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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Captured Cartel Leader Had Arsenal of 169 Guns

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The Associated Press
Mexican authorities said Tuesday that an alleged founder of the Zetas drug cartel had an arsenal of 169 guns when he was captured Monday, and may have been linked to the abduction of nine Mexican marines.

Navy spokesman Jose Luis Vergara said suspect Raul Lucio Hernandez Lechuga oversaw Zeta operations around the Gulf coast state of Veracruz, where nine marines disappeared earlier this year.

Vergara said a suspect was killed and a marine wounded in a firefight that erupted during Hernandez Lechuga's capture Monday in the Veracruz state city of Cordoba. The bust was the result of a yearlong intelligence operation, Vergara said.

Marines found 133 rifles, five grenade launchers, 29 grenades and 36 pistols at the scene of the raid near a highway. Marines also found bulletproof vests with the letter "Z", the zetas symbol, on the front.

Vergara said Hernandez Lechuga was one of Mexico's 37 most-wanted drug traffickers, and that with his arrest, 22 of those 37 have either been killed or detained.

The Zetas have been linked to some of the apparent abductions of Mexican marines, but Vergara didn't say what specific evidence authorities had of Hernandez Lechuga's involvement in the cases.

The apparent abductions of Mexican navy personnel have been shrouded in mystery, with the navy previously acknowledging that three marines and a navy cadet were abducted by suspected drug cartel gunmen in August in Veracruz, the state's largest city.

Later that month, the navy said it had found four bodies in a pit on the outskirts of Veracruz city, and that the remains might be those of the missing marines, but it never publicly confirmed that was the case.

At a Tuesday press conference where Hernandez Lechuga and four alleged associates were paraded before the media, Vergara said a total of nine marines had disappeared, but didn't say whether any of them had been found.

Mexican drug cartels have kidnapped and killed military personnel before, but such incidents remain relatively rare.

Hernandez Lechuga was the leader of the Zetas in about 10 states, including Veracruz. The federal government had offered a reward of 15 million pesos, or about $1.2 million, for information leading to his arrest. Vergara said the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration was also offering a $1 million reward for Hernandez Lechuga, known by the nickname "Lucky."

The Zetas organization was formed by a small group of elite soldiers based in Tamaulipas state, across the border from Texas, who deserted to work for the Gulf drug cartel in the 1990s.

The Zetas split from their former allies in the Gulf cartel last year, setting off bloody fights throughout Mexico as they sought to expand south.

In Veracruz, the Zetas are believed to be locked in a bloody turf battle with groups allied with the Sinaloa cartel.

Also Tuesday, gunmen killed a town's deputy mayor and her bodyguard and wounded the town's police chief and his family while they were in the northern city of Chihuahua, authorities said.

Attackers opened fire on the two cars being used by the officials from the town of Gran Morelos, said the Chihuahua state prosecutors' spokesman, Carlos Gonzalez.

He said deputy mayor Idalia Ayala and her bodyguard died in one car. Police chief Miguel Gomez was in the second with his wife and two children, and all were wounded and taken to a hospital, Gonzalez said.

Gomez was named police chief after last month's arrest of Gran Morelos' top cop. Authorities said soldiers caught the police chief while he and police officers from the nearby town of Belisario Dominguez met with a boss for La Linea, a gang of hit men for the Juarez Cartel.


  1. Looks like the fast and furious project ... Sure supplied this dude... Bad ass arsenal

  2. I only counted about 40 rifles in those pics.

  3. Great. 22 of 37 narco chiefs killed or captured. I would rather read that 22,000 of the 37,000 Zeta members had been killed and that plans were under way to kill the remaining 15,000. JUST FUCKING KILL THEM!

  4. they should shoot em with their own pistolas!!

  5. how many were from Fast and Furious? you figure a dude this high in the zeta org would have more security or clout to avoid capture.

  6. What a dumbass i only counted 40 pics.....Puro Zetas..La Ultima Letra cabron

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  8. Shit man,we got Z-13 here,here's me thinking it was Traca.You aint never gonna stop this shit,it is a way of life,culture.Maybe bring it under control,a little bit.I know they need information,but i really don't know why they don't top these vatos.There was a firefight,no what i mean,easy to kill people in all that confusion.Who is gonna care?Seriously,this is the life?Then again maybe this will lead to Mike getting caught,or even hombre principal?Doubt it,that dude is capable.But snitch's everywhere,their own peoples.Maybe thats why this guy aint dead.

  9. @12/13 11:31 PM,

    What a dumbass...acting like something your not (Z-13) really? Gimme a break, your an idiot..get a life dude, before you wind up getting hurt!

  10. Ya no mas faltan un millon de ZETAS ya mero ya mero ,ni todos unidos pueden con los ZETAS

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  13. Hmm guess the rest of the guns were from mexico, otherwise why would they hesitate to place them infront of the cameras, and like paul said, distribute them to the community. Let the Mexican people defend themselves from these thugs.

  14. Mexico would never let its citizens have any weapons becuz they know that a civil war will errupt. Nobody in Mexico likes the government but the government itself they would be tge first ones they kill

  15. Stick one of his grenades up his ass and pull the pin and turn him loose. See how 'lucky' and tough he is then. Z's are just a bunch of sissy faggot losers that wouldn't make a wart on a real man's pinky. I hope they know the rest of the world thinks of them as nothing more than a group of armed pussies. I would kill them on site if I was MX law and not feel one bit bad about it. They already ruined the country, so why take them to court? Shoot first and ask questions later, just in the old west. see how tough they are when they're dead...

  16. Please kill me, in behalf of common peace.


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