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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sinaloa cartel in the news

The scene of the shooting death of Mexicali real estate agent María Martha Fernández Maldonado. Ms Fernandez Maldonado was murdered as she left her home by alleged Sinaloa cartel hitmen.

What began as a police pursuit of suspects involved in the shooting death this past Wednesday morning of a 57 year old real estate agent in the Baja California capitol of Mexicali led to arrest of a cell of Sinaloa cartel sicarios led by an ex special forces (GAFE) soldier and the seizure of approximately 626 kilos of drugs.

According to authorities, the group that was captured was one of four active cells that protect the Mexicali plaza for the Sinaloa cartel and are involved in murders, collections, and security for drug shipments being smuggled into the United States.

The Mexicali plaza is under the command of Gonzalo Inzunza "El Machoprieto", a high level Sinaloa cartel operative.

The four men and one woman arrested for suspicion of involvement in the slaying of the real estate agent, María Martha Fernández Maldonado, were identified as Jaziel Cárdenas García, 25 year old originally from Sinaloa; Adolfo Higuera Sánchez, 26 year old from Mexicali; Jesús Antonio Parra Camargo, 36 year old from Ciudad Obregón, Sonora; Cristian Hernández Araiza, 27 year old from Sinaloa, and Liliana Jacqueline Castro Contreras, 24 year old from Valle de la Trinidad.

Jesús Antonio Parra Camargo, also known as Tony "El Condor", is an ex GAFE soldier that led the cell, one of approximately 20 Sinaloa cartel professional hit men active in Mexicali.

After their initial interrogation authorities stated that the cell members revealed information that led to the seizure Thursday of 2.7 kilograms of heroin, 218.5 kilograms of cocaine and 405.7 kilograms of crystal methamphetamine. The drugs were located in two different safehouses in Mexicali.

The suspects also revealed to authorities that orders to execute Ms Fernandez Maldonado came from the highest levels of the Sinaloa cartel. Ms Fernandez Maldonado had apparently sold 11 homes to representatives of the Sinaloa cartel to be used as safe houses and drug storage locations and was ordered executed to prevent the information from falling into the hands of authorities or rival cartels.

   Four other members of El Condor's cell arrested in Mexicali, Baja California.

Views of the drugs confiscated in Mexicali, Thursday October 13th.

Corrido de Tony "El Condor

16 tons of marijuana seized in Tijuana, Baja California

On the night of Wednesday, October 12, the Mexican Army seized 16 tons of marijuana in the Otay Constituyentes neighborhood of Tijuana.

The raid by the Army occurred as the drugs were being load onto a trailer at a home in Garita de Otay #355. Two unidentified persons were arrested at the scene

According to Army officers the drugs belonged to the Sinaloa cartel and were under the protection of Alfredo Arteaga González, “El Aquiles” and an operative identified only as "La Rana”.

2 cocaine laboratories belonging to the Sinaloa cartel destroyed in Peru

Roughly one ton of high purity cocaine seized and two purification labs destroyed were the results of a sweep by Peru's anti drug police in the VRAE region of that South American nation.

The VRAE is the mountainous region in the center of Peru named after the Ene and Apurimac river valleys that continues to be a stronghold of the Shining Path (Sendero Luminoso) guerrilla movement.

According to Peruvian authorities both laboratories, found and destroyed on the 8th and the 12th of October, were run by Colombians employed by the Sinaloa cartel.

Like the FARC in Colombia, Sendero Luminoso in the VRAE finance their movement by taxing coca cultivators and providing security for growers and producers.



  1. Holy Shit! This definetly puts Sinaloa in a bad light. Executing this women just because they are afraid she me relay some info. She was probably riding high with all the business she was getting from La Federacion, just to get whacked! Some heads are going to roll for this and looks like some people are going to get fed to the Goverment just to placate the public. Looks like Macho Prieto will be the next to go! Not a boss, but a well known LT. for the organization who has been around a long time working for Mayo and Chapo. What is up with Condor's pinche camisa pirata,(trying to be La Barbie) thought Sinaloa paid better than that.

  2. Is this "Tony" the same main lugarteniente under Sergio "El Cheko" or "El 6" that controls the Mexicali plaza for "El Macho Prieto"..? Anyways "El Macho Prieto" will not go down for this, his the top lieutenant for "El Mayo" and controls over 300 men, and he ain't going down without a fight, he's the guy who started using Bazookas and other high sophisticated weapons, he has the best weaponry available and knows how to use it.

    El Russo

  3. Looks like someone needs to pay closer attention to his own business and his turf and less attention to trying to spread into other plazas. The guys Sinaloa have working in Tijuana seem to all be very stupid. All of them just seem to have no idea what brings heat. And my God, lets see, "hey, lets store 16 tons of marijuana in a house and load it on a truck in the front yard." What the fuck? No wonder Sinaloa has lost 200 tons in that area in a year. The players are plain stupid. Maybe that explains giving the 2 tons to the meth head and the hippie white lady in Sinaloa. I guess they can't figure out how to get it across.

  4. It's dumb how these hardcore hitmen snitch right away .

  5. Looks like the other cartels may be snitching out El Chapos' business. What comes around goes around. Big blows that impress me. I don't see the federal police plastering their name on these bust though. We will see.

  6. Now can we put them in the same category as the Zetas? I wonder how many have been killed to keep things quiet... These assholes kill entire families for being connected to other cartels. As if that wasn't enough now they kill the help? I wonder if Ortiz is gonna make a corrido of how these brave men murdered a female real estate agent.

  7. @6:03 no this is not the same tony right hand man of el cheko. The boss of mexicali plaza is el macho prieto although he doesn't spend much time in mexicali usually in sonora.

    The main guy who actually stays in mexicali is sergio el cheko and his right hand man is the tony you are talking about also called tony montana. They say that el cheko is some how related to the now extinct manuel salcido el cochiloco.

    El condor also known as el tony is a lower boss who was one of the leaders of a sicario group regardless he was still an important figure. I doubt that macho prieto or el cheko will go down anytime soon but you never know. Mp won't go down without a fight neither will el cheko.


  8. This is exactly why we quit going to the Meow Meow club in Mexicali! And it takes a lot to keep people away from the hot women in that place! We no longer go to Mexico, for that matter! Killing a lady and then spilling your guts is about as dumb as thinking your not going to get arrested or killed when joining the cartels. What's the use of making money if you can't spend it?

  9. @6:03 any idiot can used a bazooka, or any other weapon. this guys aren't tough, they just have the numbers in their side.

    Real soldier

  10. Los Z would have locked everybody in the real estate office and burned it down or shot her and her whole family during a birthday party.

    Los Z did not do this. Her head was still attached.

    We don't know all of the facts about this. She might be clean but she might also be deep in cartel affairs. She sold 11 homes. Did she know what she was in to? Some real estate agents work with the cartels to launder money.

    I find it hard to believe she thought she was dealing with honest hardworking families.

    If the properties were only stashing loads then the order would have come from the plaza boss but the article says it came from higher. Why would somebody higher than the plaza boss care about a string of stash houses?

    Don't portray people as saints until we know they are clean. It does a disservice to the genuine innocent victims when the media is reporting that somebody killed by sicarios and the public felt sympathy for is later revealed to be a narco.

    She didn't deserve it, but this is what happens when people get mixed up with the cartel.

  11. Wtf? Simpsons, batman an captain America stamps on the drug shipments? Lol

  12. 10:05 PM...I am going to choose to look at things backward from you. I am going to choose to believe she is innocent until evidence proves otherwise. Kind of like how it is done in the US.

  13. 6:05 PM...What the Mexican police didn't already know about getting information out of criminals, the CIA taught them. Do y'all think they roll when they walk in the door of headquarters? Do you not think they had their balls smashed 7 times, someone held them on the floor and stood on their hands, and head? Tied them to a chair and beat their kidneys with rubber hoses? Used electricity? Threaten digital extraction? You name it, they do it. Who do y'all think had them in custody Bum Fock County Sheriffs Office. They rolled because they had too.

  14. The Simpson/America/Batman are Sinaloa markings, the 134 tons in Tijuana had them too, I think.

    1. it symbolizes who the merchandise is going too without spilling a name.

  15. "El Tony" and "El Condor" are two different people.

  16. i wonder who is consuming all the drugs which are smuggeld into the US.
    Are there statistics whom the drugs reach?

  17. 10:40 what planet are you on? The court of public opinion is the only one that matters and if you had any link to a cartel what-so-ever then you're walking a fine line that YOU created yourself....US courts and legal system are a joke! So OJ Simpson didn't carve up his wife?? sure buddy!!

    1. No legal system is perfect and the Unites States legal system has many problems. But please name a few countries that have a better system? Not many if any.

  18. 9:28 AM..No, I do not have any link to a cartel and I am not sure what you mean by "walking a fine line." I do not believe just because Sinaloa killed her, she is absolutely someone that conspired with them. All I am saying is, I think we should see proof before we run "our mouths" about her guilt. You don't have any proof and are definitely have no ethics or you wouldn't say this. By your way of thinking, I guess the US consulate representative that was murdered in Juarez was guilty because it is obvious that she conspired because they killed her. Show me proof before I will slander the dead. And what in the hell does OJ have to do with one fucking thing about the US legal system (innocent until proven guilty) and what is going on in Mexico?? "buddy"

  19. Mexicali is one of the safest cities in mexico. At one point it had gone more than a year without a kidnapping And has a lower death rate lower then a lot of u.s cities. El cheko o el 6, runs mexicali. Macho prieto is his uncle/ compadre.

  20. October 16, 2011 1:10 PM we will see how safe it will be.
    Macho Prieto is getting his as kick by the military.

  21. I like how they display everything in neat professional displays.

    The Peruvian display with the camo parachute draping is an especially nice touch complete with unit guidons (flags) placards etc.

    It must take hours to set up some of these big displays and to plan and organize the parading of the prisoners.

    Then it all has to be broken down and put away and the haul re-inventoried and signed back into whatever storage facility and custodian they use. If in fact that's how they do it. I suppose plenty gets sold off or whatever but they also do large burns and destroy the hauls as we see photos and video of them burning the stash.

  22. @9:30 PM...They burn something, maybe sugar, and rag weed. They do not burn mega million dollar loads. The military, Mexican Government, CIA and DEA have plans for those loads. They are not going to do all this hard work to bust these loads just to show it and burn it. The local cartels get their share to move it too. Have you ever seen anyone get close enough to a burn to verify it? I haven't.


    Soy ex militar
    Me gusta matar
    Y el que me traicione
    Le quito la vida
    Asi es este corrido
    Y asi se los digo
    Porque el gran señor
    Asi me lo ha pedido
    El condor me apodan
    Tengo trayectoria
    Los hechos lo muestran
    Quedan en la historia
    En culiacan opero
    Y en el extranjero
    Pertenezco al gran
    Cartel de sinaloa
    La escuela del tony
    Me dio este cerebro
    Ahora tengo todo
    Un equipo entero
    Es un grupo elite
    Y la especialidad
    Es levantar interrogar
    Y matar
    Tengo prioridad
    Y la capacidad
    De ser un gran jefe
    Pero estoy contento
    En el puesto que tengo
    Soy una gran pieza
    Con bastante apoyo
    Del 6 que es el Checo
    El macho me estima
    Y por el doy la vida
    Tengo un comando
    100% suicida
    Tengo al Malicia
    Tambien esta el Che
    Fuerte respaldamos
    A nuestro cartel
    Mi estado es sonora
    Pero en Culiacan
    Navego y controlo
    Repartiendo plomo
    Y alla en Mexicali
    Tengo unos pendientes
    Saludos pal Mayo
    Y pal niño Vicente


  25. If they were so much of a badasses why did they go out so soft? Comando suicidas que la chingada. These guys have been going out soft like baby wipes and they have been spilling the beans like no other. Chapo and Mayo need to start evaluating who they have in their plazas. Pongan se las pilas cabrones.

    And to kill the real estate agent over some petty shit like she will spill the info is a bad move. If anything they needed her for future transactions. Don't burn bridges with people you might need in the future.

  26. October 17, 2011 10:51 AM !!! ARRIBA SINALOA CABRONES!!!

    Sera arriba de mi camote pinche joto, ni has de ser de Sinaloa y solo te a de gustar mamar les los huevos.

  27. its seems only the soldiers like el Pocho Antrax die or kill themselves to avoid jail time. If he didnt fight, he might be thinking of busting out. It's not going to be El MP, but El Aquiles y su carnal La Rana who are going to pay for losing the weed...

  28. i wonder how puro that crystal was....i would love to try some of that!

  29. Who is La Macha Prieta?

  30. I'd love to get an idea about the details of these large seizures, it seems like Sinaloa has lost a lot of product in Tijuana lately, and Aquiles and La Rana are supposed to have a controlling interest in that. Are mistakes being made, or is it just the cost of doing business?

  31. Pocho Antrax killed himself, they say he suffered from depression. His brother I guess worked for CDS as well who also took the same route. Both young cats that took the easy road. I don't judge them only god can. But all the CDS members that are glorified in corridos I want to see how huevudos son cabrones. No apparanten lo que no son. Those chumps aren't going to break out, they are going to do hard time. MP is a very high ranking LT for Mayo. He is smart and tactical and not disposable like these other guys. He is one of the very few, who actually have actions to speak for themselves. He had corridos written about him that actually did take place. If his number is called it will be cinematic, either he escapes again or he gets taken down in pieces.

  32. Isn't el Cheko and MP family of some sorts?

  33. Martin Castillo is my favorite Narco singer right now. Listen to his other stuff he has alott of music about Gente Nueva and Mexicali.

  34. Los Traviezos De La Sierra started the Gente Nueva craze, but Martin Castillo corriods de El Cheko and the whole Mexicali CDS cell are the best. Tino Acosta doesn't get the attention as Regulo and Alfredito, but he's writes some good corridos.

  35. It's the other way around Cris Castro(check Pedro y Manuel El Corrido De Cris)is the one who killed himself and Pocho killed himself in the middle of a shootout with another cartel in Tubutama, Sonora 2010...

  36. Chapo, Zeta, they're all the same and they deserve the same fate. Those images are most likely an address tag that's in code.

  37. Haha!

    What a load of BS song!

    Once these assholes gets captured they snitch everything. There is no brotherhood or loyality in these kind of criminal minds.

    Viva Mexico!


  39. Yea Tino Fell off after los 3 Mandos i havnt heard any of his new stuff if he has any, And how do you know Pocho shot himself during a shootout?

  40. Wow, those 4 in El Condor's cell in the photos that were arrested don't even look bright enough to count money. I guess all they need to know is how to drive a car and pull a trigger. They look to be somewhat Mentally Retarded. And what is up with the fatty little pig girl with the stupid long strand of hair in her in her pig face. She will weigh about 260 in a couple of years. This is not the look of an elite group that these musicians try to portray. Lol, lets sing and dance and idealize these retarded losers. On second thought, I think I will let y'all. What next, a corido about this brave group of elite soldiers of CDG that braved their way into Mexicali to kill a little harmless realtor lady. Y'all sing and dance to this bullshit. Go ahead buy their CDs while they laugh at your stupid asses.

  41. El Pocho Antrax shot himself but I'm not sure if it was in a shootout.. It's talked about how he shot himself in all the corridos written about him... Same as his bro Cris... Im guessing to much pressure n a bad trip on coke does the trick.

    -El Ruso

    1. Dep Cris Castro, cruising the valley of la

  42. If they have to write corridos about macho to let the people know then it's pretty stupid. Let it be known without writing corridos then people will believe it.

  43. Nacho Coronel, Amado Carrillo, Arturo Beltran , Viceroy, Osiel Cardenas, None of these fellows had corridos to tell their "stories" that actually took place.

  44. I haven't heard any also of El Lazca, L-40, El Coss, El Peinado, El Azul, El Diablo, o El Zorro.

  45. @ October 18, 2011 11:32 PM
    umm actually all the vatos you mention had corridos.....all you gotta do is plug their names into youtube to see that fact....idiot

  46. i think if they the narcos are killink people that belongs to a rival cartel and inocent people are diying goberment should allow the citizents to posses guns in order to defend themselfs and i mean guns not only hunting rifles or shotguns....... give the power of balance to the people and youll see there will be no more cartels

  47. She was eliminated because several of the properties she rented/sold were hit by the government, ie. they suspected she was the leak.

  48. I'm sure she knew who she was dealing with, c'mon! I know a girl who's with a corrupt federale agent and this woman was her real state agent. This is why Mexico is the way it is thanks to all the CORRUPT, AND LOW LIFE PEOPLE! All they want is easy money, work your ass off and earn it the right way!!!

  49. @October 19, 2012 at 2:14pm.
    money is money and to come up with it its not that easy especially living in a place with low incomes. people risk their lives everyday in other dangerous jobs besides trafficing n killingg people, by the way I wouldnt call them low lifes, they HAVE THE MONEY TO TRAVELsome own exotic cars that costs more than your house, designer clothes... so please stop hating on what they do and ALSO THAT GOES FOR HALF OF YOU NOSEY PEOPLE THt don't KNOW. SHIIII ABOUT WHAT YOU'RE Talking about. Go play your PlayStation or something and mind your own bizniz leave this to the people that do work. and stop fuckn talking like you ever stayed in Mexico or if you ever seen some of your close fam members getting killed. and some decapitated????..thats some shit to blog about...con todo el respecto ala jente..and my respects to the people on here thT know their stuff..

    " Soy de Sonora Pura sangre yaqui pero mi terreno es Aqui en el valle de mexicali fierro por todo el mar de Cortez"


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