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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mexico Poses 'Perps' With Guns

After we posted the "Presented Bearing their Weapon of Choice" piece, Fox News Latino followed with their own version of the issue of presenting sicarios to the press (Sorry for the duplication on the pictures):
Mexico likes to put on a good show for the press after arresting an alleged drug cartel member.

The already infamous press presentation process, normally featuring detainees lined up in front hulking amounts of narcotics or guns, has taken on a whole new level in the central Mexican city of Nezahualcóyotl.

After recently arresting two alleged La Familia drug cartel hitmen near a local mall for possession of assault rifles, the city’s police department decided to give photographers a little bit of treat.

Instead of just lining the men up front of a table filled with the weapons, they placed a seized Glock 9mm handgun in the hand of one man and an AK-47 assault rifle in the hands of the other suspected crock.

No word if the guns were loaded.

The two men - Justino Burgos Herrera and Erick González Gutiérrez – were also captured while wearing polo shirts bearing the insignia of the federal police. Inside their car with the weapons were two magazines, 17 rounds of ammunition, three bulletproof vests, two commando uniforms, a sign labeled with the La Familia name and the personal information of a public official, who the two men allegedly sought to kidnap.

The presentation of criminals to the press, known affectionately to reporters in the U.S. as the “perp walk,” has morphed into a spectacle in Mexico, where President Felipe Calderón’s drug war has left an estimated 40,000 people dead and pitted drug cartels against the country's security forces.

Almost daily, one of the thousands of suspects arrested in the drug war is paraded in front of cameras, posed with seized weapons and drugs and even interrogated by authorities as reporters stand around and take notes on what at times are the alleged criminals self-incriminating answers.

This practice has drawn criticism from many human rights groups, who claim the “perp walk” presumes guilt even before the alleged criminals have even been charged. The rise in these presentations endangers Mexico's efforts to establish rule of law and cultivate a functioning democracy, said Luis García López-Guerrero, according to the Los Angeles Times.

"We don't want to see justice in the media," García said. "We want to feel safe."


  1. Human rights! I got your human rights right here (puts bullet in the head of cartel member). You have the right to die, you have the right to remain dead and you have the right to the hell of God's choice in the hereafter. NEXT!

  2. Mexico is an embarrassment to Latin America.

  3. The first photo looks odd. It kind of looks as though the guy has been photo-shopped into the picture between the 2 army dudes.

  4. Mexicos way of doing the Perp walk has always been like that..They could care less what any other country thinks of it ' )

  5. Yeah Mexico really does put up a show for the criminals like it's some kind of game trophy or some shit.

  6. That first dude looks like he is showing he's even smiling with a gay pose... Funny shit

  7. I was trying to find the pic of tree men arrested in tijuana, possing with their golden ak47. That was in 2008, but can't found it. Given the weapons to the criminals is a random practice in all Mexico, not only in Nezahualcóyotl.

    Here is another picn in TJ:

    And another funny guy:


    LOL @ this picture!!! Great find

  9. Uncouth and low class all the way. The secario is probably smiling cause he knows in the next few months he will have and easy chance to escape from prison to commit more murders. Utterly disgusting!!

  10. The guy in the pic reminds of a seventies show reject a criminal Fez ...

  11. The y have been sayin 40 since 2 years ago its more like 75.000

  12. @12-13-11/ 11:52pm The USA with it's millions of drug addicts is an embarrassment to America and the World.

  13. @December 15, 2011 4:16 PM

    The data on the weekly highlight is that 46.30% of deaths, ie 28,025, are classified by the National Public Security "no data" and "other", ie the federal government know of who it is.

    Of the 60,420 deaths, 12 states concentrated 80.5% of them, ie 48,692.

    At the top of the list of intentional homicides related to organized crime between December 1, 2006 and October 31, 2011, figure Chihuahua (12 000 712), Sinaloa (7000 003), Guerrero (5000 175 ), Baja California (4000 014); Edomex (3000 215), Nuevo Leon (3000 035), Durango (2000 880), Jalisco (2000 535), Michoacán (2000 408), Tamaulipas (2 mil 291), Sonora (2000 066) and Coahuila (1000 358).

    Here the information considered for counting Zeta: In December 2006, the weekly reported 62 deaths related to organized crime, in 2007, 2000 826; in 2008, 6000 837; in 2009, 11 000 753; in 2010, 19 546 thousand and in 2011, from January 1 to October 31, 19 000 396.

    The methodology used by Zeta in the count was made based on comparison of Flyer from public security secretariats both municipal and state statistics and prosecutors and prosecutors offices of the states with information from the National Information System .


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