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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Juan Sillas Rocha, 'El Ruedas' detained in Tijuana

An elusive and violent trafficker, considered at one time to be a top Sanchez Arellano lieutentant was arrested in Tijuana yesterday, near Insurgentes Boulevard. Details are scarce, and a press conference in the next few hours will officially announce his arrest. Juan Silllas Rocha has had a long and often troubled history with the CAF, one of Fernando Sanchez's main confidantes and leaders, during the war with El Teo, 'El Ruedas' was charged with fighting Teo and his cells, which he did with a brutal and, at times overzealous efficiency.

In December 2009 killing between the cells of Teo, and of Sillas Rocha grew to a staggering level. Men, women and children were gunned down, including civilians as the two engaged in their blood feud on the streets of Tijuana, bullet riddled bodies and narco messages littering the streets. The conflict began when an alleged 150 kilogram shipment of methamphetamine, belonging to La Familia, and being transported by Teo, was stolen by Federal Police, who in turn gave the drugs to Sillas Rocha.

El Teo targeted the Federal Police, hanging messages demanding his product back, and accusing the authorities of corruption. Unofficially, it is said, that Sinaloa and La Familia lost their confidence of Teo around this time. The battle continued, until Teo was arrested in January 2010. El Ruedas was the one behind the kidnapping of the sister of 'El Muletas' in February, in his continued bid to wipe Los Teos from the map.

By, September 2010 the blood had ceased flowing, and the war was relatively over. Apparently, Ruedas would have trouble adjusting to life after war. Because of an agreement between Fernando Sanchez Arellano and Sinaloa representatives, calm returned to Tijuana, and Sinaloa Cartel family and associates traveled and lived freely in Tijuana, including the nieces of Ismael 'El Mayo' Zambada. In September 2010 they were kidnapped from the Tijuana airport, by unknown gunmen. Soon after, a video was released, with men in military gear issuing statements and threats, and the nieces pleading for their lives.

Narco banners, signed by 'The Ghost of Ramon Arellano' went up in Culican, claiming that 'they' were in town to kill the family of El Mayo. Speculation ran who was behind the kidnapping and the banners. Days later, the Army raided a run down safe house in Tijuana, and rescued the three women, the kidnappers were in the service of Juan Sillas Rocha, apparently acting on his own, without permission from 'El Ingeniero'.

Juan Sillas Rocha was 'left on his own' by the CAF, Sinaloa wanting his head, and El Inge giving him up, to preserve to the agreement and peace. Silllas Rocha was a hunted man after that, fleeing Tijuana, and take refuge in houses all over Mexico, at one point sending a message to the authorities, thru a lawyer, that he was an innocent man, and a butcher by trade, who was being persecuted without cause.

Then, he went silent, disappearing into safe houses, and assumed names, seemingly a ghost, until his brother, Jorge Sillas Rocha, and five others were arrested in an early morning raid in Palmdale, California. According to Federal authorities the men were preparing to murder a family of five, to settle a drug debt, owed to 'El Ruedas', who was paying the men 20,000, offering 50,000, if it could be done quicker. Recorded conversations indicate Juan Sillas had no qualms about the entire family, children included, being killed. Those men are still in custody, trial date unknown.

'El Ruedas' status with CAF, and his former boss, have been unknown for sometime. Rumors persist he was still close, though many other reports claim he became a problem, due to a vicious temper and impulsive nature. Hopefully, details of his arrest, and the subsequent press conference will provide more insight.

Sources, AFN Tijuana, Frontera

Note: It is still unconfirmed that he has been arrested, though several very credible sites are stating that he has been.

Smurf did some great write ups on Ruedas, earlier this year, Here are the links.


  1. I guess he was the one to blame for Tijuana's murders, hopefully without him Tijuana will decrease in murders.

  2. I tough he will be killed by his enemies. This is a good news article J.

    I love to read articles about capos like this one getting arrested or killed.

  3. These guys are not "CAPOS" They are SERIAL MURDERERS,DRUG CRIMINALS AND PIECES OF SHIT ...When are people going to stop Glorifying these Idiots ?

  4. Godd article! Keep it coming!

  5. I seen this dirt bag bout 5 yrs ago at Los pinos in t.j.he had 3 nice looking escorts (hookers) with him and 6 or 7 bodyguards.he was loud and obnoxious.he was acting like he owned the joint.the reason I know is the waitress told us he was a usual named el ruedas.too bad so sad for this chump,I'm sure theyll try to feed him to the sharks if he don't talk.

  6. November 5, 2011 7:03 PM You are right, he was not a capo, but he was moving weight.

  7. Great "get"J
    thumbs up!

  8. That's my cousin you assholes are talking about fuck all of you


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