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Saturday, December 17, 2011

The Dismembered Bodies of Two Men Found in Iguala

The dismembered remains of two people, including a minor, were found yesterday morning on the road leading to the community of Santa Teresa, a community in the municipality of Iguala, near Iguala-Chilpancingo Road, reported the Ministry of Security Public.

The discovery was made close to 4:50 am on Tuesday, after an anonymous call to 066 emergency service, alerting that human remains were scattered on an area not far from a school and a main road.

At the scene authorities found the torsos of two men, one of them cracked open at its cage, plastic bags containing the arms and legs of the victims, a red mat that contained the human thighs and buttocks, a set of feet wrapped in duct tape that were detached at the ankles, and cellophane banner with writing that was held to the ground by the heads of the two victims that were also wrapped in duct tape.

On the cellophane paper the perpetrators left a message that threaten "all the kidnappers and extortionists."

The remains were later identified as Guillermo Garcia Sanchez, 53, blacksmith from the city of Taxco, and Jesús Gama Salgado 17, co-worker and neighbor of Garcia Sanchez.

The only facts known is that Garcia Sanchez and Salgado Gama hired a driver to take them to a job in Chilpancing aboard a van.

The van was later found abandoned on the road to Tepecoacuilco and information on the driver is not known, but authorities fear for his life.

There was perviously a report on December 10 that three men had been abducted from a bar located in the road Rancho del Cura-Huitzuco, on the outskirts of the towns of Iguala and Tepecoacuilco that is believed to be related.


  1. Iguala sounds like a great place in mexico to go!

  2. I heard that a certain Narco trafficer was pissed that his horse lost a race because
    he threw a shoe that this guy had shod for
    the trafficer at some Zeta Ranch Party!

  3. I have no more knowledge than anyone else here,but if im not wrong,thanks to that interrogation video posted awhile back in Blog del Narco about a member of Los Rojos,the most important group of sicarios that the Beltran Leyvas have in Guerrero,the sicario Is asked why so many people,sicarios are being sent to an unspecific city in Guerrero???,and the sicario of Los Rojos replys that because they are ordered to fight for the plaza which are not controlled completely.They also ask who is the main boss thats on top,and he mentioned the name of Jose Nava Romero,the brother of who used to be Jesus Nava Romero aka El Rojo,the most important person that Arturo Beltran Leyva had in the state of Guerrero and the leader of the sicario hitsquad Los Rojos. Jesus Nava Romero aka El Rojo died next to Arturo Beltran Leyva in Cuernavaca Morelos.In other words the Beltran Leyva Cartel has recruited alot of sicarios all over the state of Guerrero to try and achieve as much control over Guerrero as they can,they are already the dominant cartel in the state of Guerrero.

  4. Hello amigos, it's very sad for all mexicans!!
    Again you play with fire, well you know what happens!!
    En Paz descansan!!!
    BTW it's DUCT tape!!!
    Sincerely your friend, DD from Tejas!!!

  5. wtf are you talking about los rojos are cdg


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