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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Tijuana Drug Tunnel Linked Mexico to US

US police have found one of the most sophisticated drug-smuggling tunnels to date on the border with Mexico.

BBC News
Mexican security forces surrounded the Tijuana entrance of the tunnel.

The tunnel was discovered on Tuesday and links warehouses in Tijuana, Mexico, with San Diego.

"It is clearly the most sophisticated tunnel that we have found in the last five years, perhaps ever," a US police spokeswoman in San Diego said.

A similar tunnel was discovered in the area two weeks ago, adding to dozens that have been found in recent years.

Local media describe Otay Mesa as a busy area containing many warehouses, making it easier for smugglers.

The tunnel extends twice as far into the US as it does into Mexico.

The tunnel is 15ft (4.5m) deep and contains both lighting and transport carts, AFP news agency reports.

Mexican security forces found the entrance in a Tijuana warehouse after being alerted to the discovery by the US authorities.

The warehouse is near Tijuana airport, and also stands close to the local headquarters of the federal police.

Mexican security forces seized three tons of marijuana at the tunnel's entrance, which they suspect had only recently been put into use.

The use of underground tunnels for smuggling has increased in recent years as the US authorities have clamped down on overland smuggling activity.


  1. Can someone tell me WHY every house,building ,structure of any type along both sides of the border are not searched at least once a year?? DUH!!

  2. because of the 4th amendment. 1 of many amendments created to protect the rights of american citizens.

    please i do not want to hear your "these are not americans they are mexicans" BS..

  3. To search every house,structure,or building on the US side you would need to get a search warrant remember its america and you got rights and they cant be violated. DUH!! As for the Mexico side in Chapo controlls Tijuana so his people are the ones constructing and funding the tunnels..why do u think its always the US Authorties who find the tunnels not the mexican army..DUH!!!

  4. They should use more human intel,and/or buy the land on the border but stay w/ in the constitution.

  5. Geez! Our city has yet to develop a subway system. Too bad that we are not on the border. We would just wait a few weeks and the smugglers would have it built. They could even put in subway stations around town. LOL

  6. why dont they search the boarder with some kind of scanners to find those tunnels?

  7. Thanks, reporter Buggs. Routs like this are where the drop in the ocean comes from. The top two photos are cool, thanks.

  8. The u. S. Does not always get to the tunnels first .

  9. Best looking tunnel so far what I've read about!

  10. I gotta opinion why don't they question "el wuey" buying chingos of tape and shrink wrap all the seizures are almost using same shit.

  11. Pinchis gringos culos prietos segun ellos el tunel nunca opero que apenas era la primera carga que cruzaban jajajjajajja asi mero haganse pendejosssssssssssss todavia no terminaban ese y ya estaban empezando el proximo ah pero eso si cuando cruzas por la linea hasta te quieren comer y revisar el culo los muy hijos de su puta madreeee

  12. Here is how the tunnel searching went at the border town i was at in Arizona.

    One night, a black vehicle sat all night outside the residence of an innocent old man. A few weeks prior he yelled at a stranger he found snooping around his property. That snoop turned out to be a punk from ICE with a bad attitude.

    The next morning i heard one or more grenades going off and a buddy and i grabbed our weapons and headed toward the explosions. It was an ICE raid.

    We asked ICE if they had a warrant, they said no, they had something else.

    After fucking the old guy up they went to another elderly person who helped manage the ranch. They told the manager that unless the manager signed a waiver, that ICE would put the manager in prison if it found any tunnels.

    The manager signed the waiver. The waiver explicitly stated that the manager was criminally responsible for all tunnels that ICE found on the ranch.

    HLS is the police state. There is no constitution left in America, not near the border with ICE anyway. Wake the fuck up Americans.

  13. as long as people keep ignoring that EL CAF is growing and becoming more powerful as time goes on jesus christ its right in front of every one but theres so much hope that EL CAF TO BE FINISHED there ignoring some very key points cds is paying a fee when EL CAF went threw its war it did it only with 4 or 5 cells know there more than 24 when EL CAF had 4 cells they fought off las teos,cds,goverment, military but thank to all that they used there intelligence and form a life long alliance with LOS ZETAS,BLO,JUAREZ and carillo fuentes family have been seen with no bodyguards in ENSENADA so what ever issue it had with EL CAF they squashed it they moved on EL CAF IS MORE POWERFUL THAN WHEN LOS SENORES WERE IN CHARGE AND THATS NO DISRESPECT AT ALL IT A COMPLIMENT CAUSE THERE STILL STRONG BUT THERE KNOW SHOWING THERE SMARTS AND BETTER OFF MORE FINANCIALLY

  14. @GENTE DE TIJUANA I'm sorry but they didn't fought off the government and I don't think they have an alliance whit Zetas,BLO and Juarez.


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