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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Mexican Senator Demands Answers from Government on DEA Money Laundering

The Mexican government must report whether it knew of the existence of money laundering operations being run by undercover U.S. drug enforcement agents, a ruling party lawmaker said.

Sen. Felipe Gonzalez, the chair of the congressional joint committee on Public Safety, said he formally asked the government to disclose “if they knew what was being done, how many Mexican agents were involved and who gave permission for foreigners to come to Mexico to conduct this type of illicit activity.”

The New York Times reported Sunday that U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration agents laundered millions of dollars from drug trafficking to investigate how Mexican cartels move and invest their money.

“Even if some authority knew about it, they violated the law because the customs law says that nobody can transport more than $1,000 and if any citizen does so they throw him in jail,” said Gonzalez, a member of Mexico’s governing right-wing PAN party.

The senator emphasized that if it were not for the journalistic investigations carried out from abroad, these operations would not have become publicly known, since Mexican authorities never talk about them.

He also demanded that Mexican authorities apply the same level of scrutiny to people entering the country from the United States as the U.S. government imposes on travelers from Mexico.

“Let a special program be created so that it can be seen who is bringing weapons from the U.S. and dirty money, which is doing so much damage to us. The laundered money strengthens the cartels and that is (causing) very serious problems for our country,” Gonzalez said.

Drug-related violence has claimed some 50,000 lives in Mexico over the last five years.

The money laundering allegations have revived the controversy that broke out in the United States and Mexico over “Operation Fast and Furious,” a U.S. initiative that allowed thousands of firearms to be smuggled into Mexico in an effort to trace the weapons to cartel bosses.

The U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Firearms, Tobacco and Explosives lost track of roughly 2,000 guns, two of which were found on the American side of the border at the scene where a Border Patrol agent was killed.

The United States said Tuesday that all operations against money laundering carried out in Mexico are “completely coordinated” with local authorities, but it did not confirm that DEA agents laundered millions of drug trafficking dollars.

The U.S. Embassy in Mexico said in a communique that its government does not reveal the operational aspects of its justice administration activities.

Mexico and the United States maintain “an intense exchange of information” to detect and break up the money laundering networks and are carrying out joint investigations according to the abilities of each, the Mexican Attorney General’s Office said Tuesday.

“Bilateral cooperation is developing strictly within the prevailing legal framework, including that which regulates the activities of foreign authorities on Mexican territory,” said the AG’s office in a communique.

Source: EFE


  1. Lol....

    I guess this clown wants to know who and how his buddies are getting sold out. This guy has blood on his goddamn hands. Something about this "senator" stinks.

  2. Someones mad they didnt get a cut of the cash.

  3. Este guey tiene envidia por que no se dio cuenta antes para decomisarlo y keep it. Politico de mierdaaaaa.

  4. Isn't.he.the same Felipe Gonzalez that worked back in the 80's for Arturo Durazo Moreno aka El Negro Durazo a self promoted Mexican Army General who controlled al drug traffickers and bank robbers when he was in charge of Mexico City Police? He looks like him.

  5. Sen. Felipe Gonzalez, the chair of the congressional joint committee on Public Safety, said "How much money was it again? Where the hell was my cut? If they would have come to me first, none of this shit would have gone down! How dare they run money through Mexico without a large portion coming to me for protection!"

  6. Damn D.E.A. sellouts with high power people like this doing dirty work for cartels ...this war on drugs is never gonna end.

  7. Same guy.

    The NY Times is owned by Slim.

    More of the diversion tactics favored by Mexican politicians. They have the balls of a cat burglar. Viewing with alarm - demanding answers - the same as Calderon lecturing Obama about US treatment of illegal aliens when Mexico's treatment of CA immigrants is 100x worse.

    Hey shithead why don't you demand some truth from your army, marines, judges and police? It's always a one-way deal with Mexicans. They want our money, protection and assistance but have nothing to offer in return except more complaints.

    What's 50,000 lives when so many Mexicans are getting rich from the crime and drug traffic?

  8. Demands answers or kickbacks? Come on we ALL know how things are run in Mexico, if you've got the money you cand do anything. They are running scared because the biggest benificiaries of money laundering are the Mexican politicians.

    ATTE: La Mera Riata

  9. "He also demanded that Mexican authorities apply the same level of scrutiny to people entering the country from the United States as the U.S. government imposes on travelers from Mexico."
    I think that would be less scrutiny than now if they were to follow the US model.

  10. This is wrong.

    ATTE: El Chorizon

  11. banggggggggggggggg afraid they might get named in the laundering of the cash plain and simple !!
    I demand you tell us who you know is washing money ??? my compadre?? my banker?? my favorite politician???
    my bank????

  12. Im sure this guy has never taken a bribe, and flown straight like 99%of officials haha

    ATTE: El osito panda

  13. Its always humerous when some Mexican Politician starts trying to Grandstand, just like any other vote monger,any lame argument just might get votes and he has been reported I see the article,Lovley.

  14. All of u r idiots. Have u ever even visited Mexico? Or lived there? U all speak like ur the all knowing almighty. Everything and everybody is corrupt. Or just cuz they're u.s. agencies they're saints that never do wrong? Think and I do mean THINK again. Dont just talk out of ur ass. Inform urself and study before talking.

  15. and to the guy saying all Mexicans want is a one way deal, why dont YOU ask OUR soldiers, DEA, atf and overall government why they even do DEALS with cartels, look at Vicente zambada case, fast n furious, the active duty us army soldier killing law enforcement agents in Mexico? Dont let them cover ur eyes and realize were in the same game of chess...


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