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Monday, November 21, 2011

Three Police Officers Executed in Ciudad Acuña

By OscarVillalba
Associated Press
Assailants kidnapped and killed three police officers in the Mexican border city of Acuna, authorities said Monday.

Acuna Public Safety Department said in a statement that the three were on patrol in the same unit when gunmen kidnapped them early Monday.

The officer's bodies were found an hour later in a residential area of Acuna, which is across the border from Del Rio, Texas. They had been shot and their hands were handcuffed, the police department said.

Authorities say the Zetas and the Sinaloa drug cartels are fighting each other to control smuggling routes in the state of Coahuila, where Acuna is located.

Last week, gunmen killed a federal prosecutor for the state of Coahuila when he was about to leave his home in the city of Torreon.

A day earlier, gunmen set a fire at the office of the Torreon newspaper El Siglo and fired shots at it. No injuries were reported.

Authorities in the neighboring state of Durango said soldiers dug up the remains of seven people from a pit.

Durango state prosecutors said troops found the remains in the town of San Juan del Rio, about 60 miles (100 kilometers) north of the state capital, the city of Durango. They gave no other details.

More than 400 bodies have been found in a series of clandestine graves in Tamaulipas and Durango states since April. They are believed to be a result of turf battles between drug cartels.

In Hidalgo, the home state of Zetas leader Heriberto Lazcano, state police chief Damian Canales said authorities detained eight local police officers for allegedly working for the Zetas.

Canales said six of those detained were officers for the town of Actopan and two for the state capital of Pachuca. He said they were detained after the arrest of the former police chief in the town of Arenal, who authorities allege was in charge of recruiting police officers to work for the Zetas.

Canales said the Pachuca city police officers told investigators the Zetas paid them about $360 a month.

Also on Monday, military authorities said soldiers in the border state of Chihuahua detained two police chiefs while they were meeting with an alleged drug trafficker.

Soldiers detained the police chief and a police officer for the town of Gran Morelos and the police chief for the town of Belisario Dominguez while they met with a boss for La Linea, a gang of hit men for the Juarez Cartel, the Defense Department said in a statement.

It said an anonymous phone call led the troops to the meeting in the town of Belisario Dominguez. Soldiers arrested two other men and seized three handguns and four automatic rifles, the statement added.

President Felipe Calderon has been pushing to clean up local and state police forces, whose officers are often corrupt or are coerced by threats into helping drug gangs.


  1. I HAVE A QUESTION,IS THERE ANY CITY OR TOWN IN MEXICO THAT IS SAFE FROM THE DRUG-VIOLENCE GOING ON RITE NOW? I been staying here in the states since i was 8, thats 30 yrs now. But i have my GOOD REASONS why i need 2 move back 2 Mexico. Im from Puebla but i also stayed in Reynosa. NEED FEED BACK, THANKZ- H-TOWN-

  2. @ h-town, this is the first sign of violence we have experienced here in acuna since I have been here (6 months). I hav lived in the states all my life & I had too had my reasons for moving here. Acuña has been safe. It's jst a matter of minding ur own business. This recent event happened very close to home and I admit I hav had a sleepless night but I won't b leaving because of it.

  3. @ H-Town, I live in and travel all over Mexico. I wont be going to cross the border any time soon, but I feel very safe here. You have heard it a million times, travel wisely, and dont do things you wouldnt do at home, stay out of neighborhoods that look seedy, you know... the ones that look like Santa Ana....

    You can improve your already excellent chances by 99.999999999999% by not buying or selling drugs.

  4. Seems la linea is holding ground


  6. W'ell I'm sure that if you stay away from Dope all together; the chances of gettin killed are
    slim to none but thats not a guarantee. There is
    always that chance of being at the wrong place at the right time or for that matter just hangin
    with the wrong people can get you killed. I will say this, I've lived in Matamoros for a long long time, i'm older than most and I've seen it all from Juan Abrego,Osiel Cardenas,
    El Coss, I've even seen Decenas (Z1) back in the day. I run a very popular "Liquor Establishment" that at one time catered to
    American Tourists as well as connected Mexicans.
    It is not the same Matamoros that it was in the
    80's and 90's where if there was a problem you went the the Local Commander with a few hundred
    Bucks and everythin went away. Now I find myself
    wanting to leave this fine country asap. There is no honor among anybody anymore. Your life isn't worth the price of your Birth Certificate!
    They are slaughtering each other as well as the touristas; absolutely unheard of 20 even 10 years ago. If a tourist was killed and they found the body! (important) there was hell to pay, even the cartels would hunt you down because you were bringing "Heat" Now who gives a fuck just kill em and leave em! This is why this nephew of Cardenes El Rolex is despized by
    the "O.G.'s" of the C.D.G. while their in the trenches killin each other,the army and the Z's
    he's in McAllen with all his money and hangers on playin Gangster Wanna B's and thier Dying.

  7. @ November 22, 2011 1:18 PM .Tell us man,was Guzman Decenas,a crazy motherfucker?Or would he be cool?You hear he was killed by Army,or by rival crew,when he was havin somethin to eat?Who was it who killed him?I think dude got to cocky.He might have had balls,but you need balls and brains.Little profile on your thoughts bro,from what you seen of them.

  8. @H-town,
    Its not safe in Mexico now. Staying away from dope is nice and all, but in the end there are a whole lot of kidnappings, mistaken identities, police and military brutality and extortion. Maybe Puebla might be better than the northern half of the country, but things have been affecting everyone. Everyone sees and hears things, its just a numbers game and while you'll likely be fine day-to-day, your odds are a lot worse than 99.9999%.


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