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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Three Prosecutors Killed in Ambush Outside Juarez School

By Arturo Chacon,
Police respond to the scene where three state prosecutors were killed in front of a school in Juarez, Mexico, on Wednesday.

Gunmen ambushed and killed three state prosecutors in front of a school in the border city of Juarez on Wednesday, authorities said.

The slain prosecutors were investigators for the office's anti-extortion unit, said Arturo Sandoval, spokesman for the Chihuahua State Attorney General's Office.

A 12-year-old was injured in the attack, witnesses said.

Students at the school, about 50 meters from the shooting scene, screamed as the sound of guns filled the air, according to witnesses.

Police were searching the area for suspects Wednesday.

The attack came just days before federal police are expected to pull back forces from the violence-plagued border city and hours before the popular band Mana was scheduled to perform a peace concert there.

Juarez is Mexico's most violent city and has become a symbol of the brutal realities of the nation's drug war, which has claimed more than 34,600 lives in less than five years.

Thousands of federal police have been patrolling Juarez since they officially took over its security operation from the Mexican military in April.

Earlier Wednesday, authorities in Chihuahua state's capital, also called Chihuahua, said six people were killed in a shootout inside a house.

Other Mexican states also saw violence Wednesday.

At the University of Advanced Studies in Saltillo, Cuahuila, professors made students huddle in an assembly hall as a series of shootouts shook the neighborhood.

"We were all scared, calling home. They had us there for an hour," student Ian Carlo Massu Davila said.


  1. O I thought it was 41,000 dead? Intimidation, criminals once again are trying to cower the govt. How is it that you can get the death penalty from some half witt narco peddler and yet if the killers are ever caught they get 10 yrs snd leave the jail if they get bored? MEXICO get off your lazy ass and clean up the country,kill these SOBs, screw the human rights shemales. I fear that the new PREZ of MX will be a Narco Criminal supporter??

  2. Looks like Sinaloa may be trying to heat the plaza up so that the Federal Police won't abandon them in Juarez.

  3. Something tells me a police insider or a defense lawyer had something to do with this.

  4. In this shoot out lazacano's right hand man was detained. there will be a press conference tomorrow.

  5. No more extorsions and kidnappings looks like Ncj is on the clean up. no more la linea or barrio aztecas looks like they also takin out the associates.

  6. where do you get that 2:18?

  7. @October 13, 2011 9:39 AM

    He probably mixed two shootouts. La Rana was captured in another shootout. There is post about it here on BB now.

  8. 2:18 AM...La Linea and Astecas will not be taken out of the picture. They will gain all the local business and extortion will not be needed to support a war. Supporting the war created more crime, without it, slowly the crime will reduce. I think 2 big battles have been won. TJ and now Juarez. Now, the grand finale is for the lower Rio Grande plazas.

    I am not to sure Viceroy will join the others moving on the Sinaloa plaza but they may. They do have routes and players there and they would push the the power for those moving. I really think it isn't in their strategic plan and their leadership is too experienced and wise to do that.

  9. I wish they would have released/ or pressed Diego for more information about the Juarez Cartel, and their situation, because most of us are just guessing in here.

  10. Idk J, when they caught El Diego i noticed something very interesting,very little if anything was mentioned about Vicente Carillo,which shows the kind of respect the goverment and mostly everyone involved in drug trafficking continues to have for the Carillo Fuentes family,what im saying is that Vicente Carillo has alot of power usually every drug trafficking organization send ppl to another country to start building offices,I wonder what other country Vicente or maybe even his brother Amado chose????and most likely after his brother died he continued to operate where his brother left off.

  11. @11:27 No I didnt mix two shootouts im in juarez. El viceroy is tryin to reshape his image. Trying to do some damage control la linea and barrio aztecas are being reformed. Word out here is there are to be no more extortions too much heat. Federal police are supposed to start withdrawing from juarez some loyal to sinaloa. With their withdrawal it makes business run smoother. Ncj is is going to start cleaning up the plaza. Time will tell since many of the businesses out here are still paying taxes we will see if ncj keeps their word.


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