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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

New group identified in Guadalajara

This past Sunday the bodies of one male and two female victims of execution style murders appeared on the streets of colonia Miramar in Zapopan, in the Guadalajara metropolitan area, at two separate sites. According to authorities messages signed by "La Barredora" with threats against Los Zetas were left at the scene.

On Monday Jalisco's top police official, state SSP director Luis Carlos Nájera Gutiérrez de Velasco, held a news conference announcing that a third organized crime group had entered the fight for the Guadalajara plaza. Najera stated the the new group, La Barredora, had entered the fray after the mass homicide involving 26 bodies left on a major roadway in Guadalajara on November 24th.

"We are talking about a war between La Resistencia, armed and supported by Los Zetas, against the Cartel de Jalisco Nueva Generación (CJNG). Based on narco messages and other evidence we believe a 'shock' group sent by another cartel has arrived....we believe a third participant has arrived."

"Based on the contents of messages we cannot rule out that La Barredora, a gang operating in the state of Guerrero, is entering Jalisco on behalf of a cartel now operating here. This group is part of the Sinaloa cartel based on intelligence from Guerrero."

"The Sinaloa cartel had previously not been directly involved in the fight between the two groups (La Resistencia and CJNG). It seems that the arrival of Los Zetas in Jalisco is threatening the hegemony of drug traffickers and this may why this new group has entered the fight."

La Barredora is one of several groups fighting for control of the lucrative Acapulco plaza and is involved in drug trafficking, murders, kidnappings and extortions, including the infamous threats against teachers and schools in the city.



  1. I don't understand...Every other day I read how they arrested the leader, the second in command, the founder etc etc of La Barredora, then they raid the safe houses, take 15 or so thugs off the street, yet these groups are powerful enough to organize in other states?

    Even today I read they arrested the leader of Independent Cartel of Acapulco....Every few months the arrest the supposed leader who typically looks like some little illiterate pendejo. It's strange at one moment you think they are erradicating what appears to be a small splinter gang, but then you read now they are moving in on an entirely different state. These people need to be neutralized on the we know the Mexican judicial system is a waste of time. I'm sorry, but if your caught running around MExico with drugs, rope and an AK-47, you probably could never produce anything positive in your country....bye bye

  2. I think its just sum dumases who herd gerardo ortiz comando del diablo song and call themselfes la baredora but there jus scum grimy thugs killing each other

  3. Is he still active?El Diablo,he likes cutting people up on video,but he got the sense not to show his face.He's a hefty vato,big and heavy.Where are all these dudes right now?Seem to be keeping their head down,and i don't think Zs are entrenched in Sinaloa,hit and run type mierda.
    Deep in the kitchen?They not runnin the show there.I just hope they don't start picking up innocent people,for their little shows.And yes,lots are innocent,just to make up the shock value and numbers

  4. La Barredora is actually, are Chapos they are sent to clean "limpiar la plaza"

  5. Era Lo q se esperava hora si pinches ztasmilenio ya les yego el apoyo y pa culiacan va ser igual a hora q los Felix ya son socios de los mayos y chapos jajajaja ya se estan acomodando los carteles huuuyyyy piches ztas piensele Donde esconderse la nuava federacion ya se restruccturo cartel de sinaloa,cartel del golfo,cartel de jalisco nueva generacion , los caballeros tenplarios y el cartel de tijuana Felix cartel ya veran q muy pronto se le voltean a los ztas carrillo o beltranes de mi se acuerdan

  6. The felix n the sinaloa are now friends thats why there is no more killing in TJ. And el mochomo is trying agree to a peace treaty with the sinaloa

  7. La Barredora has nothing to do with the one that is active in Guerrero. This group has been sent from several cartels to help out CJNG since CJNG has a presence in Veracruz and now Oaxaca and are not leaving until the job is done. CJNG hitman seem to be puting in all this work for CDS. I guess this is more like a thank you to CJNG from CDS stating that the fight for the plaza is far from over.

  8. Who is fighting in guerrero now?

  9. Lets hope for 2012 with no ZETAS

  10. @December 7, 2011 3:02 PM

    No-one believes there's 2012 without Zetas.
    Sinaloa may need help for cleaning their plaza.

    I'm not cheering to any cartel, Zetas are already big and bad and still growing, they're going nowhere. IMHO

  11. ja bola de pendejos del CDS ahora que no pueden necesitan ayuda del Grupito llamado la Barredora jajajajaaj esos warachudos que!La Unidad Z es mucho mas grande que ese mini Cartel o Brazo Armado!La Unidad Z es una celula nomas bola de panochones!!!!Agarensen chaputos porque la Letra se Respeta!La Compania y alaidos contra los chaputos el Cartel de las Traciones El Cartel mas chillon!!!

    ATTE:Nuevo Laredo

  12. Tengo mi rifle de asalto 600 pesos en mi bolsa y ya me siento chingon... La realidad de un zeta... Entiendan zetitas ustedes son sicarios no pinches narcos pesados

  13. all i got to say is that fuck zetas !!!

  14. @December 9, 2011 12:49 AM,Do your thing hermano.
    Tell us some shit,any work you got on.The basics,loose lips,,,,you know.

  15. Ya dejen de chillar el cartel de sinaloa sigue fuerte pa el puto de nuevo laredo la barredora es un braso armado de cartel de sinaloa si entiendes son parte de ellos y estan entrenados por el bravo y ya tienen guerrerro la mayor parte es control de ellos sacaron a los putos beltran junto con los ztas y cida y no t agas pendejo y en guadalajara los putos ztas no an podido entrar esta en las orillas por el millenio y igual en culiacan por los beltranes y encerrados en los mochis y guasave en guadalajara ya estan los gente nueva cartel de jalisco nueva generacion y la barredora y van con todo para zacatecas ok chingue Su madre el q sea zta y me diga algo....Mexico libre de mierdas llamadas zetas


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