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Thursday, November 10, 2011

A Leader of Mexico’s Caballeros Templarios Gang Arrested

A leader of the Los Caballeros Templarios drug gang was arrested in the central Mexican state of Guanajuato along with nine associates, including three former police officers, prosecutors said.

Samuel Reynoso Garcia, who is suspected of being Los Caballeros Templarios’ leader in the state, served as a police officer for 14 years in the neighboring state of Michoacan, Guanajuato Attorney General Carlos Zamarripa Aguirre said.

Reynoso Garcia, who went by the alias Inocencio Carranza Reynoso, was arrested by police on Monday in the city of Celaya, Zamarripa said.

The suspect’s cell, which controlled street sales of drugs in the area, is suspected of being behind at least 15 murders, the attack in June on police in Celaya that left an officer and two civilians dead, and numerous kidnappings and extortion rackets, the AG said.

The gang received assistance from Celaya officials, including police officers and land registry employees, who provided information about victims’ assets, Zamarripa said.

The suspects carried out kidnappings, ran extortion rackets and committed murders in Celaya and nearby cities, targeting business owners, professionals and transport company operators, among others, the AG said.

A list of more than 500 people who assisted the gang was found at one of the 15 safe houses raided by authorities, Zamarripa said.

The gang documented all of its activities, keeping detailed records on the people it tortured and beheaded, the AG said.

“We were able to secure the files, both physical and electronic, on all the criminal organization’s members, including the resumes of each one, the organization chart, communications codes, a log of their activities (and) a description of each member’s daily activities,” Zamarripa said.

The suspects revealed important information to investigators that will allow authorities to dismantle the gang in Michoacan, the AG said.

“Samuel Reynoso Garcia revealed that he played soccer last weekend in Michoacan with Servando Gomez Martinez, alias ‘La Tuta,’ founder of Los Caballeros Templarios,” Zamarripa said.

Police found 250,000 pesos ($18,385) in cash, marijuana, 460 doses of cocaine, 72 doses of crack cocaine and 10 vehicles at the safe houses, the AG said.

Jorge Gallardo, Carlos Ricardo Lara and Arturo Rodriguez, all former police officers, were arrested along with Reynoso Garcia.

The other suspects detained in the operation were identified as Cuautli Gonzalez, Juan Edgar Valdez, Martin Ivan Valdez, Miriam Isabel Torres, Horacio Francisco Guerrero and Miguel Angel Medina.

Los Caballeros Templarios was created by former members of the La Familia Michoacana drug cartel.

La Familia has been badly weakened by the arrests and killings of several of its top leaders, and the creation of Los Caballeros Templarios.

The cartel began unraveling after top boss Nazario Moreno’s death in a shootout with the Federal Police in December 2010, officials and analysts say.

Servando Gomez Martinez shares the leadership of Los Caballeros Templarios with Enrique Plancarte.

The La Familia faction led by Jesus Mendez, who was arrested in June, has been fighting the group led by Gomez and Plancarte, who formed Los Caballeros Templarios in March.

Source: EFE


  1. Human Rights Watch this week issued a report providing evidence that Mexico’s security forces participated in “more than 170 cases of torture, 39 “disappearances,” and 24 extrajudicial killings since Calderón took office in December 2006.”

    “Instead of reducing violence, Mexico’s ‘war on drugs’ has resulted in a dramatic increase in killings, torture, and other appalling abuses by security forces, which only make the climate of lawlessness and fear worse in many parts of the country,” said José Miguel Vivanco of Human Rights Watch. What’s more, claimed the report, is that most of these crimes are committed with impunity. So what else is new about the Mexican military?

    I know that BB likes to be a police crime sheet in support of the Calderon government and Obama Administration's drug war, but how about reporting some on the issues that Human Right's Watch is talking about?

  2. If this guy is so high up the ladder why does he have so many small packets of drugs? Just wondering.

  3. Those 500 people are sh***ing bricks. >:)

  4. 11:07
    Now whats the number for tortures and disapperances these Cartels have caused?? Come on the military is just trying to be tough to these Sons of bitches who have ruined there country and killed innocents. And HR is making a deal out of this. Wow!

  5. 1:01

    The Cartels are doing horrible things.

    But the military is in the drug and kidnapping business also. You know that right?

  6. There is no mention of the disappearances. I did read somewhere that approximately 3000 people have disappeared since 2006. Shame that nobody is doing much about it.

  7. Isn't it funny that every Caballero or LF member is a leader? Who are they kidding? This comes after a future governor got shot. They are trying to look good. Meanwhile there are a dozen murders in Juarez, NL, and Sinaloa. Only 1 in Michoacan. I think Calderon has a personal beef with LF and the Caballeros. He should focus on a more dangerous group like the zetas who are infiltrating and starting to kill in U.S. territories.

  8. Ardent said Most of these crimes are committed with impunity. So what else is new about the Mexican military?

    Arden are you trying to say Mexico is the only country that do murder with impunity in a time of war?

    When U.S commits crimes or murders you people call it "collateral damage" Just in case if you think Mexico is a monster I will point some U.S incidents.

    Philippine–American War, Bombing of Dresden, Canicattì massacre, Dachau massacre, Operation Teardrop, Rape during the occupation of Japan, No Gun Ri Massacre, Vietnam War Crimes Working Group Files, My Lai Massacre, bombing of Yugoslavia, War on Terror war crimes. So what else is new.

  9. A lot of smallish bills, eh? Leader, huh? A top dog guy, eh? "A leader of the Los Caballeros Templarios drug gang"...sure he is....and the dope keeps flowing. Its almost like some very powerful people like it that way.

  10. Cartel leaders are getting uglier and uglier.

  11. You are missing it. He was leader of a street level sells. Yes, Mexico has drug users and they get there dope the same way Americans do. From the corner dope dealer! This is a street gang like any city USA has. Yes Street Gangs are Organized.

  12. @ Ardent,What the fuck is your point?Fuck their rights.Its time to get radical with these motherfuckers who are ruining Mexico.And now we have people like you bangin on about"Human Rights"abuses,what about the human rights of the victims of these clowns runnin about with AKs,what about the rights of schoolchildren who cannot go to school,teachers,women,labourers,marines,police?In short,just about every strata of society.Who gives a fuck if a killers rights have been abused,a torturer,hitman,kidnapper.Are you people for real?Yes,i say if an armed group is caught in convoy,kill the motherfuckers?HUMAN RIGHTS,you wouldn't happen to be in the USA would you?Sitting safely whining about human rights?Would you still want their human rights upheld if they kidnapped and tortured your brother,father,sister,you?Get the fuck outta here,with your weak arse whining.

  13. So how is the terrible "US demand for drugs" involved here?

    This guy was in charge of local drug sales which means local drug sales exist. His cell was also doing kidnapping, robbery and murder OF MEXICANS. He was assisted by MEXICAN POLICE in his efforts to prey on MEXICANS.

    Squeeze 'em for intel and then shoot 'em in the parking lot.

  14. 7:43 los caballeros are just as dangerous as any cartel in mexico. The only difference is that these ppl have michoacan sawed up and no other cartel their turf of michoacan so theres not alot of killin like in juarez or other places where cartels are disputing turf. These guys have michoacan under their control and other areas as well. Dnt believe me? Go to michoacan and find out? If their not dangerous then i guess when La tuta tortured and killed 10 soldiers and dumped the bodies wasnt dangerous. Or when they destroyed the zetas in michoacan wasnt enough to show you these guys are organized and dangerous? Lol. Ok

  15. Ardent While human rights abuses by the military and police are a serious problem, I don't think Calderon who decided to protect and defend the country should be responsible.

    Calderon is fighting crime all over Mexico trying to clean the country from corruption and some real powerful criminals.

    Mexico is not the only country that on the heat of battle have violated human rights, other countries have done more than that.

  16. ardent - why don't you report on some of the issues Human Rights Watch is talking about?

  17. Caballeros Templarios have Michoacan and Guanajuato on lock they are trying to gain Guerrero under them just look at the killings there signed by CT


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