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Friday, October 7, 2011

Officials: 'Zeta Killers' kill 32 more in Veracruz, Mexico

By OLGA R. RODRIGUEZ, Associated Press

Images of several of the CJNG and Zetas captured Thursday, October 6, in Veracruz. The rival gangmembers were presented together.

Images of two bodies that according to a Mexican blog site were among the 32 murder victims found Thursday night in Veracruz. The message on the "embolsado", or bagged body, reads:

you know who I am, faggot.
the last time you killed ___? of mine
but I killed (36?) of yours
where you had your junda_____?
Zeta dog
Sincerely, MataZeta group

Destroyer may refer to Alfredo Diaz Cruz, a high level Zeta in southern Veracruz.

MEXICO CITY (AP) — A relatively new drug gang is responsible for killing at least 67 people whose bodies were found over the course of a couple of weeks in the Gulf coast state of Veracruz, Mexican authorities said Friday.

Marines arrested eight members of the Jalisco New Generation drug gang Thursday, navy spokesman Jose Luis Vergara told a news conference. The suspects later led authorities to 32 bodies left in three houses in Veracruz, a port city that carries the state's name.

Vergara said the gang is also responsible for dumping 35 bound, tortured bodies on a busy boulevard in a suburb of Veracruz on Sept. 20.

The navy appeared eager to dampen speculation that the New Generation gang, believed to be allied with Mexico's Sinaloa drug cartel, is some sort of paramilitary group aimed at eliminating the hyper-violent Zetas cartel.

New Generation members have dubbed themselves "Mata Zetas," or "Zetas Killers," and many of their victims appear to be from that cartel.

Authorities would have ample reason to want to eliminate the Zetas, who have been blamed for the kidnap-murders of three marines so far this year in Veracruz.

Vergara insisted no paramilitaries were involved.

"We stress that this is just another organized crime gang that opposes the Zetas, with whom they are fighting for control of illicit income and criminal activities in Veracruz," he said.

Marines also arrested 12 alleged Zetas on Thursday, including Aquiles Amaranto Cruz Hurtano, allegedly the group's new operations leader in Veracruz, Vergara said.

He said the suspects "presumably were assigned to kill relatives of their enemies" and carry out other criminal activities.

All 20 of the detainees were paraded before the news media Friday before being turned over to federal prosecutors pending charges. While some appeared hardened and weathered, a few appeared to be in their teens.

Sinaloa and the Zetas have emerged as Mexico's dominant drug cartels and appear locked in a nationwide battle for territory. The New Generation gang emerged in the western state of Jalisco in 2010, following the death of Sinaloa capo Ignacio "Nacho" Coronel that same year.

In recent months, the "Mata Zetas" have released videos in which armed, masked men claim to be fighting to free Veracruz from the Zetas' reign of killings, kidnappings and extortion — even though the Sinaloa cartel is implicated in many of the same activities.

Despite the propaganda videos — which had led some local news media to begin calling the gang "paramilitaries" — Vergara stressed that "no criminal propaganda will force the government to step back from its efforts against criminals."

The arrests capped a flurry of rumors on social networks Thursday that multiple bodies had been found in Veracruz. The state government first said it had no information on the killings, then later confirmed them.

The navy said that when marines reached the first of the three safe house, where 20 bodies were found, state police officers were already there. Marines found 11 bodies at the second house and one at a third.


Below is a video released today, reportedly taken in Veracruz, showing a group of gunmen torturing and interrogating a couple suspected of working for a rival criminal group. The young lady and her companion seem to be low-level members, possibly halcones, that work in a furniture store.

It is not certain what group produced the video.

The bodies of a couple, victims of an organized crime style execution, were found this Friday morning in the Veracruz suburb of Colinas de Sante Fe.

It is believed the bodies may be that of the couple in the video.


  1. 32 more bodies, sounds like CJNG/GN/CDS is really making a play into Veracruz, and this is just the beginning. This isn't heating a plaza or propaganda, they are going to turn the area into another Juarez.

  2. I am trying to figure out if CJNG is a different entity or still part of la Federacion. If they are with Chapo, then why call yourself "Cartel" De Jalisco Nueva Generacion? Seems like they are trying to seperate themselves from la Federacion, right? Also, there has been rumors of GN and M's fighting in Jalisco with CDNG, any truth to that?

  3. Yeah theres also the rumors about chapo ppl fighting mayos ppl in Ciudad Obregon Sonora. But who knows? everything looks mixed up

  4. Wow. Takes a real man to do that to a woman. Disrespect to a woman is a persons greatest flaw. These guys need to burn in hell, while being ass raped with a cactus by Hitler in a dress. This kind of video clip should only be seen by law enforcement and should be considered as EVIDENCE!!! We in the US write books, make movies, and create entire college courses about people like BTK, Zodiac, or Jeffrey Dahmer, while Mexico has gangs of people who make these guys look like boy scouts. To hell with the people of Mexico who let this shit go on any longer without finally taking their country back! And to those of you who say "what are we supposed to do?". Read your history books! May I suggest you read about the US Revolutionary War for a start! TAKE YOUR COUNTRY BACK!!!!

  5. You little bitches! Women or not these fucks deserve to die no matter what gender they are, they are all the same fucking mierda. Pinches zetas are all gonna end up like this pendejos if they continue with there fucking mamadas!!!! Real men don't fuck with women this way unless you join the zetas than your fair game!!!!

  6. This reminds me of the holocaust.

  7. @7:42 that chick was involved in this lifestyle, she knew the risks.

  8. Wow they're on a roll lol. A couple weeks ago it was 35 now it's 32.

  9. Wow all you people say stuff about zetas and cjng do the same thing look at this girl. but i know you people are gonna say well shes a zeta she deserves it. acting like you know everything when i know half the people that say that aren't even from mexico or have been affected by them. Just because you know somebody that has or heard of you think you can say shit like that.

  10. I'm so sick and tired of people saying take your country back, really so if your a family man do you really want to pick up a gun and fight armed battle hardened men? look what happened in Arab countries they rise up and get mowed down syria and Bahrain have not changed and libya only got freedom because there were ex-soldiers and men trained by special forces fighting. mexico needs the "Gods" to come back to be saved

  11. They need to take out the video where sicarios grabbed a couple and their daughter then proceeded to stab them with small wounds and throw them to their pet shark and the shark proceeded to eat them alive one by one.First the little girl, then the wife, and finally the husband. Maybe then the WORLD will see what Mexico has become due to the narco insurgency and actually have some balls to let a revolution go on there and support them.

  12. I'm beginning to question that the killers are who they say they are, and that those killed by them were really who they claimed.

    It's not because of any particular evidence- it is because misrepresentation seems to be the norm now. There is always some angle to be played- who the "bad guys" really are, and who is really looking out for the "people of Mexico".


  14. You'll never convince me these sickos aren't raping these women, if they weren't why would they strip them naked? To humiliate them? No, to feed their sadistic addictions. You never hear of the rapes, just the tortures...You people in mexico need to quit acting like its not going know it is...your drug culture has bred this and you wont look in the mirror.


  16. So she's dead right?
    Too hot to die like that. Hope those fags killed her at least in not as brutal way as usual.

  17. If she killed your brother or your mother, you guys would be signing a different tune. Only when it's convenient is it "a crime to disrespect a woman like that" F that noise - she is as guilty as the other clowns in that video.

  18. Those guys have no respect for life. I can't stand to see a woman treated that way. Those CJNG or Matazetas just proved that they just another group of worthless thugs.

  19. You know this cartel should of dubbed itself matahalcones because thats all it does kill low level lookouts and innocent ppl.This is an embarrasement to Nacho Coronel.

  20. Exactly 8:18 AM. Doesnt matter which side you claim to be on, something is seriously fucked up about you if you can put your boot on a stripped, crying woman and film it. Thats not how you fight or win a war.

    And everyone else... dont be so quick to judge. Its easy for you to sit there in your arm chair and jerk off to this video but you are assuming the video is telling the truth. How do you know she wasnt propositioned with plata o plomo?

    What you think that girl was a sicaria? You think she was skinning heads on film? Probably not.... and if she was guilty of crimes then execute her and get the fuk on with it. Filming this shit shows how fucked up the whole thing is.

    In any case, these are some sadistic pieces of shit. I hope they all burn in hell.

  21. lol @ all the people crying about women being treated this way. like a comment above said, "If she killed your brother or your mother, you guys would be signing a different tune." Their women are out there doing the same sh*t they are. They know what they are getting in to. Here are a couple of links just to show you guys that women arent all that innocent.

  22. All of Mexico is now a mad house. A mad max world with no rules. Dismembering each other alive, skinning each other alive. Feeding each other to wild animals. Raping, robbing, torturing, stealing. They all do it, all sides. This is little more than a side bar.

    The real battle between Chapo and the Z is happening in Zacatecas where the Z are establishing their final base before they push for Guadalajara. Guadalajara will be the mother of all battles, Chapo and the Z will pull out all the stops. I think Chapo will win long term but the Z are relentless. The real prize is Manzanillo, so the Z can bring in the stuff for making meth. This will get very very nasty after the Pan Am games and beyond.

    Hold on to your seat Chapo and Mayo, these Zs are about to take you for a very unpleasant ride.

    I suspect that if they take Manzanillo, the Z will then set their sights on Mexico City, but things are probably too complicated there for any one group to hold everything.

  23. @ 9:35 PM

    Gotta agree dude! people who come out with this "take your country back Mexican people!" are so full of it I mean what the hell are the people supposed to use to fight the cartels? hoe's and rakes and maybe a shotgun if their lucky? they would not stand a chance against heavily armed cartel gunmen.

    Until the people are armed they can't do shit!

  24. This couple worked in a furniture store. They probably owned it. The Z probably charged them extortion and they negotiated to keep watch because they couldn't pay. Look at their dress. They are not cartel. They are ordinary good people trying to survive in hell. Looking at her, I would suspect whoever was extorting was probably forcing her to par extortion through other means too. It is about survival for the common people in Mexico. What would it be like to have a wife like her and no way to protect her?

    You clowns that are always jumping to an opinion that if they are from Mexico, and someone says they "joined a cartel" or are members of a carte, then they deserve this. You have know idea of the pressure that can be put on ordinary citizens to act for the cartel or die. This goes for police officers and politician also. "O plato o plomo" is a mother fucker. The Silver or the Led.

    God Bless this couple and the millions just like them.

  25. If those two are the norm of the people the creatures are killing and calling them Zetas, they are in trouble. I am really wanting the Z to put them out of business. They are killing innocent people and talking a bunch of bullshit propaganda and doing nothing. Several sicarios have talked about how they were payed by the body to kill the enemy. Many have said they would kill innocent cab drivers and other business people to get money because they couldn't find the enemy. That is what we just saw happen. And the dumb-asses filmed it.

  26. The US has to step in and put a stop to this shit. I've been watching this site for a couple years now and have seen it all. Poll our troops....which war they would rather be in. The one closest to home... or over seas.

  27. Yes, If this was happening in the US to the levels you see in Mexico, as a family man I would take up arms. As would most everyone I know. We here in the US don't have another country to sneak into and live under the radar. We don't have a 'plan B'. This is all we got, and we are armed. God isn't going to magically snap his fingers and make it all go away. This will only be fixed by the people. Any other attempt to put Mexico back to the way it was, will only be a temporary fix. You guys in Mexico are facing a future with a government openly ran by these same criminals. It's bad enough that your entire countries judicial system is easily bought, but imagine how bad it will be when it is ran like some of the African countries that are run by the heads of criminal organizations! So, if anyone has a better idea that doesn't include the crooked military or corrupt police force, or even a government that robs it's own people blind; I'm all ears.

  28. That's messed the most, the female was probably a look out getting paid chump change and probably coerced into being a lookout. Whoever the sicarios are probably knew it - no need to rape her. Just get whatever info u want/need and that's the end of it.

  29. As a non-spanish speaker could someone say what she is being accused of and asked. Thanks. Horrible way to go if she /they are indeed dead, may they find peace.

  30. I have to agree.. so far all I have seen is lookouts and prostitutes get slaughtered by these guys. I bet many of them had no choice but to become lookouts and are innocent in many ways, forced to be lookouts or die. These guys are no better than the savages they claim to hunt.

  31. She doesnt look like she's getting tortured, some guy is forcefully interrogating her and has stripped her, is there any proof she was killed? She wasn't even kicked in the video.

  32. Alot of these woman work with zeta kidnappers they look for ppl with money n then they set em up to get kidnapped by zetas. Or they use em as lookouts for the feds or army.some woman use their homes as safe houses for guns or drugs. Their zetas so thats how it goes. Word is they caught that bitch z40..

  33. "Officials" say this, and that, they can say what they want the media to disperse and the public to hear as being the truth.....I think that the "officials" just got some inmates from any random jail, told them to admit they were part of the "matazeta" group or else! and this way, it makes it look like the "law" has things under control...que teatrito por Dios! "Officials" never seem to be able to get to the root of things...I wonder why???

  34. if the U.S doesnt do anything soon its going to be realy late for the U.S. most of the big bosses are hidding in the U.S. so dont Ask México for permisión and invade you know they Well never accept they are too corupted

  35. what holocaust?...i mean which one...the battle of the somme....hiroshima....the bataan death march....the massacre at Goliad....which holocaust?

  36. this video is down can someone post it back up

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