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Monday, October 3, 2011

175 Police Arrested for Alleged Ties to Crime in Nuevo Leon, Mexico

Written by Jeanna Cullinan
In Sight Crime

Mexican authorities detained 175 police for suspected links to organized crime in the northern state of Nuevo Leon, according to reports.

Reports varied on the number of police detained in three days of operations carried out by the army and marines, with El Universal giving the total figure as 175. The arrests took place in the municipalities of Apodaca, Pesqueria, Mina, and Santa Catalina.

Nuevo Leon, which has been hit by increasing levels of drug violence, is instituting a new civil police force which is meant to take over the duties of the armed forces in fighting organized crime.

As InSight Crime has noted, local and state police in Mexico are widely thought to be more susceptible to corruption from criminal groups because many are severely underpaid.

Additional Notes and Updates:

At least 7 of the 82 Apodaca police officers detained are being investigated for the August 4, 2011 murder of a man who allegedly was detained for spying on the officers.

After the the alleged detention the man disappeared. He was later found dead with three.45 caliber gunshot wounds to his back.

The Mayor of Santa Cantarina, Gabriel Navarro, held a press conference Monday afternoon to announce the the cessation of 261 police.

He explained in August the Santa Cantarina police department consisted of 364 officers:268 police and 96 assigned to transit patrol.

124 officers were relieved of duties for failing to appear for vetting evaluations on September 14.

66 officers were placed under investigation as a result of the vetting process and 48 did not pass evaluation.

Additionally 23 agents were suspended and eventually relieved of duties due to administrative processes.

As of today, the municipality has 61 active police officers and 42 tranist police who have passed vetting evaluations. The mayor said for now, security will be supplemented by both military and Federal police forces.



  1. Damn the governor of Nuevo Leon really wants Los Zetas out of there but why do the Gulf Cartel and Los Zetas want Monterrey? Is it the retail drug sales they want and extortion/piracy for Los Zetas? If it is for retail drug sales then why where the Beltran Leyvas fighting Los Zetas(Gulf Cartel) years back when Beltran Leyva was part of the Sinaloa Federation? I mean back then retail drug sales or drug usage in Mexico was really low, I remember there was a video of Gulf Cartel members captured by Beltran Leyvas in Monterrey. I might would want to check it out again.

  2. You know these guys have to be aligned with the Zetas, they have no choice. So here we go again. They pull all the cops off the streets and the military watches the gangs go wild and turns their backs like in Nuevo Laredo. Then the military takes what they want and rapes the women while they are at it because there is nobody to hold then accountable. "Living the dream in Nuevo Leon, Mexico." Calderon hates the northern states. It is going to cost his party too.

  3. 10:30 PM...It is obvious you know very little about what goes on in Mexico. These poor cops had no choice. They all have families and probably are pretty good people. The are given an ultimatum, take the money or die. They weren't arrested because they were dirty, they all are. They were arrested because they worked for the home turf cartel and the feds want that territory. The feds are dirtier than they are. At least they stop a rapist or robberies, the feds just join in.


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