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Friday, October 14, 2011

Mexican Army Moves in to Veracruz

Veracruz, Mexico (NTN24) - The Mexican government has launched a military crackdown in the state of Veracruz following more than 80 killings in the tourist port in the last few weeks.

Despite the military’s poor human rights record, local residents say they will seek safety where they can find it.


  1. Pues quien chingado va ganar en Vera, los GN, Z, CT, MZ, sabes que, todo es lo mismo. El que gana va tener el apollo de los estados unidos! O el futuro ganador ya tiene el apoyo de los Americanos! Thank You, Bilinguals will rule the los Cuidadanos soon! ha ha ha

  2. Poor human rights record? Really? All the reports of "violations" are by cartel supported populations.

    In that case, the U.S. has a poor human rights record in Afghanistan and Iraq. -_-

  3. How dare you make light of the extermination the middle east is going through right now? Let me see, millions of dead Iraqis and Afghans equals poor human rights record in my eyes and I'm not an Iraqi.

  4. other states such as chihuahua and tamale past(tamaulipas) LOL

  5. Okay let me see,so chapo hasnt been able to take the city, Ciudad Juarez from CDJ,what makes people think he will be able to take the State away from Los Zetas???At the end the Matazeta group are gunna end up dead.They have no idea what their doing entering a state dominated by Zetas,Matazetas are a bunch of street level kids teenagers brainwashed by chapo and his corridos, as well as Gente Nueva,Commando X,and Los Antrax.But of course on their videos their not gunna put little kids,notice their all older and speak with respect to the public,but thats because those are the bosses speaking,in reality they are completely opposite.You guys will be suprised how popular chapos narco corridos are,in Mexico and in my opinion they are even more popular in the United States,which kids,teenagers and adult listen to regularly on the radio.It looks like all the publicity on chapo is definately helping him out.

  6. 4:45 PM...It really pisses me off for people to justify Chapo as a good guy cartel. Do you not understand that every cartel conflict is cause by him moving in and starting trouble. If he had not been a player, Mexico would still be a peaceful country. I am sick of people taking up for the most evil of them all. He has been a tyrant in Juarez for 6 years. Caused hell in Tijuana, started the war in Nuevo Laredo 6 years ago. He is the biggest problem of all.


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