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Monday, November 7, 2011

Three Bodies Left Hanging Off Bridge in Guamuchil

The bodies of three men, two of whom were frozen, were strung up on a bridge in Guamuchil, a town in the northwestern Mexican state of Sinaloa, prosecutors said.

The unidentified bodies were found Saturday morning hanging off Puente Negro, which is within the city limits of Salvador Alvarado, Sinaloa state Attorney General’s Office spokesmen said.

One of the men was naked, had been tortured and had a gaping wound in the abdomen from what appeared to be an amateur autopsy, the AG’s office spokesmen said.

The other two victims had also been tortured and were apparently kept in a freezer until being disposed of, the officials said.

Two men and a woman, meanwhile, were murdered in Culiacan, the capital of Sinaloa.

Gunmen followed the three victims and opened fire on them with 9 mm pistols, the AG’s office spokesmen said.

The gunmen killed Jaime Villa Miranda, 19, and Eden Cabrera Castro, 43. The third victim was not identified.

About 20 people have been killed this weekend in Sinaloa, with eight of the victims gunned down while playing volleyball at a park.

The murders may be linked to the recent killing of Francisco Arce Rubio, who was the leader of the Los Antrax gang, Sinaloa Attorney General Marco Antonio Higuera Gomez told reporters Saturday.

Sinaloa is home to the drug cartel led by Joaquin “El Chapo” (Shorty) Guzman, who was arrested in Guatemala in 1993 and pulled off a Hollywood-style jailbreak when he escaped from the Puente Grande maximum-security prison in the western state of Jalisco on Jan. 19, 2001.

The Sinaloa organization, sometimes referred to by officials as the Pacific cartel, is the oldest drug cartel in Mexico and Guzman, considered extremely violent, is one of the most-wanted criminals in Mexico and the United States, where the Drug Enforcement Administration has offered a reward of $5 million for him.

Sinaloa, the birthplace of many of Mexico’s drug lords, is currently the scene of a bloody turf war between Guzman and the Beltran Leyva cartel, which arose as a splinter group of the Sinaloa organization.

Source: EFE, El Debate.


  1. The strong rumor about Guamuchil,where Beltran Leyvas and Chapo Guzman sicarios are practically living city to city,each has a city to take refuge CDS goes to Culiacan and BLs go to Los Mochis but they meet up un Guamuchil.

    The rumor about Guamuchil(a Chapo Guzman Plaza), is that el Chapo Flores leader of Los Mazatleclos a group working for the Beltran Leyvas,pretty much enters Guamuchil when ever he wants and the Antrax group there is worthless because they get killed by Chapo Flores people.He practicaly runs most of the city but has yet to declare complete control and Chapo Guzman lately hasnt been showing any muscle in Guamuchil or Guasave & Los Mochis and seems like has given up on his fight for those plazas.

    A narcomanta appeared after el Mochomo was locked up in Guasave Sinaloa declaring to Chapo and Mayo that the plaza is already occupied,after a commando of Chapos failed to enter the City,well they entered but were immediately ambushed and shot dead.Ironically the narcomanta was signed by Alfredo Beltran Leyva,this was back in like 2009 or 2010 im not sure but what catches my attention is thst he was already locked so that means he ordered someone to sign that manta under his name from his jail cell,thats why I wouldnt be suprised if he is calling the shots from jail. Theres a video of the narcomanta on youtube its next to a decapitaded leg.

  2. Yeah ive seen the video,in the narcomanta that states"Traitors,El Chapo and El Mayo,the truces are made so that the people can live in peace but if you guys wanna fight we can go at it ATT:Alfredo Beltran Leyva"The narcomanta was left next to a decapitated body and next to numerous trucks that were ambushed all with "X" on the windows.

    You guys here in BB should write an article about it .It would be an interesting one.

  3. I'm not sure, but I think that Narco Manta was on 2008 and it was Alfredo Beltran the one who put it up.

  4. @11:11 good info. So is Anthrax a pretty big group? or just a small commando? I always thought they were a small group of well armed sicarios, but I may be wrong.

  5. @6:23
    Yes that narcomanta was in 2008-09 after the granade attack inciden in Sonora and was sign by Arturo Beltran. Those Beltran cheerleaders just don't know what to say. El Mochomo in Guasave hahha give me a break.

  6. Well I sure hope they continue to self destruct and continue to take the fight to El Chapo in his home state. This also brings the heat closer to his base of operations and the government will be forced into acting against both groups.

  7. El corrido de martin castillo 9 cruces 9 claves habla de esa ambushed y tambien las pics.

  8. los Antrax from what i hear in the songs they are around 600-1000 I have family in guamuchil they say no one comes out in the night time even the cops hide I don't know if the beltrans or CDS rule but I heard in los mochis cds is starting to enter and take out beltrans

  9. November 7, 2011 11:11 PM,,Ye man,that makes a bit of sense.We all know the leader of Antrax,was topped a few days ago.Chapo Isidro,is on the radar,BLO/Zs,cruising around Culiacan,with openly tagged convoys with the big Z on .What does that tell you to some extent?Some sort of probing,see what goin on.But where the fuck is GN?Are the Zs gettin this strong?Any one here add anything?Throw your thoughts in,if it is Zs tryin there hand,who is gonna stop them fuckers.

  10. 9:01 what about you! you're on at 9 in the morning trying to defend the other sinaloas by saying there's beltran cheerleaders when you're defeding somebody that you probably dont even work for. In guasave it's nothing but beltrans so if he wasn't in jail he would probably be there. Not like el ondeado that when he got caught by military he started crying to el mayo!!

  11. El regio, the beltrans must die aswell and whats with these beltran cheerleader these days the beltrans are weak and shit.

  12. Anon 12:03 I am in no way cheering for Beltranes, and they don't appear to be as weak as you claim. Supposedly they were finished with the killing of Arturo but that doesn't appear to be the case, they seem to be as strong as ever. Now with the Zeta and CDJ backing, they are just as powerful as their enemies.
    What I do cheer is that the war has finally been taken to Chapo and all of Sinaloa which is the root of the problem, that is where all or most of these idiots originated from. Good to see the destruction hit their home, rather than they take it elsewhere while their snobby ass kids play in Sinaloa with no worries.

    Death to all Cartels!

  13. @11:45 you dont know what you are talking about pendejo...all the narcotraficantes children live in and around mexico city. It is common knowledge that the children are only safe in the hills outside of culiacan surrounded by armed convoys...besides most CDS has federal police guarding their children....and you say that BLO is strong with as CDS with their backing from Z and CDJ?? jajaja Didn't CDJ just become the "Nuevo CDJ" because M10 and GN swept those mother fuckers in their own town. Besides everyone knows you DO NOT trust any alliance with Z, let me repeat EVERYONE knows you NEVER trust Z. They do not have anyones back but their own.

  14. November 8, 2011 11:29 AM

    Sorry if i touch a nerve. Tell me a what hour i can post? because looks like you dont have any problem with the other guy posting at 6:05 AM, or need to cheer on Beltranes to have that privilege?

    Second, reed well, in what part of my post i am cheering on 'other sinaloans'? or defending them? the ony thing i did was to deny things you Beltran CHEERLEADERS are saying, things are not true about that narcomanta, so if i know the story about that message and i dont buy the crap you are saying am defending the other sinaloans?

    You are taking pieces of thing than happened in the past and creating an scenario that does not exist in order to make it appear that BL are getting stronger. Am not defending anyone am just not buying that stuff and clarifying things.

    I know that Guasave is a Beltran plaza but el Mochomo is not jailed there he still in Puente Grande that shit about he was moved to Guasave is part of this imaginary war you guys are living in yours minds.

    Still beleving and posting anything you want but are not fooling anyone.

  15. Antrax was created as a armed wing for Vicente Zambada " el nino " Must of the recruits were young guys, trained by military units. They backed the Zambadas and CDS as body guards, highered guns and later gaven certain plazas to watch and protect from intruders. Their loyalty stand with the Zambadas and CDS how many of them there are is unknown, they have the firepower and money of the Zambadas but have had their losses as of recent. But mainly they stay in their controlled plazas in Sinaloa and Gente Nueva extends everywhere else.

  16. Sinaloa is heated right now. It seems that a new alliance of CDS enemies has started to form. Zetas, Carrilo leyvas, and Beltran Leyvas seem to be challanging CDS in their home turf. Beltran Leyvas seem to be hitting from the north of Culiacan while Carrilo Leyvas are coming from the west of Culiacan. Zetas seem to be entering from the south of Culiacan where they seem to have a presence in Mazatlan already. Los Antrax are in charge of Culiacan and certain parts in Mazatlan and Navolato. Gente Nueva have people spreaded throughout Sinaloa and other states inside of Mexico. Their stronghold however is no other than Culiacan. CDS is currently restucting their cartel right now for this all out assault because it seeems they are expierencing some internal problems amongst themselves. It is going to be interesting what happends next.

  17. Not to worry... Calderon should be sending back up for Chapo any day now. You will see large number of Zetas and Beltranes captured in Sinaloa. Chapo's men must have wings because everytime there is a bust in Sinaloa "nobody was home". Or they only found two guys in a safe house. You never see 10 or 20 captured Chapos on display for the press. We know he has a huge army to go and fight for plazas in other states. They must be invisible or a gang of evil spirits because they sure do know how to avoid being killed or captured. just saying... LOL

  18. @2:56 haha wow Another Sinaloa Cartel supporter manages to look stupid without any interference from some one else.Your comment was so dumb I actually laughed out loud.

    Let me clear things up.First of all where in my comment did I say Mochomo was locked up in Guasave?(I was the one that commented first) You people are idiots,just waiting for me to say something thats not true.And you guys will have to keep on waiting because I only state Facts,and when its a rumor I let it be know.

    What I said was that a NARCOMANTA was left in Guasave,(no El Mochomo was not in Guasave ,A narcomanta) haha I seriously dont know how you confused that @2:56.Anyways back to what I was saying the Narcomanta was left in El Burrion,Guasave,Sinaloa after a convoy of 50 trucks of the group Los Antrax was killed and returned back to where they came from by members of El Chapo Flores,operater of Alfredo Beltran and the man incharge of Guasave,Los Mochis cities in Sinaloa and parts of Sonora. The message called Chapo and Mayo Traitors(all in capital letters) and apparently accused them of breaking a truce which they had,most likely in the state of Sinaloa( im guessing) and said the truce was made so that people can live in peace.But if you wanna fight we can go at it.This was back then though in 2009 I think,either way if it was in 2009 why was the narcomanta signed by El Mochomo,if he was already locked up?????????
    Two possible explanations is:El Chapo Flores wanted to make it clear to who he was loyal to,Or El Mochomo did order that narcomanta to be put and signed by him all from behind bars???

    Claiming the Beltran Leyvas are weak and shit,sounds more like a personal opinion,directed at 12:03.Therefor I dont take it under consideration.

  19. 3:01 hahaha that was FUNNY when you said most of the antrax group are trained by military units hahaha eventhough its probablyy true,I laughed because everyone knows that the group of Sicarios,Los Antrax,have yet to show everyone why they are part of a Criminal Organization as powerful as the Sinaloa Cartel.

    Everyone knos that supposibly they take care of Culiacan but if their Leader was murdered in Culiacan what does that tell you????

    Idk but the word going around is that they are a bunch of low lifes street thugs that are recruited thanks to the over a hundred songs that somewhat popular mexican singers sing about these idiots,apparently for no reason,oh yeah now I remember just because they are a part of the Sinaloa Cartel.Maybe that explains why they are getting Whooped in their own State/city.

  20. Any1 in BB know about the Mexican Army using tactics such as i.e. Using recovered trucks with "Z" on the windows to attract opposing rivals in this case the AntraX. I can not remember how long ago I read an article where the Army do not know in what state they used several confiscated SUV s with "CDG" on the windows...dumb zetassholes fell for it... a few dead and many captured that day. Hang in there folks be safe.

  21. alot of heat in culican right now, im totally surprised that el chapo or el mayo hasnt send el chino antrax, macho prieto, m1, bravo, or el fantasma to handle there home town. i mean come on, if someone is entering ur main home turf, why would u have amature sicarios rolling around trying to stop the entering. why not just send one of the big dogs to come in and handle the strategy and game plan. someone with experience.

    is it me or does it seem kind of weird for all these big dogs and u dont see not one of them on the front lines. just saying.

  22. @ 2:53 pm.
    Really i cant believe you said GN took out juarez cartel when cds started fighting in 2008 and 3 years later CDJ still controls Juarez.. El flaco got arrested and GN Got the fuck out of juarez kuz they knew whats good for them. CDS as strong as they are couldnt take out CDJ In 3 long years??

  23. 9:07
    Go to Culiacan and talk shit about CDS or Antrax, let's see if they take your ass out. They might not be elite navy seals, but I assure you they are trained. Lowlifes are only highered by the Z's and you and I know it. Antrax are not the ones who watch over Mayo Zambada, El Azul or Chapo Guzman. Those guys are elite fighters I assure you aren't low lifes. Antrax have other missions and assignments. But I am not here to declare they are any more bad ass than the Beltran Leyvas or Carrilos etc etc. Everyone south of that fucken border will slit your throat just as ruthlessy as they other. No ay que ser tan pendejos que la embidia is corriente.

  24. 11:06

    Which group are the elite fighters? but i dont understand CDS dont send good leaders like El fantasma to sinaloa to kick out the beltrans(if the rumors are true)

  25. A la verga con Sinaloa...Puro pinche Zacatecas....

  26. 11:06
    Antrax elite fighters?? The leader just got his brains blown to shit while playing soccer. What a joke..

  27. Elite fighters or not. Chapo is not going to send El Fantasma, El Bravo, El Peinado etc. etc.
    The ones getting wacked are disposable and everyone knows it.The leader of los Antrax el Chino isn't going to be playing soccer exposing himself. Those who survive in this war are the smart and tactical ones. Those who protect El Mayo and Chapo are on a whole nother level.

  28. @12:06
    Yea I did say LA GN swept Cd Juarez because that is the truth. Do you have any clue who is moving the major weight from Chihuahua to Texas using those dirt runways to land and unload then get lot....and yes el flaco got popped so what? Jefe de plaza de la linea Diego got popped also.

  29. and i have the barbie corvette collection..nahnahnahnah,you sound like first grade up muthafuckas...all this crap about who is right & who isnt aint gonna make you any better than the next man.los hechos hacen al hombre,unless youre one of the guys actually playing in the field,you dont know shit.its all theories,speculations & opinions!

  30. 8:31
    Look buddy GN left juarez. And now look at whats happening in Culiacan. Antrax getting murdered like flies.

  31. puro sinaloa jotos c.d.s cosidered the most and biggest cartel in the world and lets not forget they have the most looked guy in the planetel chapo guzman and one of the richest in the world for all you z lovers lazcano and trevino morales aliass el puto 40 keep hating cuz none of you liittle fuks will ever be as big as chapo guzman puro sinaloa aunke se awiten los z sinaloa es el mas grande y poderoso ajuaaaaaa cuando agan todo lo que iso el chapo y mayo hablan mientras cayense ala verga

  32. Lmao Mangueritas commenting
    Los Beltranes are history Los Zetas self destruct
    Keep Culiacan and all plazas en Sinaloa
    We care about Chicago.....New Jersey
    North Carolina...Phx L.A.....Vancouver,Toronto
    Chicago is and will always be Ismael y Joaquin Cds....Chicago is the most important city in The Us for any cartel

  33. Lol fuck those rats los van a fumigar con metrallas con el cartel sinaloence no se mete apoyo pa toda la gente arremangada de sinaloa ...estos contras ya quieren suucidars hahaha zeta perras y los que andan con ellos


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