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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Arizona Sheriff Implicates ATF, Eric Holder as Accomplices to Murder

Answer: Accomplices.

Arizona Sheriff Paul Babeu doubled down last night on CNN. The sheriff implicated the ATF, Eric Holder and the Obama Justice Department as accomplices to murder involving weapons used in Operation Fast and Furious.


  1. Our govt sure did step on their dicks with Fast and Furious. WTF were they thinking? Lets sell guns and watch where they go! Morons.

  2. "This will haunt the conscience of America." Personally, officer you are exaggerating too much. Officials do not care about who has died because of the operation. All they care is for the public view. The way society has degraded. I really doubt anyone cares who has been victim of this operation. Officer is too naive. Quite humorous! There are many homicides in the u.s do to violence never reported. Let me name a few cities, Oakland, Stockton, Sacramento, Modesto, Los Angeles - CA. Phoenix, AZ. Houston, TX that is worse then Brownsville, corpus etc. New Orleans, la. Cincinnati, oh. Atlanta, GA. Harlem, Brooklyn, - NY., Lexington, Raleigh, - Mississippi, Birmingham, auburn,- Alabama. Milwaukee, Wisconsin. North Carolina, Boston. Etc. Etc. Tally up all the crime do to criminal activity. And a large porting of the crime is not caused by individuals involved in cells or criminal organizations.

  3. This whiteboy is stepping on some big toes...wouldnt suprise me if somebody puts him down..

  4. The same thing happened with Saddam Hussein we sold mustard gas knowing how much of a SOB he was, we the U.S. was an accomplice to the killing of innocent people, but then again we wash our hands and we used that against him to kill him.

  5. I'll tell you what they were thinking....Lets back door the law abiding Americans right to own guns...If we create enough bad publicity by the "murder weapons" coming from the U.S. we then can convince enough stupid sheeple that guns are the problem and not the corruption of governments or once we take their guns we can really make them live in fear..And we all know that our corruption can only exist by pushing fear propaganda, like terrorists in every tree, inderwear bombs on old grandmas, 9/11 ETC....

  6. Moron at 12: 21 ;
    The deputy is referring to a specific incident, stupid. Namely the results of Fast & Furious, everybody knows that there is violence all over the USA but he is talking about the guns that were INTENTIONALLY allowed to go through into Mexico. He's not talking about violence in your neighborhood, moron. And some of us do care when innocents get killed by weapons our own government thinks twice about allowing law abiding US citizens to have.

  7. I personally care and I'm disgusted with this program...It doesn't make much sense and Holder from what I've heard and seen from him is a compete failure piece of crap that's in over his head just like the rest of our current leaders. Mexico will focus on this total screw up and cast more blame on the USA which others will jump on instead of really getting to the real problems. Most of all, I'm embarrassed this happened. Truth is though, more Americans have been killed or injured from drugs delivered here from Mexico so it won't amount to much.

  8. this guy is anti-mexican he's on fox news all the time talking hatred he even lies he said the mexican mafia wanted to kill him because of his stance on illegal immigration they don't even know who he is


  10. Anonymous said...

    this guy is anti-mexican he's on fox news all the time talking hatred he even lies he said the mexican mafia wanted to kill him because of his stance on illegal immigration they don't even know who he is
    October 2, 2011 11:24 PM

    Maybe if you would keep an open mind you wouldn't sound so ignorant.

  11. I want that racist Holder's ass!


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