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Monday, November 7, 2011

Old Letter To Ramon Arellano Felix

Posted in the BB Forum by Texcoco
Texcoco said: Looking around I found this article and I was surprise by two things, first-the reaction of Ramon Arellano Felix and second-the mother of this young guys, knew what they were doing, she didn't like it but she went along with that, until it was her sons the ones who got killed. Many times we do things, and we think it is O.K. until someone do it to us. In this life we all have to pay for what we do sooner or later.

Mrs. Maria Castaños sent a letter to Ramon Arellano Felix, the bloodiest of the brothers of the Tijuana Cartel, to ask him why he had murder her two sons. This letter was published in the weekly Zeta Tijuana by Blancornelas, the letter infuriated Ramon and led to the attack on the journalist on November 27, 1997.

"From the first moment I heard of the fatal incident of my beloved sons I wanted to yell at him, ask him: Why such cruelty? Why the rage? What did they do wrong? What did they do to you, for you to kill them like that? How serious was it, that you could not forgive them? What led you to allow this?.

Now that you're on the edge of the scaffold, I said to myself: Do not let him go without knowing what my son used to say about him and what I think about.

My beloved son had loyalty. Do you know that word? He had loyalty Not Fear like everyone else around you, who say they will be with you until their deaths and they only looking for a way to stab you in the back like they way they did it to my sons.

I often used to tell him not to greet you. To look for a way of not being your friend, much less to work with you. And he, very confident replied: "Do not believe everything they say about him. He is good, he is righteous. He doesn't like bullies. He has a candle for all those who have fallen in battle. He is a good friend."

Can you believe the innocence or ignorance of my son?

With that candle story you were able to win the heart of my son. How far he was from knowing who you really are, you are a nest of betrayal, full of cowardice, an evil person afraid of loosing power, you're afraid, and you fear reflects on your atrocities.

He also said you gave him an opportunity to work, and he appreciated that you would helped him, and he was grateful.

You, Ramon, you know very well that my son was a victim of the problems and differences he had with Ismael Higuera Guerrero "El Mayel" and that he, my son, wanted to bring out the truth about the robbery. He want it to do it for the Spaniard to know that he was robbed, and my son was not the thief.

Ramon did you know that your brother Benjamin wanted to help my son with this problem, we ask Francisco Medardo León Hinojosa, "El Abulón" to make an appointment for my son to talk to Benjamin.

My son came to finalize the appointment with Benjamin and talk with El Abulón for three days, waiting and sending messages to El Abulón. But he El Abulón never did anything to finalize the appointment.

While Benjamin here in Tijuana. El Varilla was ordered to ignored my son so it will be no chance to fix things between my son and el Mayel.

Ramon: I have been told you laugh about killing my son, why you laugh about? Why not recognize and acknowledge that my son was a man of courage and your team was jealous and afraid because he stood out among them all?, They are nothing but cowards, they are just looking to sell you out now that you have a wanted poster of millions of dollars for you.

Ramon: If my son went to El Tiburón was for two reasons, I think. One because he believed in you and really wanted to fix things with words, the same way just like when el Mayel had asked him to leave and my son did. Another, because knowing you people he preferred to go and save the life of his other companions including his brother, and what a mistake he did because his brother was the first one who got killed. Ask El Lobo if those were the orders he got from El Varilla to killed my other son?.

Ramon what did you order your gunmen to do?

Ramon did you know Manuel the Spaniard and his team were the ones who benefit from this. They never gave anything to the family. They kept everything. Boats, planes, money, goods, all the equipment and the trafficking route that my son created.

You did them a great favor and you destroy my life. You and el Mayel know, that the Spaniard, made the problem big because one time when he was drunk he told my son he had fifty million dollars to fight against you.

My son paid for the rumor the Spaniard created. Ironies of life. Those who served you in a time of need you have killed them in cold blood without them ever having hurt you, your family, or your organization. You made a big mistake killing my son, because he was loyal to you! And the Spaniard, the one who said those things about you is happily working making more millions.

To the family of my son, without a father, without money, without an uncle and father to an empty life. To me, without my children, I'm dead in life, miserable and crying night and day because I once had some adorable children and my children were human beings.

I ask you in good faith and in memory of my son who was a real friend to you, to please ask the Spaniard to return what does not belong to him.

Chava and Arturo, you know who they are, they are the ones who work for the Spaniard here and in United States. Chava also kept a lot of money that used to belong to my son, you Ramon are the only one who can ask for that money. Me, I can't I'm a woman without support. Or is he supposed to keep the money as payment for the killing of my sons?

My son sent word to me eight days after. That you were cruel. After serving you, you abandon him. Such is the human being. Is the phrase that said ( Love your neighbor as yourself ) to difficult for you to follow. "

"You know that the day of the fatal incident my son work came in, it was a very strong investment, and that is the claim I'm asking the Spaniard to pay for, he doesn't wants to talk to me or to give me my son part of the deal.

Even after taking the money for the stolen goods my son should have had some good money left. They don't want to give us nothing. Thats not right, you got your money back and my sons are dead.

Ramon: I'm talking about the person you asked for help, the one who got you out of the city of Tijuana and out of the country, when you had the Cardinal Posadas Ocampo problem. The police, the radio, the press, the television and the Vatican was all over you.

He didn't think about it twice, leaving his family and children knowing the risk of getting arrested or killed if confronted by the enemy. Your goal was to reach Mexico City trough the United States with stops at three or four cities in that country. You asked him to go with you because you felt safe with him, and because he spoke good English and his name was clean. He carried out the dead to buy airline tickets, check into hotels, ordering food in restaurants and he remain next to you, even when this big problem had nothing to do with him. You owed that person some of your freedom and your life. He used to like you as a friend and he always believed in you.

What my son didn't know is that you follow no rules, and you respect no man of courage. They didn't deserve to die, they deserved to live.

Ramon: My conclusion came to this:

First, what did you wanted to know that did you not know already.

Second, you think your group didn't have enough good reasons to do something like that to my son.

Third: Any problems you might have had with my son was not good reason for such cruelty.

Fourth: The kidnapping failed when El Lobo killed his brother and you couldn't ask for ransom money no more and because of that you acted like a savage with my other son.

Fifth: The most powerful reason I consider unforgivable is what you did with them and the raped of a family member, something my son never would have done because he had moral principles and very strong values to respect other human being.

I will finish this latter on today

Sixth: That only a deranged by jealousy and impotence of equal or better than them, we hated both me and my family, my King the greatest he had too much envy and anger, because his father from him The Fool is the example by always putting working, responsible, intelligent, studious. Having been in the best schools for their own merit and not money, or what their parents earned and especially not vicious either. And I think that does not forget, much less forgive that were better than him in every way, and this order gave Wolf: If the brother jump also puts you give because you Ramon did not have anything against the two.

Seventh: That rod only fueled the fire could have Ramon and you fell into their evil against my beloved children.

Eighth: That Rod and his brother, Spanish is combined to keep everything that came precisely at the time of the fatal accident and people like you serving him too, so he leaned on it.

I'm probably wrong, but you'd be the only thing that would get me out of doubt.

Ramon: I could tell which were the last words of my King?. I pray to God that saved him from the ignominy of which was being, abused physically and verbally. Is not that miracles do not exist?. How King implore me to you and your people and God, because Ramon, so cruel in you and your people, but you people just take orders and nobody has the courage to say that you do not agree with your methods.

Ramon: What cowardice committed with my Kings. We recognize that hurt were better than you and they could go far.

Ramon: I was scared and come to respect and recognition. Why are you that you were gay fellows who hurt them?

Ramon: You should make your memories, saying the reasons that led you to do much villainy. What was your ideal?. What was your reason?. What was the injustice that fought so viciously?. Why?. I'll tell you one thing. Have no value because you have always done your misdeeds covered in represent the state judicial authority and supported by them, you've always lying defenseless people. Do you think that's being brave?.

Ramon: Why not donate your brain for study by scientists and a brain that stores know cruelty when you had everything in life, parents, brothers, wives, children, money, power to kill in cold blood, having uncontrollable instincts .

Do you know Ramon? I remember when Tijuana was being overrun by Cholos and was stabbed to death in the colonies or city centers. You already worked here. They had been friends with court and you said you let them clean up the city of such people, that's how you get started and when you kill people for nothing, the court did not stop or you just named and that was in full revolution and I think there began to grow as a murderer untouchable.

Under the pretext of cleaning the city of Tijuana and the satisfaction of the authority, the difference was that the State Judicial stopped the cholos themselves murderers and you just never stopped, not because you had Arriagada, but for friendship brought with them, because at the beginning you never Amager. What?. If you do not let work the disappeared. Asked permission to kill a member of the organization and gave it if you did, if not, no.

I say to the sociologist Luis Astorga university researcher that there is no "black hole" in the arrival of the Tijuana Arellano here because there are many people alive who can tell you how it worked and who were the lords and masters, but by the amounts and not bringing bloodthirsty, and the arrangements that have always existed in the Federal Judiciary or the Federal Security then. In addition, Secret Service, which is then passed to the Judiciary and State, wonders why Tijuana, Tijuana because it was always the goal. Geographically it was the nearest border and San Luis Rio Colorado was a break, Mexicali and Tijuana, the end.

Now with the navigation can be Cabo San Lucas, La Paz, San Felipe, Ensenada and Tijuana by land.

Look Ramon, if the mother of the Wolf was deployed to the cynicism of demanding human rights when your child is a coward hired murderer and now even giving interviews to the media.

Alexander did not hesitate to say that his family believed in his integrity, when it belonged to the band's most bloody and is the brother of a multiasesino. What cynicism family.

I do not say that my beloved children themselves were victims of envy, injustice, cowardice of you and they do, my children, were men, not wimps. If not, let them ask the same Mayel, to you, Rod, at the same Jaws and The Wolf will qualify for the best as human beings and these, my kings, they were boss of bosses and lord of lords . Right, Spanish? At his young age.

I leave you with your reflection. You took the greatest thing that life had given me and left some children without a father as a father would be as much for them because it was, and I left her sad heart forever.

I tell you later. You have to pay for your mistakes in life. You do not deserve to die yet. That death is not your money or your punishment. May you live many more years and you know the pain of losing children, not parents, those do not hurt either.

Grieving mother.
M. Brown.

P. S. For me you can send me kill the time that you want, which I'm dead. Glad you gave my life in order to tell me the truth of the facts and that the name of my beloved children stay in the memory clean of my grandchildren. "

In 1997, Ramon Arellano ordered the execution of the daughter of Mary Brown, husband and newborn baby who was with her, the reason a letter his mother sent ZETA, where he claimed to have killed and fraud to two of his sons.


  1. uh, why post a letter 14 years old?
    Are you going to do a follow up to Ortiz Franco's death too?

  2. Don't you think that the mother knew too much???
    Either this is fake or if true, she was also working for the arellanos!!!

  3. The letter shines a cruel light on the cockroaches and how they operate.

  4. I dont feel one inch sorry for this lady! She should have raised her kids better. Begging for dirty money that was owed to her son. pathetic.

  5. Mino

    It is true, I read about this a long time ago, soon after this Ramon tried to kill Blancornelas.

  6. F this lady - she was complicit in her own son's killing by not doing anything about it. Which is worse? Bad men that do bad things or good men that do nothing?

  7. My sons are dead, but if you give me their money, we`ll be square. geez, I hope my mom don`t sell me up the river like that.

  8. To the idiots insulting this lady.
    If you've ever been to mexico yu know there is great poverty and little help from the government. Young starving kids turn into Assassins just to feed their family, now im not saying thats right of them to do. What im saying is that put your self in someones shoes before you start to criticize. You are'nt of any higher power to judge.

  9. Just cause youn read it 10 years ago doesnt meaan its true. The magazine could have had the info and decided to make a great story. Thats pathetic but you have to remember they write articles for a living.

  10. 9:39pm: You clearly are not familiar with the work of Semanario Zeta. The information in the letter has been widely authenticated and is pretty much universally know that the names divulged in that letter, the published information on the participation of CAF in the murder of Cardenal Posadas, and the outright defiance Zeta and Blancornelas had toward CAF lead to the attack of Nov. 27, 1997.

  11. ramon arellano felix was a great man

  12. Her Son and his brother were also greedy murderer's who at the time worked for the CAF and happened to get on the wrong side of El Jeffe "El Loco Ramon" who in case nobody knew was a close fag, this is a known fact in the CAF. When he hooked up with the Real Balls of the organization who happened to be an Mexican American and was shot trying to take out the editor of ZETA magazine/newspaper by one of his own guy's, After Baron was killed Ramon really lost it and was paranoid about everyone.but I have to say it's sick that this woman didn't mind her sons killing the competition until they got wacked. She writes like they were
    "Real Nice Kids" well No Nice Kids worked for the CAF! They got what they gave!!!

  13. @ November 8, 2011 9:34 PM. SAID. If you've ever been to mexico yu know there is great poverty and little help from the government. Young starving kids turn into Assassins just to feed their family, now im not saying thats right of them to do. What im saying is that put your self in someones shoes before you start to criticize. THAT IS REAL TALK BROTHER.THAT IS THE REALITY.
    Would any here have the balls to do it?

  14. @1:54 PM...the man that lost his life attempting to kill blancornelas WAS not a mexican american as you would like to believe.his name was david barron corona aka popeye/little popeye to those who knew him,he was raised in san diego ca,logan heights to be exact.and david did not at all participate in homosexual activity.that is a fact!

    1. David Barron corona was in no way a homosexual. He was actually the most stand up guy you could of met. Yea his ways were different than others, but that's whatmakes us diffrent. Don't post what you don't know. Therapy alot of us that really love and miss him.

  15. Puro chapo guzman CDS

  16. Among the ignorant and sinners there has to be some kind of truth shouldnt there? I believe OJ was guilty yeath he pleaded for innocense. "I dont know im confused"!

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