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Saturday, November 26, 2011

Violence Moves from the Gulf to the Pacific

As a consequence of the joint operations in Veracruz, Coahuila and Tamaulipas, executions linked to organized crime in those states have declined by 20% from the previous month, when 199 murders were recorded.
Source: Milenio

By contrast, there was an increased in violent murders in Sinaloa and Jalisco, where in just the last 25 days 221 executions have been recorded, surpassing 38 killings during the same time in Veracruz, Tamaulipas and Coahuila.

The recent discovery of 50 bodies in Sinaloa and Jalisco raised the number of executions by 30% in November from the previous month in those states.

29% of all recorded executions so far this November across the country have been committed in Sinaloa, where only on Wednesday 24 bodies were found.

The 179 homicides that have been recorded in November in Sinaloa increased by 55%, breaking the April all time highest record of executions in that state when there were 172 executions.

In addition Sinaloa is just under the state of Chihuahua as the most violent state but if the trend continue that could easily change.

The 42 executions recorded in Jalisco in November is the most violent month in the state so far for 2011, ahead of July when there were 35 murders.

The decrease in the number of executions in Tamaulipas, Veracruz and Coahuila is a result of the operations "Laguna Segura" and "Veracruz Seguro" that the federal government implemented last October where they managed to captured Sotero Aguilar, El Tony, accountant for Los Zetas. But it looks like this has forced Los Zetas to move in to Sinaloa territory creating a shift in violence.

The Mexican government still considers this a step in the right direction. According to the National Defense Secretariat blows to this criminal group helped in reducing the overall crime rates by 50% and 62.62% reduction in executions.

Another state where the Mexican government set up operations was Guerrero that reported 33 executions in November.


  1. Looks like my predictions have come true, I said by 2012 Zs would make the move west. Also look for increasing violence in the southern pacific states such as Oaxaca, as the pacific side increases in importance stemming from traffic from Guate/CA routes. say why the last letter has moved west because of the increased deployments in places like Coahuila is not to understand the nature of Zs operations. This is their MO like the roaches the are, they withdrw/hide until the good guys go away. secondly, they have Coahuila, so really it is a non issue, trust me they have plenty of roaches guarding coahuila. Push come to shove they will fight for whatever they deem important no matter who is guarding the gate.

    The pacific plan is fuled by greed and to overtake as much of Sinaloa as possible, to become to most powerful cartel.

    They are very smart and fearless, but dumb in the sense that one can imagine if these two powerful cartels actually merged together what would exist....holy crap they would own the world of narco and Intellectual Markets.

    God forbid

  2. Zetas are the armed wing of the PRI (Moreira), now have instructions to go to the Pacific.

  3. Buela how do you know all this are you like a prophet or something

  4. Buela reads a lot of news in Cali and makes good judgment calls.

  5. jajajaja...since Coahuila is my state it is my duty to know what exists. I have been working in Mx for 30 years in various states but have been in the NE for 8 years.

    Just use business logic and past behavior patterns, that is the best indicator of future behavior.

    as for Z being the armed wing of PRI-not a chance. they do not work for PRI it is the other way around. And BTW Bert was slated to be president of Mx in the election after 2012, but with his hot water calderon boiling over, he may have to step down from PRI presidency. I don't think so, but that is what people are calling for. All that unaccounted Coahuila money is biting him in the behind.

  6. Its obvious PAN has to let CDS get their ass kicked if they want a chance at winning the next election. It was good for CDS while it lasted but I don't see Calderon coming to the rescue on this one. Chapo is on his own. Nice to see the RATAS getting theirs finally.

  7. Wow only 5 murders recored this month in tamaulipas what does this mean?

  8. So because they are getting attacked in Veracruz,thats why they go to Sinaloa to fight Chapo????, that doesnt make sense,I thought they went to Sinaloa to support the Beltran Leyvas,not because they are being attacked in Veracruz.

    Im pretty sure the Zetas were not ordered to leave Veracruz,the high ranking boss will be chillin in a safer state but the sicarios have to stay.

  9. Awesome, take the heat where it belongs, to the belly of the beast. Finally Tamaulipas and Nuevo Leon can calm down.


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