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Thursday, October 6, 2011

3 Banners Refer the Capture of "Flaco Salgueiro"

Chihuahua - Three narco banners with a message for the Sinaloa cartel were placed by unknown people during the early hours of Thursday on several bridges located in the city, generating a strong mobilization of police forces.

The banners were first reported on the bridge of Nogales Avenue and Tecnológico Avenue in a north to south bound direction. While the report was checked, they were advised about the placement of a second banner on the bridge of Avenue Juan Escutia and Periférico de la Juventud, an the third on the bridge of Avenue November 20 and Periferico Lombardo Toledano.

The banners contain the same message in all of them and were signed by a group known as the New Juarez Cartel. Elements of the different corporations arrived at the locations to collect the narco messages.

Full text:
Ya ven chapos y mayos esos acuerdos con el gobierno se cumple . yales pidieron al flaco, al gabino, marrufo, adan zalazar y al dientes de ajo por las narco fosas de durango para enfriar sus plazas y tantas chingaderas que hacen con los ciudadanos ATT. NCJ

You see Chapos and Mayos those agreements with the government get fulfilled. They asked for el Flaco, Gabino, Marrufo, Adan Zalazar and el Dientes de Ajo for the narco graves in durango, to cool down their plazas and the many crap they do to the citizens, ATT. NCJ


  1. ¡Puro pinche propaganda!

  2. Things just keep gettng more interesting in chihuahua especially after the el flaco arrest.

  3. I been saying it all this time, the government (both US and Mexico) gave Chapo the green light.. And for those that say this is nothing that propaganda just look at the news. Thats all they do..

  4. Like how they talk crap once he's done. El flaco almost took all of chihuahua from cdj and gave them hell in juarez.

  5. Am I the only one who noticed that the Juarez Cartel,has just recently forged new alliances and is now known as the NEW Juarez Cartel and then little after they publicly announce that, they capture their biggest rival in Chihuahua,Noel el Flaco Salgueiro.Its a little weird I think.Maybe The New Juarez Cartel has more influence then we thought.

  6. 10:41 Haha never! When they arrested el diego he had almost all of the capital and thats why they got him arrested,salgueiros people were leaving. And in juarez its still the same thing.

  7. @420 what do you mean salguerios people were leaving?

  8. 6:32 the higher people were going to other places in chihuahua and the lower people were there just to be there on the defensive. You know that's the truth.

  9. Face it...5 years and the cds has not been able to beat the juarez cartel...and they never will,much less now with the a month watch how another 3 or 4 leaders of cds in Chihuahua go down. In Chihuahua city and juarez,it still belongs to juarez cartel. If anything the gn ,cds, should be ashamed!not even with help from federal cops ,army,hell,not even with help from ufos Can they beat ncj

  10. quien es el dientes de ajo??????

  11. Cds had the juarez cartel beat. The linea was disbanded the top juarez leaders are on the run. And at there weakest moment made a pact with the zetas. Their not even a cartel anymore might as well be a hit squad for los zetas. They dont have the man power or financial backing like they used to. I think cds will put el bravo back in charge, and if they do heads will start rolling at a much higher rate.

  12. @9:50 AM

    es un huey que le apesta el hocico


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