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Thursday, October 13, 2011

La Flaca "Hunted" Narcomenudistas for Los Zetas

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Nancy Manriquez Quintanar "La Flaca", 25-year-old arrested in the municipality of Ecatepec, is linked to at least nine violent murders committed in the eastern state of Mexico, as part of the criminal organization "Los Zetas" .

According to her statements, her primary function within a cell of the criminal group was to go to bars and nightclubs in the region in order to detect narcotics dealers, extract information and inform a hit man about the dealer so he could be killed.

A criminal records search conducted by the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (PGJEM) in conjunction with the State Public Security Agency (ASE), noted that "La Flaca" is a person of interest on a preliminary inquiry into the murder of three people outside the bar "Seven of Cups" in the San Augustine Ecatepec.

She was capture in the company of another men Julio Caesar Sosa Asencio el "Mosco", 30, who said he worked as a hit man of "Los Zetas."


  1. kill her, after extracting all the info this pendeja posseses.

  2. And they say women pose no threat? The video where the matazetas video with a women on the floor was hard to stomach but lets realize that these women are ruthless killers as well. Just because they didn't committ the crime does not hold them unaccountable. She was flipping these guys to the sicarios, blood on her hands just as well on theirs. Don't let the face and gender fool you. Their are evil women as well and that has been proven for centuries.

  3. i thought she was a leader for the zetas. i think the zetas are goin to do so many heinous acts that american resources will be used against them. dont u think if we wanted to find the leaders or el chapo we could if we were aloud to? its all politics. i read an article long ago from a former top ranking dea agent that mexicos economy would collapsbecuz of its dependence on the narco dollar.its all a sham. we act like were doin our best to fight drugs but we basically look the other way as long as the cartels dont rock the boat. the zetas are rockin the boat. mexico will ask a u.s. special ops to find and dismantle the leadership just like they did with escobar. he rocked the boat and thought he was above the govts reach.we know wat happened to him

    1. Your mixing her up with another el flaka who was a ex police officer who was boss of la Zeta's but you are right about the cartels as governments want to control them as they know if they shut them down another will take their place and as the saying goes it's better the devil you know

  4. The use of attractive females to seduce and setup rivals is nothing new. In society, we tend to generalize females as "sugar and spice and everything nice" fairytales. Thinking of them as incapable of doing harm directly or indirectly, especially in Latin American countries, where women are viewed as the sex that needs protecting and the male plays that role. If I was running a DTO, I'd use attractive females extensively more than hitmen simply because guys usually follow their dick more than their brains..exploit your enemies!!

  5. She's not that flaca.

  6. These women we are talking about are not intelligent above average hit man material. They are closer to prostitutes than members of cartels and are not in any way considered important. Most of them got their start talking tricks into an alley where their boyfriend and his buddies waited to rob them. They are skanks that will cost a man his life for $50, an evening smoking ice with them boys, and the opportunity to let the boys pull a train on them. These creatures are used regularly to pull men into situation where they are kidnapped. They have used bitches like her for years in Tijuana and Juarez to built sugar daddy relationships with guys from El Paso and San Diego. They get to know the men very personally, then set them up for kidnapping. The crew takes everything they can, then they kill them anyway. Most of the victims aren't even involved it cartels, they are usually just lonely men with frigid or fat wives. Cartel players see through this trap faster than greased lightning and probably would flip the trap for trying it on them. They are sleazy heartless bitches. When they are arrested, they flip immediately and say their boyfriend made them do it. Then they roll on everything they know which is very little. Nobody trusts a whore. She will get what is coming to her because the guards know her type. Don't take me wrong. I love women and believe they are God's gift to mankind. We are to cherish them and protect them. They give birth to our children. This type women took another route and serves a different master.


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