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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Zetas renew attack against online social networks

Photo: Laredo Hoy

The decapitated body of a woman identified as La Nena de Laredo was left on a monument this morning in Nuevo Laredo with a threatening message directed towards Nuevo Laredo en Vivo and other unnamed social media sites used to anonymously report crime.

Nuevo Laredo en Vivo in an online citizen's forum that posts information on incidents, confrontations and locations of suspicious activity, and provides access to military and federal police anonymous tip websites.

The message, signed by Los Zetas, read:

OK Nuevo Laredo en Vivo and social media sites. I am Nena de Laredo and I'm here because of my (online) reports and yours.....For those who don't believe this happened to me because of my actions, for trusting in the Army and Marines...
Thank you for your attention,
La Nena de Laredo


Less than two weeks ago, on September 13, the tortured bodies of a man and a woman were discovered hanging from a Nuevo Laredo pedestrian bridge. Messages left by the killers accused the victims of being "snitches" who used online forums to report cartel related crime.

Photos: Rubio News


La decapitan por informar en redes sociales

Aparece decapitada en la Paseo Colón


  1. The cheerleaderZ will be by shortly to tell us how they're all the same.

  2. I just noticed BB doesn't have that "liked on facebook" box with all those faces anymore.

  3. It looks like Nena d Laredo was an admin on the NL en vivo website.

  4. All cartels kill exactly the same number of innocent people.

  5. Im not saying its a good or bad thing what these zetas did,but la nena de laredo knew what she was getting into,and that goes for everyone that does what she does.

  6. These zetas are such cowards that if they think people are gonna stop, they got another thing coming
    In fact this isn't a drug war anymore, it's terrorism

  7. Sad shame. I just wish we could deploy some SEAL teams, some units from the 101st Airborne Rangers infantry, and a handful of D-Boys(Delta Force) into MX. Show these "sicarios" how tactically trained Americans with sufficient weaponry get down.

  8. Yes your right. You can deploy troops to Mexico and they do have various strategic and tactical advantages over the common Mexican "sicarios", but how will those highly trained individuals deal with the corrupt high ranking government officials? The executives, governors, military officers, would make it extremely difficult for foreign troops to make a difference. Mexico is different to other countries that rely and foreign military intervention. Mexico economy excluding drugs ranks eleventh in the world, many foreign companies outsource their goods there, they are close to the us and many other points.

  9. @4:07 fuck yourself. What goes "for everyone that does what she does"? Are you a zeta? These websites are growing faster than you can stop them and obviously they are very effective or you cowards wouldn't be trying to intimidate people to stop them.

    People are beginning to fight back. Your days are numbered.

  10. Here is something interesting that came out on Twitter:

  11. Nena was a true heroine.
    Mujer valiente, Que Descanse en Paz.

  12. By all appearances the Zetas are run of the mill thugs that have a little development in weapons and tactics. The SEDENA and SEMAR almost always wipe out these guys. The narcos are so dumb or arrogant that they don't know when to give up.
    A video of the SEMAR in action was not impressive to me but they are brave. Give them some development by American Marines and the Zetas will get wiped out. Even then, it may just be a matter of time before US Forces march on the Narcos to prevent a failed state on its southern border and you will have open season on narcos.

  13. This is the kinda stuff that gets the public behind Calderon.

  14. You always get this american idiots on here saying shit like, deploy american troops into mexico and it will end the war, thats some of the funniest shit i have ever heard. America cant even finish the wars they started in arab nations that have been going on for 10yr's plus. You really think their gonna make a difference in mexico? Their just gonna make it worst, more innocent people dying, i mean casualties of war, because first they bomb the shit out of something, then send in the troops.

  15. @Jesus the Moose:

    Who do you think trained the original Zetas?

    When politicians get too much power they get put on the payroll.

    When soldiers get too much skill they get put on the payroll.

    The solution to this problem is not more military training. That will only create better sicarios.

    Z started as military. Escorpiones started as military. _______ started as police. Lazca was a soldier. 40 and 42 were soldiers. Coss wass a cop. Azul was a cop. Many more too.

  16. Every single murderer is known. Every hair on their heads are counted. They will be given over to that which they do not yet know and their souls shall be tortured forever without mercy.

  17. por eso se les lleva verga a los cagows

  18. what i want 2 know how the z knew is wus her posting or informing the marines about the activity going on, i thought they keep u anonymous

  19. @ovemex, im guessing that twit meands somebody in hoylaredo knew her and blew the whistle? I mean why even have reporters in mx, we all know the narcofosas in dgo and tamps more bodies were taken out but Mx gov wants to sweep everything inder the rug.... DGO1

  20. @ 7:07 PM We all know how the special well trained U.S military is, first the blow everything and then they send the soldiers and then if there is more people with sticks or knifes they call for apache helicopters.
    The U.S are good and have good technology, but there is nothing special about blowing everything up.

    Diario The solution to this problem is not more military training.

    Who do think has killed most of the real capos and capture most of them. The military my friend.

  21. The Gov. of Tamaulipas has confirmed the identity of the woman: 39 year old María Elizabeth Macías Castro/reporter for "Primera Hora"...

    Press release:

  22. @anon 7:07, dario, TheMexican

    Really, all I read from you folks is belly aching the typical knee jerk response.

    First, Iraq and Afghanistan are complicated situations and peace takes a long time to establish and make durable. Now they have modern political systems but it will take time for those countries' citizens to adjust to new rights and freedoms. Establishing peace also takes commitment, NATO is still in the Balkans, Horn of Africa, Egypt. Those peoples lives are better. The UN is also deployed all over and they have a worse time establishing peace due to their inefficiency and corruption.

    Second, Mexico is different because its on our southern border -- about 2000 miles. Strategically,
    letting Mexico fall to the narcos is not in the cards.

    Third, better trained sicarios? How about having loyal and law abiding cops and soldiers through a vetting process?

    Fourth, innocent people will die anyway and they have. At least the US civil affairs tries to make reparations to hurt families; the narcos would just as much kill them too.

    Fifth, is there anything special about blowing things up? Exhibit 1: Al-Zarqawi. Exhibit 2: Taliban gone. Exhibit 3: nuke free Syria. Exhibit 5: Balkans genocide gone. Etc,etc.

    PS., anon 7:07, I'm Mexican, but you're the idiot.

  23. I'd like to hear more about corrupted UN? Sources, please.
    Also difference between US troops and UN peacekeepers is that peacekeepers' hands are far more tied, for example they are not allowed to shoot 1st. That's little bit different situation at start comparing to triggerhappy US troops.

  24. matan por gusto nadamas.
    la prueba esta en que sigue igual el trafico y crece el numero de personas que se afilia a estos carteles. osea, que es lo que quieren. porque no se arreglan como lo que presumen ser? personas de negocio. entre ellos, sin atacar a aquellos que deciden vivir una vida honesta y trabajadora. es como una manada de pitbulls atacando a un gatito recien nacido. claro que ganara la manada de se dan cuenta que los espiritus de estas personas los van a seguir. son unos cobardes. es lo que son.

    they are killing just to satisfy themselves.
    the proof of this is that the trafficking continues and the number of people affiliating themselves to these cartels is growing. so, what do they want? why can't they compromise like what they claim to be, business men, without attacking those who make a choice to live an honest and hard working life. is like a pack of pitbulls attacking a newborn kitten, what these "people" do. of course the dogs will they not realize the souls of these tortured people will follow them. bunch of cowards is what they are.

  25. @ anon 04:54

    UN corruption: and also google UN watchdogs.

    About "triggerhappy" US soldiers, I've had 12 years of service in the Army and Marines and I could tell you that the Rules of Engagement are strict. When they are not followed there will be an investigation and there will be punishment. There could be triggerhappy people anywhere but in the US military they are not the norm. Furthermore, US servicemen cherish and protect life. Why else would we have people come back from war mentally scarred because of its horrors? In Iraq terrorists exploited Americans ' sensibilities by attempting to stop convoys for attack by throwing women and children in front if them.

    I'm glad that you are on this forum because now you can begin to see what the mainstream media will not show you. Clearly, you have been shaped by them. Now, someone can tell you another angle that's closer to the truth.

  26. i completely agree with the guy who said sending in any type of us military is stupid. 90% of the people up here saying send in the troops are ex or current us soldiers carring to much about mexico n not enought about america i live next to a military base and there have only been about 10 murders here this year can u guess who did them??? 8 of them by USMC soldiers one was a drug dealer n shot a 2 guys over 60$ shit atleast 5 marines have killed there wifes here the past 3 or 4 years . the only thing they would cause n mexico is more trouble... do u honestly see the mexican public talking weel to amercian troops being in mexico the society is very different than the middle east trust me the average citizen would not want us soldiers in mexicO.MEXICO WILL ALAWAYS BE THE NUMBER 1 SUPPLIER OF DRUGS TO THE US FROM NOW ON U CAN WIPE OUT ALL THE CARTELS IN MEXICO N THERE WILL BE 5 OR 6 NEW ONES THE NEXT DAY IT IS DIFFERENT THAN COLOMBIA THE REASON IS SIMPLY GEOGRAPHY

  27. @ anon 6:20

    You response really seems like a play on prejudices. You should know that there is violence everywhere. My town has about, 80 percent Latino population, a Latino gang problem, the police blotter shows a good deal of domestic violence and sexual assault, child molestation, theft of varying degrees. The offenders are ALMOST ALWAYS Latino. By your logic, Latinos must be a lost bunch. Cut the crap, you can join the military if you have a significant record, gang ties of any kind, ANY domestic violence, or unresolved substance abuse problems. Your logic is for the ignorant.

    If Mexico is ever the subject of a US military occupation it will be for our sake, not Mexico's though its citizens would most likely benefit from it.

  28. Correction : can't join the military...

    I guess I should preview my posts. My smart phone loves to insert wrong words.

  29. America needs to close that border. NAFTA has done America no good. Mexico is a failed state and is a stinking mess from the top down. It's not Calderon's so-called war on drugs. It's the fact that the country's leaders are complicit. I live 2 hours from Laredo and the nonsense spewed about no overflow is a load of manure. Guzman's chick having baby thuglets in LA is proof.

  30. @Jesus the Moose
    If my logic is for the ignorant yours is for the lost or blind. I want you to honestly tell me what u think would happen if us soldiers went to mexico? Here are my thoughs

    1)many mexicans do not like americans.. they like there money and living in there country but thats about it they view americans as fat lazy people who feed off the rest of the world just like many other countries do.

    2)mexicans have a different relationship with america that no other nationality or ancestry can ever have name another that has contributed to the us more than mexicans over the last 100 years

    3)you have to be crazy to not think that it would be a war on just cartels and not against mexico. its true many mexicans do not like the cartels but its not as many as u think in all honesty i believe citizens would support cartel before supporting American troops

    4)many mexican americans identify as mexican more than american some lets say a small number of them would support cartel as well this would lead to trouble in US

    5)no question there would be huge bloodshed in US as well something they do not want

    6)we would have us troops in mexico and middle east it would look very bad as if US is not just bullying countries half way across the world but its neighbors as well would anger many nations and make the united states look venerable for attack from many nations and criminal/terrorist organizations

    i will go as far as to say that the main problem in mexico is not cartels it is the changing of the social fabric of mexico there is just something mexicans like about being violent they like people to fear and respect them like how the Surenos tried to spread all over america the last ten yrs half of them where wanna b's who couldnt kill a fly but they like how people though they where killers and crazy they like it when people say dont fuck with mexicans there crazy.

    oh yea im mexican in case u though different

  31. @ Jesus the Moose
    oh yea and about the good old american troops who never beat there wife join a gang or kill innocent people

    ever hear of Cesar Armando Laurean? yep same military base same good old us marines shit i could find post like this from our news all day

  32. stupid cartels, beheading a woman will only make a martyr out of her. copy catting Muslims without any clues.

  33. yea if the us sends in military i guarantee those cartels will get shell shocked....they better pray those navy seals never go there

  34. I don't care that much, just secure our border and stop giving them things like the dream act. They don't deserve it.

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