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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mexican Couple Arrested with Ice Chest Filled with Body Parts

Army raids bulletproofing auto shop

Adriana Gomez Licon
Associated Press

The Mexican army says it has found an auto shop used to bulletproof vehicles for drug gangs.

Ten people were arrested and soldiers confiscated 10 cars or SUVs that were being bulletproofed, as well a six other vehicles in a warehouse in the northern state of Sinaloa, the army said in a late-Monday statement.

Authorities did not say which cartel managed the shop raided on Sunday, but it was in the home state of Mexico's most-wanted drug lord Joaquin Guzman, who is known as "El Chapo."

In border states such as Tamaulipas, soldiers have raided similar bulletproofing shops and found freight trucks completely covered in steel.

In Acapulco, meanwhile, federal police said they caught a young woman and a young man as they were getting out of a car near a shopping mall with an ice chest that contained a decapitated head and other human remains. Police had followed them because the car matched the description in a kidnapping report.

Inside the vehicle, police said, they found another head inside another ice chest.

Police officers discovered the bound bodies of the victims in a car near Acapulco two hours after the arrest.

Federal police said 19-year-old Damaris Gomez leads a group if killers working for "the street sweeper" gang. The 21-year-old man riding with her is an alleged hit man, police said.

The local gang has been fighting the Independent Cartel of Acapulco for control of the coast city since the 2010 arrest of Edgar Valdez Villarreal, known as "La Barbie." He is accused of being a drug capo for the Beltran Leyva cartel

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has deployed federal police officers to the port city to curb drug violence.

In the northern border city of Ciudad Juarez, across from El Paso, Texas, police found the dismembered bodies of four men in bits scattered around the city.

Prosecutors spokesman Arturo Sandoval said police first found two heads and parts of two bodies at street corner in the southern part of the city, along with a handwritten message saying "To the New Juarez cartel, keep recruiting, we're waiting for you."

The New Juarez Cartel is a group that recently appeared, and which accuses authorities of favoring the Sinaloa cartel, which is fighting a bloody turf battle against local gangs for control of Ciudad Juarez.

The other victims' remains were found scattered elsewhere in the city later in the day.

Amid continuing reports about the operation of U.S. intelligence officers in Mexico, the U.S. Embassy in Mexico City issued a statement Tuesday saying that "in accordance with Mexican law, the U.S. government does not carry out law enforcement operations in Mexico. That is a job for Mexican authorities."

The U.S. statement noted that "we closely cooperate with Mexican authorities in that effort, in full respect for Mexico's sovereignty and Mexican law, for the mutual benefit of our two counties and our shared goals. The U.S. government does this by providing equipment and training, and by sharing information."


  1. this is all chapo's people kill'em dem,since the sweeper is with CDS,n GN in juarez dats,dats y CDS is #1

  2. So did they have some cold cerveza's in there as well?

    "Yo man, I said hand me a beer, not a brain"...

  3. I doubt those vehicles are "bulletproof". They are likely armored and bullet resistant. Better than none though.

    Hell, let's just get on with it and have a real war and let them drive Armored Personnel Carriers, tanks, artillery and the works.

  4. estamos esperando por ustedes.......VIVA CDS

  5. Its a family affair, lady and child with ice chest full of body parts delivering the gangs handywork, sounds like a bad movie.Think of what would happen in the US national news, life sentences, etc. in Mexico these jackasses will be on the street, they had no idea what was in the box some guy paid them 100 pesos to drive his car amd deliver the box-- yada yada

  6. 'Heir' to Gulf Cartel arrested in Port Isabel
    October 26, 2011 6:32 AM
    The Monitor

    The nephew of imprisoned Gulf Cartel kingpin Osiel Cardenas Guillen was arrested by U.S. authorities in Port Isabel during a traffic stop.

    Rafael Junior Cardenas Vela was arrested Thursday night by Port Isabel police and was later charged by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents with immigration charges as well as possession and conspiracy to possess narcotics with intent to distribute, court records show.

    As of Tuesday night, Rafael Cardenas remained in federal custody. Although Rafael Cardenas is scheduled to appear in federal court today, whether he will be in court is unclear.

    According to court documents dated Oct. 25, Rafael Cardenas waived his rights to a detention hearing and preliminary examination.

    Cardenas was pulled over while he drove in a personal vehicle with an attractive woman, a local law enforcement official confirmed. He ws stopped for a traffic violation, court records state.

    Rather than get an infraction, Cardenas was arrested in what appears to be a larger operation that had been targeting him. Cardenas, also known as 900s, is also the nephew of the late Antonio Ezekiel "Tony Tormenta" Cardenas Guillen.

    At the time of his arrest, the younger Cardenas tried to pass off a passport identifying him as Pedro Garcia Gonzalez, court records showed. Once in custody, Cardenas was interviewed by ICE agents, and he admitted to having been involved in the transportation and importation of marijuana and cocaine into the U.S. for several years, up to Oct. 20 of this year.

    One of the drug loads he admitted to was larger than 5 tons of marijuana.

    After the death of his uncle, Cardenas continued to climb the ranks but was kept in line by some of the older lieutenants, who tried to help him temper his short fuse and rash behavior, said a source outside law enforcement familiar with organized crime in Mexico. The lieutenants were grooming Cardenas to be the of head of the cartel.

    Cardenas was one of the main lieutenants who incorporated the usage of road blockades to keep authorities at bay during shootouts, according to the source.

    The source said Cardenas had been staying in the U.S. on and off.

    Cardenas had been known to hide at a house in Brownsville near the airport, where a short shootout took place July 8. The shootout was reportedly carried out by a team of Zetas who clashed with Cardenas' guards, seeking to capture or kill him. The shootout reportedly lasted 15 minutes with no casualties.

    The Brownsville Herald contributed to this report.

  7. 1:21 is la gn winning because of the kids they killed in juarez chopping them up and acting like they were working for the others?since when does the gn fans like to get on a 6 in the morning to think theyre cool?

  8. The situation seems to steadily worsen, but maybe the vigilantes might be able to break up some of the cartel momentum...we'll see

    Meanwhile, for those interested, I decided to start posting portions of a manual regarding insurgency related threat that may be of charge...look for postings with "Notes of a Counterinsurgent"

    The purpose is to share insights into the MX problem from a macro perspective.

    Here a a couple of sample links...I will be posting about 140 more pages of such related material over the next few months...I will also try to make them more relative to what Borderland Beat is posting for purposes of synergy and further understanding of the threat.


    Cheers, SWOT Hunter

  9. Tks SWOT Hunter...have started reading your links. I'm a concerned civilian and I was not sure if I was overreacting to what is happening down south. I lived there for a couple of years but back in 2005 I just knew it was time to return home and happy we got out in time. But my concern is that these criminals are here among us...or am I overreacting again?

  10. @3:10 - I think they are here and I don't think you can trust any Mexican. You don't know who they are related to or what they are really doing on this side. Every one of them in the US has family ties in Mexico. Who do you trust? Who is setting you up?


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