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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Drug Cartels Operating out of Dallas

Reported by: Melissa Correa
Federal agents say Dallas is a hub for the Mexican drug cartels.

"We've listened, through wire taps, and we know the organizations' commanding control cell are talking to commanding control cells in Mexico - directly to the trafficking cartel heads," says Drug Enforcement Agency Agent James Capra.

Capra says the Gulf Cartel, La Familia, and the Sinaloa Cartel all have a presence in Dallas.

"They have familial roots here. Some of them grew up here, have families here, have established networks here," he says.

The drug mules who carried loads in for the cartels are living in Dallas as well. Moises Albino Castillo was one of those mules.

"I traveled as a drug mule three times. I brought in 15 kilos of marijuana on my back two times," he says.

Castillo says he was treated well by the cartel, but he decided not to continue working for them.

"I don't want to. It ends badly. I have too much to live for. It would end with me shot or in prison. No, no thank you," he says.

He's one of the few who walked away. Capra says other people don't turn down the offer.

"We've had illegals. We've had American citizens. You name it, we've had it across the gamut," says Capra.

Capra tells us drug dealers are willing to establish themselves through violence in Dallas.

"We do know that in the past two years, there's been 12 different homicides that we've actually tracked back to drug trafficking groups," he says.

It's all part of the cartels' plans to move their drugs through the Valley to Dallas and then to the rest of America.


  1. Gulf cartel? LFM? They still exist? I think CDS is controlling most of the trafffic heading north. The rest are surviving off of local drug sales in Mexico. Haven't seen any significant loads lost from the smaller groups lately. Sinaloa has lost alot and they're still hanging in there. Houston and Dallas were always Gulf markets now it looks like California with everybody trying to be from Sinaloa. Banda music, taco hats, and pointy boots everywhere. Its a a "chuntaro" invasion! Somebody stop them!!!

  2. Lol La Familia Have more People in U.S than they have in Michoacan now

  3. This just goes to show how ignorant people really are and how they are literally controlled by "objective" media reports. The reason why you don't hear of busts from other cartel loads is because for years these "local cartels" have refined thier tactics and strategies to minimize "fallen loads" then comes the "bully" to try and replace the incumbents. Don't you think that snitching out the contras activities in their home turf is effective? That's why you get reports that some cartel is more "active" supposedly, for the simple reason that some cartel can't eliminate ist rivals but still choses to operate in a trafficking route that they are less familiar than the traditional cartel.

  4. Chuntaro invasion lol...thats cali alright, alot of wanna be sinaloans in los angeles especially..

  5. Doesn't juarez also have people operating out of dallas and forth worth? The seem to be way more discreet than th rest. Been there and heard a lot about juarez people being the main ones there or am I wrong?

  6. Zetas been in Dallas for years!

  7. OK 12 murders in 2 years Mexican dope gangs,I am sure the number is much higher,so all this Crap that Mexican dope violence IS NOT in the US is most incredable. There are people killed daily in the States as a result of MEXICAN drug business. Anywhere the Chicano drug retards do business they kill and get killed, great embassadors for latin culture. Mexican crime exists mucho in the USA.


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