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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

El Rayo from Caballeros Templarios Falls

From the Forums
On Monday, under the Coordinated Operation Michoacán, the Federal Police captured in the city of Morelia, Michoacan, Sergio Hernandez Carriedo, alias El Rayo, identified as the alleged operator of the criminal organization The Knights Templar.

Intelligence reports indicate that in 2009 Sergio Hernandez Carriedo, alias El Rayo, met Arnoldo Rueda Medina, alias "La Minsa", arrested on July 13, 2009 by the Federal Police, who appointed him as head of the plaza in the state of Guanajuato, in order to position the criminal organization in the state and take control of the main towns.

According to a statement from the Federal Public Security Secretariat, in 2008 he joined La Familia organization serving as the alleged murderer of members of opposing groups under the command of Luis Ricardo Magaña Mendoza, aka The 19 ½ arrested August 23, 2009.

It is said that as a result of the intersection of information in the Intelligence Center the Federal Police was aware that Hernandez Carriedo, alias El Rayo joined the Judicial Police of the state of Michoacan in 1985, where he remained for 11 years then in 2000 was arrested on charges of robbery and extortion, he was held in the Mil Cumbres prison in Morelia, Michoacán until 2004.

Research indicates that Sergio Hernandez Carriedo, alias El Rayo was allegedly responsible for carrying out actions of illegal deprivation of liberty, extortion, murder and drug stores retail in the cities of Celaya and Irapuato, and in the Cortázar municipalities, Villagran, Jaral Progress and Juventino Rosas, Guanajuato state.

Also, Carriedo Hernandez, 46, a native of La Piedad, Michoacan, was also responsible for various local authorities to co-opt the state of Guanajuato, where he established routes to the city of Morelia, Michoacan.

During the operation, they also arrested Jorge Luis Arreola Fabian Cortez, 34, from the state of Michoacan, who stated that currently he serves as instructor of the State Police Academy in Morelia, Michoacan.

On this action they also sized two rifles, a grenade, a Lincoln truck brand, material with the characteristics of ice, communication equipment and various documentation.

The detainees will be available to the Office of Special Investigations into Organized Crime (SIEDO), who will continue with investigations.


  1. Another xpolice, xsumthing with personel which is suppose to serve an protect, the money the U.S is giving mexico is only bieng used for politican pokets and just play stupid, bcuz they really havent arrested anyone with any real power. I can go into Mexico an start from zero an rise through the ranks, all u need is braibs an the will to kill. Ask urself, how many gangbangers we got on U.S soil who do this everyday? Just that in Mexico its really u mess up an ur dead, no questions asked. People read these blogs an {assume} they know everything there is to know. Well theres alot of things that happen every single day that go unpyblished by news, blogs, lots! People in Mexico go on with life, they just work around the violence. They are already use to it. Which is bad, but thats life for people living in states or towns that violence is hectic.
    So dont judge, theres still alot of people whom do not approve of all this, yet they are powerless the people who are in place to help them work or have in someway knowledge they dont disclose. So this War on Drugs is been lost since the start. Bcuz i can call somone right now, right now, an place an order for a Ton of marijuana an as long as i have the cash it will be at the foot of my door in a day or two. An this is a true story! But i no longer operate in this type of buissnes, theres so much drama that really the rewards dont outwiegh the risk no more. Maybe the new president of 2012of Mexico will have a more better tactic that dont include blood an more blood in the streets anymore. Bcuz this isnt working, and really never will, its a hydra, cut of one head two more emerge.. Thats the honest truth.

    ATTE: ME!

  2. ATTE: ME! October 20, 2011 8:16 AM the money the U.S is giving Mexico is only being used for political pockets and just play stupid.

    Money!! what money? you were right when you said, People read these blogs an {assume} they know everything because first U.S. is not giving Mexico money in cash, it was giving in equipment and training, and second Mexico fight against the cartels it was because of the actions of the criminal groups in kidnapping, robberies, extortion, and shootouts, all over the place like if they were the ones who own the country. Felipe Calderon went to fight this criminal groups because they were no longer conduction only drug deals.

  3. @8:16 AM
    The USA claims to be sending millions of dollars, but its all lie's. Their not actually sending cash, they've sent 20% in six years but in equipment, guns, ammo, vehicles and a couple of helicopters/planes. Its mostly to line their own pockets, because everything is American made. so the money stays in the USA, well stays in American politicians and the gun dealers pockets that are making a killing with the drug war in mexico.

  4. Good job, now let's get la Tuta.

  5. I heard a story from a person who works on this side but lives in Mex along the border river that everyday or just about every day there is a body which has washed up on her property. She said sometimes the bodies, of both men and women, are covered with bruises as if they had been tortured. I said but these things aren't making the news. She said, well now you know that not everything gets reported.

    Also, there was a couple of incidents about a month or two ago in Brownsville that either never made the news or I missed them. I don't know his name but some guy who operated a nightclub in Browntown called Eclipse or something had his club bombed with a grenade. The hole in the wall was covered up with wood. Somebody was looking for him. They eventually caught up to him while driving on 802 and shot him up. He survived but his papers were not in order so he was sent to the detention center.


  7. He fell? ¿Se cayó? Lol on the literal translation

  8. October 20, 2011 4:56 PM Good observation I will remember that next time I do a translation ( Fell ) will be change to arrest.

    Thank you.

  9. Dude, are Mexican gangsters running out of good apodos? I mean "el diecinueve y medio" come on, they got to do better than that. I mean if it was veinte-dos, well, that might be worth bragging about.

  10. This translation experts all ways got something to say. Instead of complaining, help out with the translation of articles if you don't like how another person translates. Don't hate, participate.

  11. All these cartel "leader" getting cuffed but we don't see: Heribert Lazcano,Z-40,El mayo,El chapo, la tuta, el coss, el R1 or el azul behind a cage where they ALL belong. Better yet, dead.

  12. Yeah, don't hate, participate. I gotta get a shirt with that.

  13. at 11:34,

    usted no sabe do not understand how mexico works. The only ones who will be killed are Z40 o la tuta. You cannot get el chapo o el mayo o el coss.


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