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Saturday, November 19, 2011

PONCHIS Teen Sicario Convicted of 4 Beheadings May Be Free in Days

Posted in the BB forum by Chivis
"I can no longer be shocked by the impunity of Mexico, sadly, only an event of justice could do that. Hold on to your seatbelts folks, the little darling is a US citizen and free to come and play anywhere, though his history is in the San Diego/Chula Vista area...." Paz, Buela Chivis

(CNNMéxico) – The youngest sicario that is known as “El Ponchis” had been sentenced to three years in prison in the central state of Morelos for beheading four men could go free in the coming days due to an appeal of his defense.

Following an analysis of the trial by the defense of children, several irregularities were found, so these tests were presented as well as videos of the trial with which the defense seeks to annul the sentence imposed four months ago, sources of the Unitary Tribunal of Justice for Adolescents (TUJA) told CNNMéxico.

The hearing of appeal is an extraordinary remedy that is meant to overturn a court decision, that might contain an incorrect interpretation of the law or a judication that has not followed a legal process.

This legal process is a right of the defendant, said Jose Manuel Serrano Salmeron, head of the prosecution for crimes against adolescents, however, he went on to say that the trial that found the child guilty was fair.

“As a prosecutor in this trial I can tell you that it was a fair trial, the judge listened to each and every one of the witnesses that allowed us to prove all that antisocial behavior in the indictment against him,” Serrano Salmeron said.

The youngest active sicario to date at aged 14, was arrested the night of December 2, 2010 by soldiers at the airport in Cuernavaca while in company of his two sisters. He was about to board a flight that was going to take him to the border city of Tijuana, where he was moving to San Diego, California to join his mother.

At his presentation, the teen said he agreed to work for the South Pacific Cartel (CPS) and said that his job was to behead people working for other cartels.

The hearing, in which all parties will be present, will take place next Tuesday at the Centre for the Execution of Custodial Measures for Adolescents, in Morelos, where he is currently being held, and presiding will be the judges of TUJA, Ana Perez Güemes and Ocampo Virinia that will determine if the sentence is either reduced or annulled or sustained.

After a trial lasting a week, on July 26 “El Ponchis” was sentenced to three years in prison for trafficking drug, possession of a firearm that are only pernitted by the military and violation of federal law against organized crime for committing kidnappings and homicides.

CNN Mexico
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  1. This kid has a very messed up future. He cannot escape his gang, they will come for him.

  2. Mexico is going to free a guy that beheaded 4 people?!? This is why Mexico is a crime-ridden mess. It's people have no sense of justice...

  3. Well,all you bleeding hearts,what is the solution?Personally,i hope a brother of one of the people he helped to torture,is biding his time."They won't hurt me,im only a kid"Im here to tell you that i would kill him.I would kidnap him,telling not a living soul on this planet,kill him and bury his body,this that i am telling you,is a fact.I would kill him,and i would feel so good about it.I don't think my life is so precious,that i would let a family member be killed with impunity.It truly is a shitty world,and justice is just a word.

  4. That is pathetic, hope this lowlife piece of shit gets what he deserves soon..

  5. @1:20 PM - Your phony bravery would last about 5 minutes in Mexico.

  6. No se les olvide que calderas dijo HOY que los mexicanos ya alcanzamos la democracia <>>

    ....In the Last Days, good will be made into bad, and bad into good...
    ....What we witness in Mexico, the impunity, the lawlessness, are ALL WITNESS TO THE COMING END OF TIME...

  8. Hes better staying in jail. Its a death sentence to be released. Sure his rivals would love to get a hold of him. I was in durango earlier the year, and a narco was released from jail. He didnt walk 50 meters before machine guns opened up and killed him.

  9. Little turd is fucked either way.

  10. I would send him to go after EL CHAPULIN GUZMAN and use his talents on that turd!...

  11. I'm ex-military and respect law; but I would break any law just to get my hands on that piece of shit an destroy him. Predators like him should not be allowed to walk this world. I hope this monster doesn't come to California.

  12. Hope he is executed in the same manner he executed his victims.

  13. It is not unusual for cartels to stampede a juvenile facility to free an "ïnmate", I was mildly expecting that with Ponchis. I am not certain that his release will mean death, because with juveniles they are only held until the age of 18, thereby I doubt he gave up anything. I just don't know, but I am so angry about his miscarriage of justice.

    I posted this on twitter along with my post PONCHIS AN IN DEPTH LOOK and I rec messages from Mexican citizens thanking me and saying that impunity is the way of Mexico, they are also disgusted. One man asked if we would please take the US citizen back.

    Here is that post if you are interested, in case you think my heart has softened, think again I just like to try and figure things out. Paz, Buela

  14. @ November 20, 2011 5:39 PM.Im sorry to tell you man,that you can kill with total impunity,only mans law is the reality.There is no god,no end of days,no burning hell,do people really believe there is something counting all our sins?Cm,on man,i got no problem with gentle souls,but to believe that there is a god of paradise?Man is cruel by nature,that's what i believe,that's why there is war and violence,the only difference between this motherfucker poncis and us is,we use a moral code,that basically knows right from wrong,that is not to say most of us here would not kill,but we are law abiding and will do the right thing,and we all know that people cannot behave in a manner like this,as for justice?Well if you got millions,you got more justice than most other people,so that tells you about justice.

  15. his going to be shipped to usa with a new visa new identity and passport.


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