA for corruption and ruin their careers. In Mexico, they just get richer. Am I wrong??

  10. As long as the dead are mexican huh well fuck off with that racist bo shit you sound like hitler wishing upon someone death is no worst than what the cartels are doin..

  11. @ 12/6/11 11:26am Well as far as I know only Bill Clinton and George H Bush retired, all the others are still active in politics or working at The White House, and do not forget Dick Cheney who is still trafficking with political influence to make BP or Halliburton the richest oil companies in the world. Dick Cheney is vicepresident and part owner of Hallibirton. And so far I have not seen them out of work or in jail.

  12. @12:24 Its called sarcasm numbnutz

  13. December 6, 2011 12:28 PM,its good to see you are aware of the corruption in the good ol' U.S.of A.I wish more readers would get their head out of their ass & see it for what it is!!!the Corrupted States Of all of you citizens of our neighboring country...if youre going to criticize our current situation here in Mexico,at least know your own!!do some research on who owns your private prison corporations...yeah,its the same politicians that lobby for get tough on crime laws!yes,our country is corrupted to the core...but our government doesnt travel half way around the world to instigate a war & sneak out the back doorwith their oil!!

  14. Fk america .. this is why this shyt is happening .. grow your own or manufacture your own drugs .. n fk whoever has a problem with my post .... Suk on something ... N this is coming from an american

  15. America is striving to reach the same state Mexico now finds itself in. Mexico has a weak central government. The republicans in the USA are attempting to bring a weak central government there too.

    What this does is cause a power vacuum. The power vacuum is filled by criminals, like we see in Mexico today and we saw in the USA in the 1920s - 1930s. Don't complain about what is happening in Mexico when you are bringing upon yourselves with your ignorance of basic political science.

  16. 12/06 3:1212PM,
    One, your not an American but a poor delusional minority, who has no education and is a career petty crook, basically a low-life. Two, you can "bad mouth" the US all you want but in the one cares what you think..cause your a "low-life." Third, how sad it is that you come on a blog site, as "Anonymous" with your one liner insults like that's gonna legitimize your points? Also, no one is impressed with your "slang" spelling of vulgar words, which would further support the fact that you have yet to learn how to write English!

  17. 12/06 7:08PM,
    Geez..your post is pretty comical, please don't tell me your believe that pile of horse shit your shoveling! Ignorance of "basic political science," huh..yea okay, so basically your smarter and have a more extensive experience in political science than any of the US politicians in Washington! I don't think so. Your first mistake was to try and compare Mexico to the US..two different animals.."apples to oranges" not even close with regards to political ideology! Second mistake was for you to think the prohibition era of the '20s and '30s is similar to Mexico's drug war.

    The problem in Mexico is not's CORRUPTION which has lead to a weak gov't not so much at the federal level, as in the local level. More often than not, local mayors, police chiefs and commanders, and governors in various Mexican towns, cities, and states have been linked to corruption! It's GREED pure and simple, local government officials would rather accept the bribes than do their jobs to combat the problem. It happens in the US but the difference is the corrupted US official often gets exposed and the corruption effect is short lived!

  18. I believe that this is and always has been corruption at a local level but I also keep in mind that america has always preferred to keep his enemies close at hand and in a spiral rather than help. america seems to find a way to profit and there for likes to see other countries in trouble it makes it feel safe it makes it think it has an edge..its like when your in school and your bully turns his attn to a new nerd in school the old nerd feels safe and instead of helping or protecting it facilitates the bully


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