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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Border tunnel found with 18 tons of marijuana inside

U.S. and Mexican officials have recovered nearly 18 tons of marijuana after discovering a cross-border drug tunnel, they said Wednesday.

The passageway stretched from a warehouse just east of the Tijuana airport in Mexico, near the border fence, to a warehouse in Otay Mesa. Its exit was found Tuesday by members of the San Diego Tunnel Task Force, which includes officials from Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Homeland Security Investigations, Customs and Border Protection, Border Patrol and the Drug Enforcement Administration.

U.S. officials then alerted their Mexican counterparts, who traced the tunnel’s entrance to a large warehouse with a dirt floor and covered with corrugated tin, said Gen. Gilberto Landeros, head of Mexico’s Second Military Zone.

Landeros said the tunnel was probably constructed recently and that while it had a ventilation system, it lacked the sophisticated features of some past tunnels, such as a built-in lighting system, a concrete foundation or rail tracks. This one was about four football fields long, almost four feet wide and more than five feet tall, the general said.

In the passageway, Mexican authorities seized 778 packages of marijuana. Some of the packages had a Captain America sticker, others had a sticker of a Bud Light bottle with a marijuana leaf in the middle and still others had a sticker with a Sprite can.

U.S. officials seized about six tons of marijuana on their side of the tunnel, plus approximately three tons in a truck.

Landeros and U.S. authorities have not given a market value for the marijuana.

Mexican authorities said they have not made any arrests in the case. They suspect the involvement of the drug trafficker “El Aquiles".


  1. Damm whats up with Tijuana and always loosing loads???? There must be some sort of disagreement/disorganization that causes this to continue to happen,lately Zetas appear to start getting their shit together,except for that incident in Chicago,(when it comes to drug distribution/trafficking.)

    Why does this continuously happen near Tijuana/Mexicali?,,Is there some wars going on in Baja that is not openly publicized???Could it be that the Arellano Felix Cartel,Enedina Arellano Felix,and Fernando Sanchez Arellano are having disagreements with Sinaloa Cartel faction on who is allowed to cross what/how much drug shipments??(Because a huge amount of drugs like that,I imagine,takes alot of serious planning and observing from all sides My guess it is still Teos group,that guy had alot of people in Tijuana but lost his connection with Fernando Sanchez Arellano,loosing alot of contacts,Fernando is the plaza boss in Tijuana.

  2. vivendo en el rancho sufrio la pobreza viva muy trankilo sembrando la tierra pero ambicionava tenier buenos caros ayudar sus viejos tambien sus hermanos..una dia se salio a rifar su suerte se armo de valor les dijo me voy a ser el intento esperen noticas muy pronte regreso..... The mexican people are tired being poor and this war is never going to end how many poor guys want to be like el chapo, mayo, arturo beltran... i would even want to be like them millionare and have money fuck me im unemployed :(

  3. Hell yeah,we need employment fuck yall we dont wanna starve to death now do we.Tijuana doesnt seem hot so whats up with our shipments fucking us up daily mann.Mexico would not have this problem if it wasnt so poor.Poverty,WHO WANTS TO LIVE IN POVERTY?Who wants to be a drug dealer all their life,theyre fuckin up all the plazas just by fighting and its never going to end....

  4. TJ might get hot again from what I read in the Zeta newspaper. It seems Inge is playing for both sides. Sillas testified that Aquiles is the heavy fool in TJ although Inge continues to have groups working and receiving payments from others. If Aquiles is the heavy money maker in TJ I doubt CDS is paying anything to Inge. Also, Sillas seems to indicate he was still working for Inge even though CAF said they cut their ties with him. What do you guys think?

  5. As much information as was in that story, it was kinda unclear on details, that I thought would be revealed. Like, exactly what was said between Engineer and Sillas after the kidnapping, what exactly is the arrangement between CDS and Ingeniero. The 'Aquiles is the money' comment doesn't necessarily mean that CDS doesn't pay an overhead, it just means Achiless is passing more drugs then Engineer, which makes sense as cds is the biggest cartel, and Sanchez Arellano'
    s whatever it is, but it's not a large cartel. What would make sense to me is cds agreeing to pay some mid range tax, to just make everything easier from everyone, or supplying FSO with work at a rate.

  6. what's the story on El Aquiles? Does he work for the Federation or Arrellano-Felix's crew? It seems to me that it would be easier for El Inge just to merge his group with the Federation. More money and less bloodshed you would think.

  7. I doubt this had anything to do with someone not getting paid or the load not being "protected". As the story mentions the tunnel was discovered in the US by a "Tunnel Task Force", and I'm sure they have some crazy technology where they just drive around and scan for hollow ground. Keep in mind California is not Texas, science is emphasized and brain power actually means something.

  8. @ texas has no tunnels and a lot more border to cover than California and Texas doesn't have cartels growing in Texas as of yet. So much for brain power

  9. to the idiot that thinks that texas is tunnel free , yeaa right and no cartel presence , yeaaaa that tooo, i think you live in disneyland but even micky mouse leads a cartel now a dayssss

  10. CDS could indeed be paying a cuota but based on what I've read about Chapo's thinking I assumed he would say screw it we're bigger now and are the dominant cartel in TJ. Why the Arellano's haven't joined the Federation is quite baffling. I remember reading an article were it detailed Inge's beef solely with Teo and Muletas and not CDS in general. Also, it mentioned that Enedina and some other nephews of theirs have some favorable relationships with Chapo's family.

  11. @1159 cartels dont have tunnels going under the river thats pretty much impossible and i meant the cartels arent growing drugs in texas like they do in california

  12. Texas probably has a thousand tunnels but they haven't been discovered cause technology and science are bad words in good old Teeexaaas. People trying to say TJ is heating up cause loads being lost?? Nope, just consistent good work by law enforcement using TECHNOLOGY to stay ahead. And nobody grows shit in Texas cause shit don't grow in Texas, except belt buckles...

  13. Our drug laws have destroyed Mexico. Our drug laws  have also scarred the careers of millions of young males here in the United States. Many must now pursue a life of crime to survive. 

    Even with alcohol now officially recognized as the most dangerous destructive and deadly drug of all the drugs, do not expect the misfits and morons who desire a draconian police state to change their evil ways.

  14. I have heard rumors for years about a tunnel in the Del Rio/Acuña area. Don't know if they are true or not?

  15. LOL...Dumbshit "ASQUILES" se esta derumbando el pendejo!....

    Tijuana sigue haciendo ARELLANO!!!...

    Alrato la cabeza del "ASQUILES" va aparecer de decoracion en un arbol en LA BAJA CAF-LIFORNIA!...

  16. Fuck yall cali peeps that say yall got it bad in cali.. The Texas border is filled with all kinds of cartel related activity.. Dont listen to any of that bordertown laredo bullshit. The shit those idiots find is nothing compared to what U.S Marshalls find REALLY here in Laredo.


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