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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Gun battle in Miguel Aleman, Tamaulipas

By Daisy Martinez
Valley Central News

Mexican military helicopters circled the skies over the Roma International Bridge, as armed Starr County Sheriff deputies patrolled on land.

Starr County resident Alicia Campos said it’s a scene that’s become all too familiar.

A gun battle had reportedly broke-out on the Mexican side of the border. Campos said life along the border just isn't what it used to be.

"We just don’t want violence over here on this side of the border - it gets scary sometimes," Campos said. "We want just to be safe here in our homes."

Sheriff Rene Fuentes said the gun battle Saturday morning was between Mexican Military soldiers and alleged drug cartels.

It started around 9:30 a.m. on the streets of Ciudad Miguel Aleman, across from the Roma Bridge.

Fuentes sent deputies to the port of entry while U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers warned people crossing into Mexico about the possible danger.

At one point, Fuentes said, at least four Mexican military choppers were in the skies above the border.

He said his deputies stayed on the ground to protect Americans against any possible spillover violence.

Campos said years ago, these gun battles were unheard of.

"We don’t sleep like we used to sleep then, we could open our doors, and you know, be very calm and everything,” Campos said. “But nowadays, we don't."

Campos wants more boots on the ground along the border.

She said with so many people crossing into the U.S., she can't be sure they're all here for good reasons.

She's hopes prayer will help resolve the frightening situation.

"I’ve been praying for the president and for every governor to take over because the violence has gotten really bad over here on this side,” Campos said. “I just wish and I’m praying to God that all this ends."

Sheriff Fuentes said the gun battles are all too common, but adds his department is doing its best to keep danger out of the U.S.

Update and additional information from Mexico

The land and air attack was a planned operation. The object was to storm a safe house in the San German neighborhood where the Miguel Aleman plaza boss Eudoxio Ramos "El Bocho", Juan Reyes Mejía Gonzalez "R1", his right hand man, "Max", and several sicarios were allegedly hiding out in.

Sicarios attempting to provide back up to the safe house where immobilized by federal troops on the ground and marines in air, shooting from helicopters .

At 10:50 am the shootings stopped. The aftermath of the 1 hour 20 minutes of battle was damage to homes, vehicles, an undetermined amount of dead sicarios, and the detention of others.

The military operation continued to the Hotel Virrey in downtown Miguel Aleman, where allegedly, other sicarios had entrenched themselves.

The operations continued throughout the city, 4 bullet ridden vehicles were left at the scene of the battle, and extra-officially it has been reported eight sicarios were killed and 5 arrested.

El Norte reported the arrest of a CDG local leader and close companion as "R1" identified only as "Max".

It has not been confirmed, but there is talk that among the dead was Juan Reyes Mejía Gonzalez "R1", and among those arrested Oscar Lerma Vela, "La Peseta".

Source: CHUY


  1. It seems the government is really trying...You have to give credit where credit is do. I fully support neutralizing the enemy on site....forget the court system

  2. They continue to "Glorify" these guys by calling them "sicarios"Lets get this right !! They are pieces of Shit Drug Addict Low Life LOSERS !!

  3. Okay so possibly R1 is dead? Its this the big news?Damm this smells all bad for CDG.Wasnt he the leader of the Cartel Del Golfo,along with "el Coss"???

    So now El Coss is the only leader left? ,if this rumor is true,of course.

    First Metro3 then this fool(possibly) damm it smells like the goverment is already helping out the Zetas Haha and thats the 2012 electionshavent even happened yet.

  4. CDG just seems to be getting dismantled left and right. R1 was the other unofficial leader of the Gulf, if he falls it's not a small thing. Businesses can take hits and corporations can loose and replace even valued members, but it's not something that can continue with no consequences to the overall structure/capabilities. The Gulf seems to be approaching that point, with numerous arrests/deaths in the last year. This is based on unofficial reports, but still, think it applies.

  5. There were talks that it was Z 40 who was targeted. But knowing Lazca and Z 40, these parasites never leave their hole

  6. Happy to hear of the killing of more outlaws, need to go kill some more. Some day people might think twice about being in a drug gang??

  7. Great job! Keep killing those parasite drug addict no good pieces of shit! They need to kill about 10,000 more!

  8. If they killed R-1, CDG is in deep shit. What did these fools do to themselves? They were 2 of the three biggest criminal organizations in mexico at one time.

    That's the problem with these foolish people. They just can't coexist. With other cartels. Not even amongst themselves. Let the CDG eat themselves like cannibals. It will only strengthen los zetas.

    I still don't believe that the CDG is done but they are deteriorating too quickly. They better get their shit straight if they want to survive. The mexican military can be tamed. But with too much internal fighting, the CDG's structure is being damaged. Too much money is being lost and squandered.

    In order for the CDG to survive, they have to get back to the grassroots of organized crime.

  9. Z40 was not captured or killed, rumor has it that he stays in the outskirts of Nuevo Laredo, his and his little brothers strong-hold.

  10. ajulio-

    Its people like you that glorify these parasites and keep wanting for them to rebuild and get stronger that continue to make Mexico a shit hole. Its obvious you are a CDG fan boy.

  11. They can kill half the population and you will still have cartels. Addiction is a disease like cancer... Addicts create the demand on both sides. What will Mexico think of next Gas Chambers for aids patients while ignoring the elephant in the room... POVERTY. And dont bring up corruption because the country will be left without a govt.

  12. Hasn't everyone noticed that who ever does a deal with chapo ends up getting fucked over beltrans, la familia, nacho coronel and now the golfos. Remember he has el senor calderons mighty troops at his disposal.

  13. Props to the Mexican military. I salute you!

  14. @ 8:58 pm

    Who are you? To criticize and judge and then to hide yourself as some anonymous. Give yourself a name before you talk shit. I don't even know if you are some dude or some chick.

    I hate all of the cartels but the ones that I hate the most are the more reckless cartels like the zetas. I'm concerned that as the CDG weaken, the dirty ratazzzz will take over more territories and will grow stronger. The zetas will only use this power to spread more reckless violence throughout mexico. The CDG seems to have always stayed in their own territories and are always trying to protect these territories from invading cartels. los zetas, on the other hand, won't stop until they rule mexico or at least half of mexico and probably central america too. You can't compare CDG and los zetas. The zetas are a different brand of crime. Even though the zetas are winning the war against the CDG because of the CDG's self destructive ways.

    When the war ends, the cartels will still be around for as long as the U.S. keeps drugs legal. This is all one BIG fucken game where no one wins except the greedy and the rich. Ten years from now, the ignorant U.S. government will still be fighting a senseless war on drugs and mexico will keep fighting a war on cartels if they don't find a way to coincide with the cartels. The cartels need to find a way to establish a peaceful structure of the continuation of the business of organize crime and drug smuggling. What would happen to the U S. if suddenly all drugs were ceased?

    But los zetas are'nt a drug cartel. They are a violent gang with criminamilitary roots. They use any means necessary, without any sense of reasoning, to pillage innocent people and they will not stop until they are destroyed.

    So if I had the choice between los zetas and the Sinaloa Cartel, i'm choosing el chapo's side. But the way that the CDG is behaving, they are only a hindrance to the finality of this cartel war.

  15. Ajulio. Sounds like they may have a job opening

  16. hang in there Ajulio..

    you are telling it straight ..that is why the cobarde ass a ninny mouses are attacking you

    i agree the fuckn Z's are not even honorable enough to qualify as drug smugglers...they are the worst by far

    boycott Mexican drugs ...grow your own pot our borders contraband in contraband out

    no more anymouse posters..take a handle and stand behind what you say ..or be silent

  17. while all this bullshit was going on...there was a few tons moved through salinino...everbody knows that is how it works...create a diversion..then move

  18. I have to agree with ajulio on that one, it's unfortunate but it's the truth!

  19. Normal uneducated Americans are very dumb when it comes to breaking down complex issues.. Good or Bad, Black or White. Ex. War on Terror, either you are with us or against us.. WTF! George Bush.. There are different kinds of bad, some are worse than the others. This world is not black and white, it is gray with different shades in between. In the ideal world American kids wouldnt smoke pot, there wouldnt be a single dictator in the world, there wouldnt poverty and famine, terrorism wouldnt exist, fossil based fuels wouldnt pollute the environment. But guess what, this is far from the ideal world. Get your head out of your ass (or FoxNews) and face reality..

  20. This war is so complex and the alliances are so fickle. The government and military have minds of their own. They are with you, then they are not. You would think they would support cartels fighting public enemy number one but they do not. My biggest concern is, if CDG splinters, the Z gets way too strong. Just like the war between LFM and Z, when LMF weakened, they went with what was familiar, the Z.

    CDG has a huge problem. It is either a big fish internal rat or a big fish that is a rat from the outside. If it is from the inside, CDG is all but gone. If it is from the outside, then the military in that area is with the Z. Or the CDS leader really overstepped his boundaries and the other 2 CDS players will not take kindly to it.

    The last option could be that it was US intel that found them. There is some conspiracy theorists that support the idea that the US supports Z. Take it easy on that one "J", just another possible option. Lol....

  21. 9:58 AM...Give it up, you are wasting your time. It is like trying to convince a Catholic that the cross is the same symbol even when Jesus isn't on it. They just can't see it.

  22. I agree, it's seems very likely CDG has someone giving them up from the inside, maybe they killed the wrong guy with Metro-3, or maybe this is collateral damage, or from information already given up. Or it's just coincidence, and good intel from various sources the Military has. All these upper level guys should be out of the country, I can't see where their presence is required, or take the money and run.

  23. It seems like allot of Mexicans have allowed themselves to be brainwashed into treating these cartels like Americans do football teams and in that lies a very big problem. I see allot of Mexicans saying that its OK to sell drugs and be a cartel like CDG which is total bullshit, CDG is just as bad if not worse than Los Zetas, remember it was CDG that made Los Zetas! Thats how Mexico got in this mess by allowing these criminals to operate for so many years. Lay down with dogs and eventually wake up with fleas! Mexico needs to reenact the death penalty for ALL narcos and get to cleaning house once and for all! They are ALL the scum of the earth with no redeemable qualities and way past ever being rehabilitated, they wont even make good fertilizer!

  24. They got "max" and an accountant for the golfos in miguel aleman. "max" is head of plaza.

  25. @ LitoBrito and @ AjuLio
    Yeah, since both of those are your real names. Lol

  26. Create a diversion....then move on.

    The cartels do love that one. At the borders, they'll put about $45,000 of marijuana in a decoy car. And trailing right behind will be another vehicle loaded with $300,000 worth of cocaine.

  27. they are real here and now least i will face the music for what i post ..y tu pendejo?...

  28. dang, max was pretty powerful. the gulf from there will fall soon. just wait till coss falls, then then matamoros, miguel aleman and the rest will be taken over by the metros of the gulf from reynosa. nothing will stop the gulf. its a stain now. they will be all around the world soon. -r.i.p metro 3.

  29. I Aqree 100% With Ajulio & Litobrito.

    All The Other People Are To Stupid To Realize Fantasyy &' Realityy.

    Ajulio Just Said The Realityy

  30. en la pagina de sale el video donde se estan tirando los mañosos y los marinos, se ve las camionetas de los mañosos queriendo salir,pero los obstruyen las camionetas de los marinos, esta bueno el video

  31. R1 is not dead, the rumor was that they were going for Z40 or R1, but all they came up with in the end was some "Max". R1 is now 2nd in command of the CDG and Metro 3's murderer.


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