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Thursday, November 3, 2011

Arizona Update

                        Man deported caught with $1.6M in drugs in Arizona

This Oct. 13, 2011 photo provided by the Pinal County Sheriff's Department shows Francisco Guillermo Morales Esquer. Morales was deported after that arrest because prosecutors didn't have enough evidence to convict him. He was found in Arizona again on Monday, Oct. 30 with $1.6 million worth of heroin and meth. Photo: Pinal County Sheriff's Department / AP

$1.6 million worth of heroin and meth is photographed at a news conference Tuesday, Nov. 1, 2011 in Florence, Ariz. announcing the Arizona arrest of a drug smuggler for Mexico's powerful Sinaloa cartel. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu says that the man was caught Monday, two weeks after he was deported as part of a larger investigation into the cartel. Photo: Amanda Lee Myers / AP

AMANDA LEE MYERS, Associated Press

FLORENCE, Ariz. (AP) — A drug cartel member who was deported to Mexico as part of a major smuggling bust announced this week in Arizona has already returned to the U.S. and been caught with $1.6 million worth of drugs — yet another example of how relentless and seemingly unstoppable Mexican cartels can be, officials said Tuesday.

Francisco Guillermo Morales Esquer, 36, was arrested Oct. 13 in one of three major busts that state and federal officials credited with dismantling the smuggling ring, which is believed to be tied to the Sinaloa cartel — Mexico's most powerful.

The busts were announced Monday at a Phoenix news conference in which officials displayed hundreds of pounds of drugs and dozens of guns they had seized.

Morales' arrest came about five hours later when a deputy clocked him driving at 50 mph in a 15 mph school zone in Stanfield, about 50 miles south of Phoenix. A chase ensued at speeds of up to 100 mph during which officials said Morales tried to hit a deputy who was putting down stop sticks.

The 3-mile chase ended in the desert after Morales crashed his car and jumped into an irrigation canal. After he was arrested, deputies found 80 pounds of white- and black-tar heroin and eight pounds of methamphetamine in the car.

Morales was booked on charges of drug smuggling, possession of drug paraphernalia, felony flight and aggravated assault. It's unclear whether he had an attorney.

Catching Morales two weeks after he was arrested as part of the department's larger bust involving the Sinaloa cartel was the height of irony, Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu said at a Tuesday news conference.

"Here we strike a body blow on the Sinaloa cartel, (and) they're still operating in a robust fashion," he said. "They can regenerate immediately."

Although Morales was found in a home tied to the cartel during the Oct. 13 bust, he wasn't identified as a main target of the investigation and prosecutors didn't have enough to convict him, Babeu said. Guns were found in that home, but not drugs.

Although Babeu acknowledged that his agency was involved in the decision to turn over Morales to the Border Patrol, he said it was the federal government's responsibility to prosecute him for felony re-entry into the U.S. because he had been deported at least once before. The fact that he wasn't prosecuted shows that the law isn't being enforced, he said.

"There's no consequences," he said.

Officials with U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the Border Patrol didn't immediately respond to requests for comment Tuesday.

The long-term investigation of the Sinaloa cartel's Arizona offshoot began in June 2010 after a traffic stop in Stanfield turned up 1,500 pounds of pot and a suspected smuggler began giving authorities information.

In three busts in September and October, ICE'S Homeland Security Investigations and the Pinal County Sheriff's Office arrested a total of 76 suspected smugglers, and seized more than 61,000 pounds of pot, about 160 pounds of heroin, about 210 pounds of cocaine, nearly $760,000 in cash, and 108 weapons, including assault rifles and shotguns.

The busts dismantled the ring, which they said was responsible for bringing more than $33 million worth of drugs through the state's western desert every month for distribution nationwide, authorities said.

They believed the ring was in operation for at least five years and netted profits of $2.2 billion in that time.


  1. Just another example of why this asshole sould get Lead to the Head Treatment. Its a sure cure for criminals. Its a very simple treatment that requires only one shot and he would be cured of his life of crime forever. Society would never have to deal with him again, for hes worthless as a human anyway and would be better off in a dirt hole where his scum body can refertilize the ground that it will first contaminate.
    It has been used very effectively in many countries and should be used here in the great U.S.A.
    Most Americans would surely support this treatment. Its best for all!! It really works!!

  2. Just kill the a$$hole!

  3. A convoy of trucks entered El dorado Sinaloa and was seen patrolling around,all marked with the letter "Z" on the windshields,for those that arent aware El Dorado is one of Chapos plazas in the state of Sinaloa which he held to tightly for a long time,Along with Culiacan.

    What this means is that the Beltran~Zetas~Carillo are possibly getting ready to kill all of Chapos ppl and take over,like they have been doin in other Chapo plazas,for example: Guamuchil,Cosala,La Angostura,with almost complete success.

    I know it has nothing to do with the topic but I just thought its something I should bring to light.

  4. I can see it now! The US Fed files suit against Arizona to block sending criminals back to Mexico so they can make cash contrabutions to and vote for the Dems.

  5. November 3, 2011 11:12 PM Before anything let me tell you I don't support any cartel.

    About what you said, I don't believe to much of that because the Beltranes and the Zetas have had to many looses. They don't have to many people to fight and the Zetas people are falling like flies.

  6. Illegal aliens should not have any RIGHT to posess a gun,you are telling me that Arizona or the Fed couldn't make a CONSPIRACY charge stick?? What a crock, get serious and lets stop this drug tidal wave, GO AFTER THE USERS,THE LITTLE PEOPLE,THE IN BETWEEN ALL OF THEM. Drug test the entire population ,choice rehab piss test or lock their sorry ass up. When are the strong clean majority going to stand up and demand that bthis 30 year down hill slide stop? F the politicians,where arec the remnants of the people who once made the USA the undisputed champion of the world??

  7. All in all, the perp looks like a nice enough fellow. LOL are his eyes bloodshot due to drugs or due to being a dead man walking. As for no comment from ICE and BP; it is better to remain silent and be thought a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

  8. 11:12

    Source/proof or it never happened you know the drill

  9. Theres good people that come here and contribute, and then there is piles of shit like this fucker. Just like the drug war, our country is going about this problem the wrong way. And letting the bad guys get paid handsomely the entire time. 1.6 million in heroin and meth? This guy is lucky he is locked up! Makes me sick that he was back in that short of a time and right back to work. Shows that there is a faster way to get across for those who they need over here. The poor sad people who want to come to work are left in the deserts to die, and leave all their trash. WTF is wrong with our country that SUES US when we try and combat this shit? And Florence is the Crystal Meth capital of AZ, right under Apache Junction.

  10. how sad, they also arrested a pregnant lady in the black shorts..oh nevermind, its just a fat ass without his shirt on.

  11. Someone should investigate the teleportation technology the cartels are using. There are all these busts happeing in Pinal County yet none happen in Pima County to the South. The cartels must obviously be usuing Star Trek technology to transport their cargo from Mexico directly to Pinal county.

  12. I bet the guy had no say in the matter. Probably had no choice but keep smuggling else his family dies. These are the people they use as mules. Expendables. A lot of these drug mules are kidnap victims forced to transport drugs to pay their, 'ransom.'


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