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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Military Captures El Gasca of the CT in Michoacan

The reputed boss of the Los Caballeros Templarios (CT) drug cartel in the western Mexican city of Morelia was presented to the media here on Tuesday, two days after his arrest.

Army troops apprehended Juan Gabriel Orozco Favela, "El Gasca," in Morelia, capital of Michoacan state, without firing a shot, the Attorney General’s Office and the military said in a joint statement.

Orozco, who ran the Morelia “plaza,” or territory, for the Caballeros gang, was detained “after intense work of analysis and monitoring of the drug trafficking organizations that operate in the state of Michoacan,” the statement said.

The suspect, who was paraded before the cameras at the AG’s office, allegedly reported to a top lieutenant of Caballeros chief Servando “la Tuta” Gomez Martinez.

Authorities say they can link Orozco to the June 8 kidnapping and murder of 21 people in Morelia.

Orozco also coordinated shipments of marijuana and guns extorted money from people doing business in and around Morelia, officials said.

His arrest significantly “weakens the control and operational structures” of the Caballeros organization, according to the AG’s office.

Los Caballeros Templarios (Knights Templar) emerged from the splintering of La Familia Michoacana, once the dominant crime syndicate in Michoacan.

Source: EFE


  1. Seems like they catch "boss" of CT every other day!

  2. These guys are a joke! Caballeros jotos not worth writing about!


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