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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Sicarios Execute Cop in Front of the House of Former Official

Today a violent incident caused panic in Nuevo León, and once again those responsible managed to escape.

The incident occurred around 0800 hours when an armed group arrived at the intersection of Rosario and Valparaiso, in the community of Altavista, located in Monterrey.

The gunmen attacked the State Police officer who was inside his patrol car, then hung a narcobanner in the front of the unit.

The shooting caused panic among the public which occurred a few meters from the famous Jaime Torres Bodet Elementary School. Students from the campus and also from a kindergarten possibly witnessed the execution.

The officer was executed while sitting inside his patrol car, it was parked right in front of the house of Aldo Fasci Zuazua, former Secretary of Security of Nuevo Leon.

During thee shooting a mother was seriously injured. The woman was taking her children to school. Locals quickly provided shelter to the children of the woman who was injured while Aldo Fasci came out of his home and called police after observing the stark scene.


  1. This man come back and tick their ear.

  2. Does anyone know what the 'narco-manta' say?

  3. I read in milcincuenta that aldo had cameras and that he was going to turn in the videos to the police to analyze them..maybe they will release a video soon

  4. Former official sounds like they came bck and told him ur not out of it ur payin for watever he did when he was in office

  5. Check'd blog del narco, they dont say either.

  6. Anybody know why they don't post the contents of the narcomantas anymore? Even blog del narco and mundonarco don't either!

  7. The narcomantas were targeted at the police, saying something like "This will happened if you don't join us" according Aldo Zuazua. So far the current Secretary of Security has stated the narcomanta wasn't targeted at Also Zuazua himself but the state police of Nuevo Leon.


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