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Monday, November 28, 2011

Leyzaola Considers Move

Leyzaola is tired of detractors will let us know which job he takes after he tells the mayor who always supported him.

Posted in the BB forum by wenglenca
Eight months after taking office as Municipal Public Security Secretary, Julian Leyzaola Perez says the criticisms are wearing and exhausting. He is considering taking another job if indeed the job comes through in another state. "It's a heavy psychological burden taking hits from the people that I support, it lowers my morale and makes me think about the need to retire elsewhere to continue with my personal projects outside of being responsible for the security of Juarez."

He said that in the past two months there's been a flurry of false accusations, insults by the media just wanting to injure him. He said apart from the daily threats received by DTO's, he has to bear the constant "tapping" of other government official, with whom he is supposed to be working in a coordinated manner. There was a smear campaign against him by by some officials who said only succeeded in creating an even riskier environment.

Yesterday during the celebration of the 14th graduation of the police refresher course, Leyzaola said he is considering job offers he has received in at least five states of the Republic. He recounted the accusations and criticism he has received among which are the disappearance of four men, stopping for police clashing with protesters when they were paintings the walls, and previous situations when he worked in TJ, Baja California, when he served as head of police on the border city.

"There are situations in which I was involved but are fraudulent, and I say so because in the six investigation that exist in the city where my name is mentioned in an indictment there isn no direct indictment against me" he said.
Many times he has thought about leaving Juarez to return to the Mexican Army where he worked for 25 years. He feels that the work that he developed has not been well appreciate by some groups in society and therefore he is considering retiring from Juarez where he has succeeded in changing the image of the corporation and has detained a large number of people from who committing crimes.
He is considering proposals received in recent days Guerrero, Veracruz, Nuevo Leon, Durango, and Quintana Roo where he offered to take charge of security due to high rise of violence. He said that his decision will take a few days and the first to know will be the Mayor Hector Murguia Lardizabal, who invited him to the city and always gave him support. He said his work has been focused on making changes to improve surveillance in the Chihuahua District which is scheduled to start operating a new scheme Dec. 30.


  1. This guy is TOUGH! I really hope he makes it out alive.

  2. Well i hope everything goes O.K. with him, I think he was a good men.

  3. This is his way of telling his critics 'Remember how nice it was when I got here? I'll be happy to leave if you want me to'.

  4. you people are so naive. the reason this is happening are directly with the new circumstances have developed here in Juarez. the juarez cartel was not eliminated by the sinaloa cartel and a counter offensive is in the works by the juarez cartel to retake the state. Chapo and Mayo will not give in so easily but it is a matter of fact that the majority of Juarez is under control of Juarez cartel. the organized crime cells that are supported by Chapo and Mayo are few and are marginalized to the south and eastern portions of the city. Leyzaola was a placed in command of the police as a strategic move by authorities to make a push to specifically eliminate the influence that the juarez cartel through la linea and aztecas had over the vast majority of the city. Either because he has failed to do this and because the Juarez cartel has regained influence of Juarez government entities and the fact that leyzaola i affecting their criminal activities is the reason that leyzaola is forewarning of his pending departure. It all has to do with the fact that the juarez cartel was not successfully eliminated after four years and counting, so everyone is cutting their loses and are conscious of the fact that they can live in violence in which they are direct victims and face the tyranny of organized crime or live in peace and relative tranquility free from overt violence and still face the tyranny of organized crime. You see every one has abandoned Juarez the federal police, the military, the state, the only ones left are the residents and the incumbent criminal organization wanting things to get back to norma. Believe normal in Juarez is still fucked up compared to most cities. but fucked up in Juarez you don't even want to imagine and right now Juarez is unimaginable. So when things get back to normal juarez will still be the fucked up place that people look down on but at least there will relative prosperity.

  5. Who knows? Well its Mexico, which means lies,manipulation,disinformation,corruption of corruption, sometimes you suspect its in the DNA. Hope this fellow survives and further would like to think he is honest,whatever thwt means in Mexico?


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