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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Mexican Drug Gangs' Public Relations Campaign

By AlJazeera

From guns to the media, Mexican drug cartels have turned to new and unusual tactics to intimidate their rivals.

Videos of drug-related massacres have been sent to news networks and posted online.

The gangs have also tried to win support through public displays of strength.

But as Al Jazeera's Rachel Levin reports, people in the southern city of Cuernavaca are not impressed by the cartels' campaigns. 


  1. Bring peace to the city by protesting? hmmm yeah its not going to work. What Mexico needs is a punisher or punishers. A vigilante who kills right on the spot and doesn't arrest these low life,cold hearted criminals.

  2. mexican soldiers being tortured wheres taht video?

  3. For God's sake. End this madness. Legalize drugs already. This is the only way to end these horrible crimes against humanity. End prohibition and regulate the stuff. Haven't the good people of Mexico suffered enough?

  4. The Mexican military needs to have a take-no-prisoners, shoot-to-kill approach. ALL OUT WAR!

  5. 12:24

    Oh you mean matazetas?

  6. only milenio tv got the video of the tortured soldiers and they didn't show it in full.

    i think that mexican media as tv and press are fighting against independent media such as Blog del Narco, their argument is that they, the media, are being used by DTOs to send their messages, so they quit telling the whole truth while internet narco blogs haven't stopped and they have been attacked by traditional media.

    perhaps this has something to do with the fact that the government has a clearer control of tv, and since it can´t fully control what's published on internet it's making them object of attacks through news channels and print.

    an example of this is when something happens like a gunfight or local and national media tend to report like this: "a gunfight between rival groups happened in Saltillo's downtown." or "a group of sicario hitmen for a criminal organization was arrested" and blog del narco tells the names, the cartels involved and has photos of the bodies and some info on the guys.

    that could be what's behind the fall of Blog del Narco's original address and later incorporation to a formal news site.

    remember when allegedly some narcos kidnapped a camera and reporters team of milenio?, the ransom for their release asked the media to air some videos that were readily avaliable on BdN and it's clone sites, that event marked the start of the open attacks by milenio and televisa against independent narco news sites. that time milenio´s star anchor, Ciro Gómez Leyva declared that from then on the news media in México was dead and labeled independent news as narco's means of publication.

    so if sites like those are DTO's media, mexican press and tv are the government's.

    as in everything with this country one can't help but to read everything in between the lines and with a spoon of suspicion.

  7. December 21, 2011 6:22 AM .Hermano,you find that on ytube and probably on BB,its in Veracruz.Zetas,kicking them,stamping on they face,hitting them with sledgehammer.Its fucking horrible,Marina,i think they were,i hope them poor guys were unconscious pretty quick and didn't feel to much.

  8. Cute but WTF,the Violence,the killing are all symptoms of a failed State,A Govt that is incompitent,lazy,corrupt,which therefore allows huge criminal enterprises to exist. Reform of Mexican Govt Institutions is the Answer,like it or not Calderon has done this, LETS SEE WHAT THE MEXICAN PEOPLE CHOOSE IN THE 2012 ELECTIONS?? REFORM OR BACK TO PRI Feudalism.

  9. Bring peace to the city by protesting? hmmm yeah its not going to work. What Mexico needs is a punisher or punishers. A vigilante who kills right on the spot and doesn't arrest these low life,cold hearted criminals.

    Thats what chapo's people and mayo(MZ) are doing around mexico, "los matazetas" n the mexican marine are with chapo and they are killing zetas, and even some of his people when they kill innocent people wheter is accidently, they also kill rapist and thiefs, kidnappers

  10. December 21, 2011 12:24 AM

    There was such a group or person in not sure. But it was in the 80's he/they went out at night and killed people who were commiting crimes. It was said that they were cops who would do this that's why the never found out who it was. This happened in Monterrey Nuevo Leon they were called Los cazadores de assesinos (the hunters of killers)

  11. 2:26 pm

    It wasn't cazadores, it was cazador, he took it upon the criminals after his wife and daughter were raped and killed by some low lifes, he later was found dead in cerralvo N.L. no one knows the truth about his death. He was part of the Judicial del Estado ;) and native of Cerralvo, his wife was from monterrey, but he decided to bury his family in cerralvo.


  12. That's a retarted public relations message. the whole world already knows ur violent ,duh? now if i was a criminal in charge of a huge drug dealing empire, i would help cloth the poor, feed the hungry ,maintain safety in my plazas so the kids can play soccer on the field i bought them. so now the people wont b so quick to snitch and this way i wouldn't have both the feds and the people trying to bust me; also these guys need to think long term if u get the people to love u , you can get them to vote for ur candidate and put in ur own president.

  13. Gonna need to stock up on caution tape if you plan to protest till peace returns.


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