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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hacker Group Threatens Action Over Bus Passenger Kidnappings

anon #OPCARRETERAS SEGURAS Contacted BB Twitter & requested We View This

Posted in the Borderland Beat forum by Chivis

At Borderland_Beat Twitter we received this message today:
>@AnonPrelationsJuan Pueblo

@Borderland_Beat I'd appreciate if you visit our site as it explains about #OpcarreterasSeguras in English

I linked on a found this video and interview. Watch the videos, it is very informative see below the first is tho inform what exists, the second is the Anon Plan of action on Dec 10, 2011, Paz, Chivis
Hacker group threatens action over bus passenger kidnappings

The following news report aired Monday night at 10:00 p.m. after Mr. Sergio Chapa, from Action 4 News interviewed us concerning #OpCarreterasSeguras that will be launched in Mexico on December 10th.

Here is the Action 4 News interview:

The hacker group ‘Anonymous’ is planning to take justice into its own hands again.

The group declared war on the drug cartels over the reported murder of social media users in Nuevo Laredo earlier this year.

But Anonymous is now turning its attention to bus companies and Mexico’s federal government.

In an exclusive interview with Action 4 News on Twitter, the group claims little is being done to halt the kidnapping of bus passengers on Mexico’s highways.

There are no official numbers or reports but the group claims thousands have been kidnapped, killed or forced to work against their will in an all-too common scenario.

Cartel Checkpoints
The spokesperson for Anonymous who spoke with Action 4 News said it’s common for armed men to board passenger buses at drug cartel checkpoints.

“They get on the bus, take the men for ransom or to integrate them into their criminal organization,” the spokesperson said. “The women are raped and then kidnapped to work in brothels. The evidence is here."

The Anonymous member said Central American immigrants and even Mexican nationals headed to the United States have been taken.

As in the case of mass graves found just 90 miles south of the Rio Grande Valley in San Fernando back in April, the kidnappings go unreported until it's too late.

“The bus companies do not report it to the authorities because than they have to report it to the insurance companies,” the Anonymous spokesperson said. “Can you imagine if every bus company reported every claim in a nation in war to the insurance companies? The premiums would be sky high!"

Planned Attack
Anonymous is threatening to take down a series of bus company or government websites on December 10th.

A final list of the targets has not been decided but the group said it will release its demands later this week but mostly wants attention to the issue and greater security on the highways.

"Yes, the guilty ones here are the bus companies but when the families of the raped, the kidnapped cry out, they cry out for justice to the government and here is where the government does not jump fast enough,” the Anonymous spokesperon said.

The December 10th attack is taking place on the same date as International Human Rights Day but it’s also the launch of Mexico’s annual “Paisano” campaign to welcome thousands of migrants home for the holidays.

Officials React
Action 4 News contacted the cyber crimes unit of Mexico’s federal police force but had not received an answer as of Monday evening.

Officials with major bus companies operating in Mexico could not be reached for comment but the company Tranpaís said in a previous statement that its buses are safe.

The company reported that it uses GPS devices and communications devices for drivers to stay in touch along their routes.

The American Consulate of Matamoros maintains a April 2011 warning against traveling by bus in Tamaulipas due to reported hijackings that involved American citizens.

by Sergio Chapa


  1. I hope this group follows thru doesn't back down like last time

  2. Anon is a bunch of childish pussies. Attacking everyone except the criminals who are responsible. They should go work for the Obama campaign.

  3. this is not the group " led" by Barrett Brown, not the OPCARTEL group.

    Anon is an idea not an organized group with a central leader, but rather many groups independent of each other that form under the same idea to achieve independent goals.

    I could be wrong but I believe in this group and it won't be long before the 10th is here and we will know if they were blowing smoke...Paz Buela

  4. DON"T BACK OFF!!!!! No one is listening to the people of Mexico!!!! Two of my sister's were rob while traveling into Mexico, both on different occasions, both times "during a routine check-up" Men were asked to get off the buses and questioned and women were ask to pay or else they were not going to go anywhere.

  5. What yaya said, what good is it going to do, by attacking the bus companies, you are allowing the terrorist (caretl's) to continue winning and installing fear upon Mexico's people.

    I am anonymous....ha

  6. Those guys have lost all credibility. They claim the whole Robin Hood ideal, yet they are scared little 16 year old kids who cower to threats.

    After this first debacle with the supposed social media outlet murder and them backing down, no one will take them seriously - and I hope they don't.

  7. Im pretty sure Anon wont do sh*t

  8. Lol take down the bus companies website?? Thats pretty misguided. Why not take down Ford's website, I always see those sicarios in F-150s

  9. @ 1:25

    I am in general agreement and struggle with the idea of supporting the actions of these groups which amount to supporting criminal action.

    HOWEVER, there are few "weapons" that can be used in Mexico to combat cartels. In this case I believe the bus companies are intimadated into silence as is 99% of Mexico is, so perhaps by attacking what one can it MAY take the competative edge the cartels overwhelming enjoy.

    Silence is the great enemy of good people.

    When evil men combine, the good must associate-or they will fall one by one; unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle Paz, Buela

  10. Traveling in Mexico people have always been subject to robbery at check points.. It's a cultural norm.
    Narcos, military, police... All the same armed bandits.

  11. Hello guys: Yes, you up there in the tree big fort with all the wires. There is kinda a big difference between bus websites and government websites even in Mexico, right? I hope you iron out that little detail and get on the same page before you forge ahead on the 10th. We can use your help. So, put down the bongs and make sure all the i's are dotted, and t's crossed before you get yourself in trouble. Mexico needs protection.

  12. @ yaya...What in the hell does Obama have to do with this. You are more the pussy hiding behind a keyboard and spouting your misdirected political frustration with every comment you make twisting Obama and the democratic party into your nonsensical comments.

    Now about the article. Why shouldn't the bus corporations be exposed. They are allowing these terrible atrocities to occur without increasing security. They are not telling travelers that they are traveling at their own risk without protection and are very likely going to get raped, robbed and kidnapped. They are not reporting the incidents because their insurance rates will go up. Additionally, they Federal Police, State Police, and Military all stand to be exposed for their lack of effort in security in an known pattern of crimes that go continually unsolved.

    Additionally, Anonymous released their demands last time and the demand was the release of their member. It did occur. They would lose credibility in their next negotiation if they were to proceed with disclosing information after the other side complied with the demands. But it is doubtful that many of the blow them up kill them all readers here would understand the importance of credibility in negotiations.

    What ever anonymous does, it is more than any of us do. It sure seems Monterey based, doesn't it.

  13. If anonymous can help make a change for good in the poor security we have in mexico, go for it. Bus drivers often ask for additional money when we travel to mexico, they say is to pay the people at check points and not get checked, they the ones worries about not getting checked, they could possibly be traffiking weapons or cash into mexico themselfs. years back El conejo bus driver got cought with a load of cocaine. Bus companies could easily be involved in illegal business.

  14. "@ yaya...What in the hell does Obama have to do with this."
    Obama and other progressives make a living out of blaming others for their problems, blaming the wrong people, and engaging in idenity/rac politics. Anon are not going after the criminals. It is the same as a progressive going after gun manufactuers because the policies of progresive populations disarm people and teach them to be perpetual victims and slaves. Obama and his ilk are unprincipled pussies just like Anon. If Anon were not pussies they would hack into the personal accounts of cartel leaders and wreck havac on them not continue to victimize the current victims.

  15. Well why are we all talking bad aren't half of us on here also anonymous ??????? hahahahahahaha

  16. What absolute COWARDS this group anonymous is. Instead of going after the thugs and animals responsible for the criminal acts, these dickless sodomites go after the victims. Why? Its because they know the drug cartels have no semblance of morality or fear and would kidnap, torture, and behead their cowardly azzess just for fun. Typical liberal cowardice: we dont want to put ourselves in harms way but we have to give the impression we are looking out for the people. DISGUSTING!


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