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Thursday, October 13, 2011

U.S. Faces Terror Threat From Mexican Cartels

This undated image provided by the Nueces County Sheriff's Office shows Manssor Arbabsiar. The Obama administration on Tuesday, Oct. 11, 2011 accused agents of the Iranian government of being involved in a plan to assassinate the Saudi ambassador to the United States. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton said the thwarted plot would further isolate Tehran.

The supposed Iranian plot to assassinate Saudi Arabia's Ambassador to the United States hoped to involve a Mexican drug cartel but thankfully the solicited man was a DEA informant which resulted in the terror bust. However, the case raises the question whether a narco organization would entertain dirty work for Muslim terrorists. Unfortunately, the answer is a likely yes.

Indeed, the Mexican drug cartels in fact already have engaged in terrorist acts against American officials on both sides of the border: in March 2010 the Juarez cartel whacked U.S. consulate employee Lesley Ann Enriquez and her husband El Paso sheriff's deputy Arthur Redelfs as they were returning home from a child's birthday party in Ciudad Juarez; in December 2010 the Sinaloa cartel murdered U.S. border patrol agent Brian Terry in southern Arizona; and in Feburary 2011 Los Zetas killed ICE agent Jaime Zapata and wounded his partner who were driving along a highway in the state of San Luis Potosi in a vehicle with U.S. diplomatic tags.

The drug cartels long ago diversified their rackets to pursue any illicit activity from which they can profit ranging from cargo theft to sex trafficking. Engaging in murder-for-hire or other atrocities on behalf of a terrorist group simply would be another revenue stream for the crime groups which already have demonstrated their cavalier willingness to target U.S. officials. Indeed, it's not simply the drug cartels themselves which are a threat but further include any splinter group or rogue member within the larger organization willing to engage in some freelance work with a side deal.

The Mexican drug cartels move $50 billion in bulk product and bundled cash across the border each year, and they have well-entrenched supply lines, distribution networks and operational cells in hundreds of cities across the United States. Law enforcement and security officials long have known that the porous border and the cartel network have been the weak links in U.S. security, and now it's time to stop denying the threat that the narco traffickers pose and start taking them down.

Source: Friend's of ours


  1. I'm wondering now if the U.S is trying to do another plot, like the one they did in Iraq, they first sold weapons to Iraq and then they accuse Iraq for having links with Al-Quaeda terrorist. The U.S first sold weapons to Mexican criminals and now they are accusing the cartels for having links to Al-Queada terrorist.

    Remember after Saddam was killed no evidence was ever found, so I wonder who is the real co-conspirator.

  2. War on Drugs. War on Terror. Everything the US does has to do with WAR... Mexicans have to keep killing each other to keep the US happy. 40,000 lives have been lost? Not enough here goes some more guns and money keep fighting! Why isn`t there war on important issues such as poverty and unemployment? You can save lives and keep people from turning to crime if they had decent paying jobs. Stay focused lets not worry about education or corruption. Remember if this Drug War dosen`t kill enough we can always throw some Arabs and Iranians in the equation.

    Its good to see bad guys go to jail and all that but has anything really changed? Are there less crack heads in the US now than before? Haven`t the Cartels grown instead of showing signs of being defeated? Do these wars really save people or create more monsters? Lets kill Jose and Paco because Billy can`t stop putting that shit up his nose!!! It`s not Billy's fault its those damn Mexicans and their Iranian friends...

  3. Here we go again...more government trash designed to keep draining the U.S taxpayers for these ungodly wars NO ONE WANTS BUT THE CORPORATE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.

  4. What a propaganda F'ed up article title

    Replace cartel with the word IRANIAN. Scumbags

    Wake up U.S. there are very little people of Muslim origin in the US and their causing all this crap and threats, 26% of the US population is of Hispanic decent, (mostly Mexican)

    If we really hated the U.S. we could F*** this place up so quick. But We Don't! Because we actually respect the hand that feeds. Muslims (and in this case Iranians, are a totally different type of people)

    Let 26% of the US be Muslim and see what happens

  5. So let me get this right. You guys think it is a bad for the U.S. government to wipe out the cartels?

  6. @ 1:36
    Muslim origin? You know that's a religion right? It's not a nationality or a race.

  7. Texcoco,

    I've heard many arguments against the conspiracy, but they all assume that Iran wants to keep this operation clandestine, or that the U.S. is somehow behind this.

    It is possible that this reflects divisions within the Quds force and the greater republic as a whole... 10 years ago the Iranians would have had checks and balances against allowing rogue agents to work on their own in such a risky way, it is possible this WAS a bungled attempt.... they wired $100k in two lump sums to the car salesman and everyone knows any amount over $10K would be immediately reported to IRS.... Maybe someone in Iran is trying to make the regime look bad... Ahmedinajad and Khameni hate each other, and there are divisions within their own circles as well...

    Call me crazy, but I'm leaning toward the U.S. telling the truth on this one, simply based on how fucked up the leadership situation is in Iran

  8. @2:26 The US is the creator of the cartels and there aftermath. Even if the US intervenes,(and that is the agenda)there will always be a cartel supplying drugs to the US. Only this time it will be the one with support and backing of la familia Americana. Wake up.

  9. Accept reality, that we are living in different times. Very difficult times. Where there are people and nationalities that deeply hate the American public. The muslim terrorists have been there for years, now rising are some of the Mexican cartels. Namely the Zetas, who don't have any regard for their Mexican popluation let alone the American population. We have all seen what they are capable of, mass murders, burning of buildings, civil war amongst themselves, terrorizing their own people. The Zetas are truely a terrosist group who branch out in other illegal activity. Sure they push drugs which ideally may be there most profitable action which labels them a cartel but they have proven to be more than that. If you don't think the Muslims and Zetas could try and work together to hurt the US in some sort of way you need to open your eyes and see what these people have been capable of.

  10. Smurf I do believe in the treat, I also believe this person was in and out Mexico and maybe he was trying to brin some of his buddies illegally from Mexico. What I don't believe is that this guys were working hand an hand with the cartels.

  11. Damn! I'm mexican married to an Iranian too...AH!

  12. @Anom October 14, 2011 12:17 AM
    I have yet to hear that a single one of those 50,000 was killed by an American. Every time I read about a load of weapons or ammo being stopped at a border crossing, it is a Mexican national driving. Perhaps the reason that this "war" has been going on so long is that Mexico refuses to see it for what it is. Mexicans killing Mexicans using guns trafficked by Mexicans. All for profit and social status. If Univision polls are to be believed the majority of Latinos living in the US believe that the US should ride to the rescue (AKA war). In fact, if stories I have read out of Mexico are to be believed, nearly a majority of Latinos in Mexico believe the same thing. However, I suspect that the majority of Americans living in the US are sick of fruitless wars and and are opposed to intervention in Mexico.
    To paraphrase Jon Huntsman the citizens of countries need to sort out their own problems including the US.

  13. The way I see it, is I wouldn't doubt it for one second that Iran would like those people killed. Seriously though? Where would a guy who wants someone dead find a "hitman"? No where they don't exist, so the closes thing they have are cartels who lets face it will do anything for large sums of cash. Don't believe me? Zetas kidnap their own nationality, so they don't care who they do business with. Business is business. And yes texcoco Iraq did have ties with AQ, otherwise who else are we fighting in IRAQ? Peaceful Iraqi citizens? As far as the cartels being our fault. Well lets see, Mexico constantly complains about how American freedoms are keeping the Mexican Citizen down. Yet Mexico takes no responsibility for it's actions. Whats that? Got weapons coming from the US? Well Mexico could do a better job of watching THEIR borders like we are trying on ours. Again how long have the cartels been running? I would say for about 30 years or more give or take, and they didn't complain back then cause of how good the money was. In the near future I know for sure we will most likely loose some of our freedoms like mainly the 2A because god forbid a country fixes itself without costing us Americans anything. For you Race Card holders, I come from Hispanic family. But I obviously appreciate my Bill of Rights Especially the 2A.

  14. This guy was a loser who lived like a loser in Corpus Christi Texas and was caught like the loser that he was. LOLOL

  15. Really? The US just now realized that they face terror threat from Mexico's Cartels? LOL i think that is what everyone has been saying for the past 3 years....the intervention should've been done long ago, instead of messing with people in Iraq, Mexico should've been the priority.

  16. lets us grow our own pot and that will all but kill the cartels.Legalize now!


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