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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Army seizes explosives in Veracruz

In a security operation that occurred Wednesday in the southern Veracruz city of Coatzacoalcos, military personnel seized high explosives, detonators, weapons, cell phones, military type equipment and stolen vehicles from a safehouse located in the colonia Brisas del Golfo area of the city.

The El Universal news agency reported that Mexican Army sources in Coatzacoalcos identified the explosives seized as 45 C-4 plastic explosive charges.

Five suspects were detained by the military during the operation.



  1. They saved some lives. Good Job.

  2. This is all Bullshit, Wake up! Let me guess this is all explosives for a terrorist attack against the US right?

  3. Sin, shut your trap. Where do you get off? Nobody mentioned the u.s.

  4. @sin
    I take it you didn't see the car bomb attack against the military earlier in Monterey.

  5. all that money and cant afford decent phones


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