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Friday, December 16, 2011

10 Dead in Saltillo shootouts

Dead sicario at the intersection of Francisco Coss and Lafragua

A series of shootouts on the streets of Saltillo this Thursday resulted in 10 deaths, including one member of the military and a female innocent bystander.

The confrontations between the unidentified gunmen and the military and GATE (an elite state police unit)officers began on the streets of downtown Saltillo during the early afternoon and continued into the night.

The violence began at 2:00pm in the downtown area amidst crowded streets during a pursuit by the military of several vehicles with armed gunmen on board. A female bystander was shot and injured during an exchange of gunfire at the intersection of Lafragua and Rafael de Cepeda. She was transported to a Cruz Roja hospital she is reported to have passed away Thursday night.

One gunman was killed by Army troops at the intersection of Lafragua and Francisco Coss after the vehicle he was travelling in lost control and crashed.

Witnesses at the scene reported that a second gunman also died but authorities confirmed only one death. Two AR-15's were recovered at the scene.

Municipal and state police an Army and Marine troops flooded the area but no arrests were reported.

At 5:00pm GATE officers and Army troops searching for gunmen involved in the earlier shootings raided a safehouse in the colonia Zapalinamé. The raid netted 3 arrests and the seizure of an undetermined number of assault weapons and several vehicles.

At approximately 8:20pm another shootout was reported in the colonia Ampliación La Palma, behind Parque Maravillas thet led to the sealing off of streets in the area and reports of heavy damage.

Coahuila's "El Zocalo" newspaper reported seven sicarios and one member of the military died at the scene of Thursday night's shootout.

A report today in Saltillo's Vanguardia newspaper reported that a source invloved with the investigation of the assassination of Saltillo's police chief, Emmanuel Almaguer, and his son on December 5th revealed that the Honda Odyssey van driven by the chief at the time was illegally obtained and had been previously reported stolen.



  1. sounds like the Law really whoopin some ass

    Viva the Law

    ~~~el spaceio~~~

  2. Saltillo is a Z plaza,but who knows.CDG still has presence,but it wouldn't surprise if they were either one.The police chief who was killed there with his son a few days ago,was working for Z.

  3. I hear Sinaloa is making inroads.

  4. Good job Good Work Keep it up !!

  5. They need to construct a gigantic meat grinder and just toss these idiots into it and grind them into hamburger. They can then feed it to the cartel members who are in prison. Even grind up the dead cartel members found decapitated and hanging from bridges, or rotting alongside the highway. Toss in the police they keep busting for cartel ties too.

    It would save the Mexican Government the cost of feeding them, and get rid of the problem, one gangster at a time.


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