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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Police Officer in Juarez Burned Alive

Posted on Borderland Beat Forum by wenglenca

By Arturo Chacon and Nick Valencia
A policeman in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, was burned alive Tuesday by unknown attackers in front of several witnesses who saw him writhing in agony as he died.

The killing was the 33rd of a municipal police officer in Juarez this year and the 59th in the last 15 months, according to the Chihuahua State Attorney General's Office.

Jose Everardo was kidnapped Monday night, according to prosecutors. Witnesses said Everardo was dumped from a vehicle around 8:30 a.m.. His hands and feet bound, his attackers sprayed him with a flammable liquid and set him afire.

A photographer, who did not want to be identified for security reasons, told CNN he was warned not to arrive at the scene "very quickly" because the attackers were still there. In the past, journalists who arrived at crime scenes moments after an attack have faced retribution.

"The body was upside down, burned completely," prosecutors said.

The photographer eventually arrived at the scene and snapped a grisly picture of a charred body, face down in the middle of a Juarez street. The officer appears to still be wearing his police uniform.

A note for the police was left at the crime scene, prosecutors said, but the contents of the note have not been disclosed.

On the Texas border, Juarez is one of Mexico's most violent cities.

It has become a symbol of the brutal realities of the nation's drug war, which has claimed about 43,000 lives since President Felipe Calderon declared a crackdown on cartels in December 2006.


  1. Antes de retirarse del lugar los integrantes del comando que le dispararon le dejaron una cartulina en la que se leía el texto “para los que apoyan a la gente nueva”.

    atte: mano

  2. Like most readers on here, I have been closely monitoring Narco news for many years. 99% of the time I read a story and chalk it down as gruesome movie plot(not sure why, I know it is real). But today when I read this(knowing Christmas is days away), I could just imagine the guy screaming for life to end.

    Thanks for the story,

  3. Really shameful and unbelievable! Yet a new low milestone in the Mexican drug war. How can anyone do something so completely horrible to another human? An act like this makes Mexico look like a country of heathens. No hiding this one, Tipos, Borderland Beat, CNN, The world. Retaliation for being on the wrong side- "For supporting La Gente Nueva",
    A policeman gets burned alive?

  4. What a way die! But Karma has its way of finding you.

  5. @mano y usted como sabe que paso eso?

    Attn: Libertad

  6. I lived in Mexico for many years and found the people to be warm and caring. It's impossible to imagine these horrific crimes against another human being and what's happening in Mexico in general with the drug wars. How does a person/man go home at the end of a day and kiss his wife and kids good night after committing an unspeakable act like this against fellow citizen. Mexico has given birth to a huge population of sociopaths....very sad and scary

  7. Those people always lived there, they have just been transformed because of the root to all evil.

  8. Mexico, the Africa of Latin-America.


    shootout in reynosa...

  10. @libertad. mire compa, no me gusta destapar los encobijados. pero tenlo por seguro que eso era el contenido de la cartulina.

    atte: mano

  11. This just doesn't compute! The Man as in HUMAN -not bug-...was ALIVE as in NOT DEAD YET!! These people are not immature, twisted, bored, school boys playing with an insect. That was a fellow, living, breathing person probably with a family! Do they see no difference?

  12. Thats what you get when your a dirty backstabber. Working with the contras against the people who raised you. Those who know, know what im talking bout. This cop wanted to make extra money playing 3 sides of the game, collecting from Sinaloa got him this.

  13. This sort of thing happens in all Mafias.

    Albert Anastasia used to feed people into a meat grinder, one limb at a time, over a several day period with the victim fully consious. This was in New York City. You have to be a psychopath to be in any mafia.

  14. 10:06 pm First off ordinary citizens of mexico are good hearted kind people but thats them the cartels are a whole different story they have to have beasts as hitmen its a violent business they are not going to have mother theresa,justin bieber,or ronald mcdonald as there killers lol its like u cant compare nice kind U.S citizens to gangs like the bloods and crips also the cartels when they chop up people or burn them its like to them its just like cutting apart cows or chickens cooking them to the animal butchers go home to there family and kids and have nice family time they ignore the fact they were just slaughtering innocent animals all day.

  15. People say there is no hell, hell is only here on earth, it's just a state and not a place, there can be no material fire tormenting the damned since human souls are spiritual, when they die their life is over etc. (no wonder that men lie, steal, torture and murder when they believe so).

    To all who believe the same here's the reply:

    as spiritual human soul is in material human body in the same way it can be in material fire;
    as spiritual human soul is in place by being in material human body in the same way it can be in place in the Hell;
    and we wouldn't know that all acts are unchangeable facts, that is, that all acts are ETERNAL if we weren't to know that there is life ETERNAL.

    See that poor guy that was burned alive and suffered horrible pain for a minute or two?

    Those who burned him alive, if they don't repent of that and of all their sins, shall burn without end in the place called Hell in such pain and horror, their soul and body being burned inside-out by material fire.

    Even if they repent and be saved they will have to taste the due amount of pain and horror, for the policeman they burned alive and for other such crimes they committed, here on earth and if not enough also in the Purgatory.

    "Revenge not yourselves, my dearly beloved; but give place unto wrath, for it is written: Revenge is mine, I will repay, saith the Lord." (Romans 12:19; Hebrews 10:30) and "It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." (Hebrews 10:31).

  16. I guarantee you that it was those bastard Zetas that did this. When is the country going to rise up en masse and kill everyone connected with them? It should be like Rwanda where everyone just goes out and just kills the whole lot of them in an orgy of violence. ZETAS MUST DIE LIKE DOGS!

  17. @ 10:06

    I don't think Mexico has given birth to a whole group of sociopaths. Rather, the citizens of Mexico have been shaped by the country's history, lack of economic opportunities, and by many social aspects unique to Mexico. Also, I feel elements of the "Milgram experiment" come into play (for those who know what that is), when it comes to people committing these gruesome acts.

  18. These criminals have named their terms. This is beyond law enforcement. They have to be killed. It will be messy and there will be regrettable mistakes but they have to be hunted down and killed.

  19. A police officer or a member of Chapo Guzmans Cartel????

    What do you guys think his priority was???

    I dont feel for this guy.

  20. I hate that this blog only focus on the bad things in mexico they think that all cops are corrupt while their some cops that are trying to make a change in mexico


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