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Saturday, December 10, 2011

Blame it on the "futbol"

After being paid their wages and celebrating the Tigres victory over Santos Laguna a group of Zeta "sicarios" were captured Friday morning past midnight in the municipality of Hidalgo, located on the northern fringes of the Monterrey metropolitan area.

A total of eighteen men were captured, and one killed, during the joint federal and state operation in Hidalgo, which stradles federal highway 53 on its way to Monclova in northern Coahuila.

According to authorities the head of the Hidalgo plaza, who was only identified by his alias of "el Chicho", had called a gathering of his gunmen at a bar in Hidalgo for payroll and to watch the first match of the Tigres vs Santos Laguna championship futbol series.

Also captured in the operation was a regional Zeta cell coordinator/paymaster, "jefe de estacas", that was also identified only by his alias, "El Sapo".

El Chicho and his gang also controlled the neighboring municipalities of Mina, Absolo and El Carmen.

Hidalgo and El Carmen are two of Nuevo Leon's municipalities that no longer have a standing municipal police force.

Up to 19 of Nuevo Leon's municipalities, especially in rural areas of the state, have had their police forces disappear after federally mandated background checks and anti drug investigations led to the termination or imprisonment of most or all of their officers. Other officers in undermanned police forces have fled or no longer patrol their jurisdictions due to threats of violence.

The operation in Hidalgo unfolded after a Mexican Army patrol observed a group of heavily armed men outside of a bar on Niño Heroes street. The authorities had apparently gone unspotted and were able to surprise the criminals, who surrendered after a brief firefight in which one of the gunmen was killed.

Weapons, grenades, drugs, cell phones and radios were also seized but an exact number was not given.

Earlier in the week a network of "narcomenudistas", or retail drug dealers, was taken down in the municipality of Juarez, a longtime Zeta stronghold located in Monterrey's eastern metropolitan area.

Local retail drug sales are one of several significant sources of money for Los Zetas and the loss of a retail network often results in a short term revenue shortfall in smaller plazas. Narcomenudistas are also prime targets for rival gangster attacks as seen by Los Zetas and Gulf cartel gunmen frequently killing each other's pushers.

According to Sedena, Mexico's Defense Ministry, the drug dealing network was broken up with the arrests of 18 persons, including 2 minors, in separate arrests this past Tuesday. All the suspects admitted to working for Los Zetas.

In the newspaper "El Norte's" coverage of the arrests it was noted that several of the suspects had previous arrest records for the same crime and it was not known how they had obtained their freedom.



  1. Why dont they stop there money suply. Here in laredo you can hear everything but no one says nothing like in nuevo laredo whats the name of the one in charge of transporting the drugs to laredo and the one who takes care of everything on the american side.

  2. A butcher knife to the throat, and slitting it is a job that needs to be done. They are not human, no one loves them , they have no real friends, they have family but they dont give a s
    *** so why should we and LIBTARDS ???. Slit their throats and hang them by the balls.

  3. Those wacky Zetas just cannot stop getting themselves killed or captured. I read that they have cut way back on their training. That their overall strategy was effective, but their tactics are 'pray and spray' in a firefight. Barely trained 17 year old girls, street thugs and forced conscripts. No wonder they get captured and killed by the boatload, but more just keep on coming. A never ending pool of poor, uneducated, impressionable, desperate people to keep the supply of warm bodies flowing.

    As the situation spreads into the central part of the country, the gravity of what is happening is dawning on me. I live in Seattle. A Mexican national I work with wont even talk about it anymore. He and I talked about the situation in Mexico for a few years. I can see the pain in his face when the subject comes up now. It makes me sad to see his reaction. He is obviously worried about his friends and family back home. The area he grew up in is now in Zeta control near the Guatemalan border.

    When I first started following the war, it was very interesting to me. More and more I find myself disturbed by it. Just saying...

  4. The final paragraph of this article shows there is gross negligence & a total lack of hierarchical accountability throughout Mexico’s prison systems. The prison administration at all levels should be held accountable for so many prisoner escapes. No wonder the cartels don’t fear going to prison...they can simply buy, cajole or break there way out...unreal, simply unreal...

  5. So the zetas support tigres makes rayados look so much better.

  6. December 10, 2011 11:34 PM , its called bail
    you do have that here as well dont you?

  7. @7:05 why waste money on bullets just them all down and run over the heads.

    i like what i hear in this story. Mexican armed forces spotted heavily armed men then coordinated with other armed forces and raiding it quickly.

    its good they cant just show weapons anymore don't know what they was thinking sitting out there like that the hay day for sicario's is over

    Viva the Law!!

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

  8. All i hear now is ZETAS getting arrested or killed, this low-lifes keep coming an coming, it looks like they will never finish with this hoes, the ZETAS just get any crackhead on their team, 2 me their just a bunch of hoes with guns that snitch as soon as they get arrested.@ H-TOWN @

  9. line up...shoot ..reload..siguente


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