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Monday, December 19, 2011

Police Find 10 Bodies in Mexico Clandestine Graves

The Associated Press
Prosecutors announced Monday they have found another clandestine grave holding 10 bodies in the northern Mexico state of Durango, bringing to 14 the number of such burial sites found in the state this year.

Soldiers found the 10 bodies last week in a field on the outskirts of the state capital, also called Durango, said Raymundo Enriquez, the spokesman for the Durango state prosecutors' office.

The total number of bodies believed related to drug gang violence found so far this year in clandestine graves in Durango now stands at 287, including the most recent discovery.

The sheer number of bodies overwhelmed the Durango forensic examiner's storage facilities, forcing authorities to rent a refrigerated truck. Authorities have so far been able to identify only about two dozen of the bodies; most have been buried again in common graves, after no relatives claimed them.

Police in the city of Durango have offered no motives in the killings, but officials have said the killings are the result of an internal power struggle within the Sinaloa drug cartel, Mexico's most powerful gang.

Also Monday, prosecutors say two mutilated bodies were found scattered in the plaza of a central Mexican town while a boy was killed around the same time in what police say may have been a related crime.

The Morelos state Attorney General's Office said a young man's torso was found early Monday on a basketball court in the town of Pueblo Viejo south of Mexico City. The rest of his body and the other victim's remains were found Monday in the town's plaza.
Authorities said they found a knife-carved message on the torso but didn't reveal the content. Drug gangs often use grisly displays of violence to intimidate rival groups.

A news statement said the attack may be related to the fatal shooting of a 16-year-old boy also found early Monday morning.

Mexico's tax service, which controls customs operations, also announced Monday that authorities had found 480 drums containing almost 100 metric tons of precursor chemicals used to make methamphetamines at the Pacific coast port of Lazaro Cardenas, in western Michoacan state.

The service said in a statement the chemical, methylamine, had arrived in a shipment from Shanghai. Its final destination, according to shipping documents, was the Guatemalan port of Puerto Quetzal.

The port is located in the home territory of the Knights Templar drug cartel, but the Sinaloa and Zetas cartels have been more active in Central America.


  1. Thats not good for those waiting on their next load of amphetamine. It could be coming about 6 weeks late and 15% higher. But the Mexican authorities will see that is gets into capable hand to be processed and delivered. I mean, why wast good product when billions can be made. This is the third huge load of this product Mexico has busted this year. It has the feel that the government has become a player and they just send a smoke signal that they busted the product when actually they only received it.

    Seriously though, why do we overlook the fact that huge loads of this product are shipped from Shanghai to Mexico all the time. Why has that not been addressed diplomatically, politically, or even by the DEA and coast guard in open seas? I guess because they really don't want to stop drugs from coming in, huh?

    1. You got it. It's not that it CAN'T be just isn't for some reason. I bet that reason is money. And people are fools.....selling their souls for a symbol that man created.

  2. Is the Sinaloa Cartel really infighting in Durango or are they losing so bad to CDJ and Zetas that the public thinks that they are infighting???

  3. If they found that in the city. I can only imagine how many more are in the rural areas. The hills have eyes, literally. Must not be any tacuaches around if 2 CDS groups are fighting

  4. 11 07 there infighting

  5. Kind of makes you wonder if 2 or 3 guys didn't just decide to leave town with the money. It wouldn't be the first time.


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