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Thursday, September 1, 2011

Two female journalists found murdered in Mexico City

Two female Mexican journalists have been found brutally murdered in the capital, local news magazine Contralinea reported on Thursday.

The two journalists, Ana Maria Marcela Yarce Viveros and Rocio Gonzalez Trapaga, were found dead late Wednesday evening by local joggers in the El Mirador park in a popular neighborhood, but the identities of the two women were not confirmed until earlier on Thursday.

"The bodies of the women were found completely naked hidden under a plastic sheet and the preliminary investigations of the homicide department indicate that it may be the result of an assault," said Contralinea, adding the two bodies showed signs of being beaten.

Yarce is the founder of a weekly magazine that specializes in investigative journalism while Gonzalez Trapaga is a freelance reporter who used to work for the main national television station Televisa.

The Washington-based Inter-American Commission on Human Rights earlier this year reported that Mexico is the most dangerous country in the region for journalists with five other journalists murdered since the beginning of 2011.


Photo:Twitter: @jucef

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  1. K mugrero bueno no, no. Ya ni los cuidadanos de Mexico estan salvos

  2. Mexico is God's blind spot.

  3. "The bodies of the women were found completely naked hidden under a plastic sheet and the preliminary investigations of the homicide department indicate that it may be the result of an assault"


  4. Well stated, keep your faith, the social conncesness of the greater good will come about when Positive Energy of Divine Right Action is released through prayer.

  5. justice is coming...its gona take tme but it is. the great thing about president obama is the F&Furious gun scandal. hes fucked. you will see the investigation led me darel issa to go all the way to obama. they already have the orignal documents. impeachable offense. next president has to build a wall. problem isn't solved but its a start. and even if nothing happens to obama. karma will get him,chapo,kimjong,hitler all of them are going to the same place.

  6. in Europe when something is totally bizarre / horror/ we say - "that's a Mexico !" - how someone could kill this women for they job ? His sick for sure.

  7. So sad but why did they work somewhere so dangerous? silly really.

  8. @ 5:11 uhh,no they don't,im pretty sure you just made that up.

  9. @11:45pm lonely sicaria

    if that's the case with karma...then it should wipe out a good size chunk of mexico's population.

    because I just have to ask....who pulls the trigger? who cuts the limb? who swings the bat? who sets the blow torch to a man's face?

    look in the mirror mexicans.

    1. Ask yourself who consumes the drugs?? Then look at yourself in the mirror....not give a fuck how you got it and snort up those lines. Put your glasses on and look hard and youll see the answer stare right back at you.

  10. It says a lot about people who would kill women simply for being journalist. Petty scumbags who dont deserve the air they breath.

  11. lonely sicaria you don't know what you are talking about. That policy that you are blaming Obama for started with the Bushies.

  12. It's only a matter of time before the shitheads who did this meet the same fate. All because the report the news. Why isn't Canada so F'd up?!?!? Oh yah, Mexicans don't like the cold.


  14. That fool said mexicans dont like the cold,theres already mexicans drug trafficking in canada

  15. take fucking action mexicans and stop saying, 'WELL IF WE JUST PRAY OUR ENEMIES AWAY EVERYTHING WILL BE ALRIGHT'

  16. has it been confirmed or what proof is there to link these murders to any specific DTO? Maybe these two were just victims of a sexual assault, which in turn lead to their murder! Could have been something as simple as "wrong place, wrong time." There are other motivations for murder in Mexico besides the drug war. We assume anybody, who dies a violent death in's linked to the drug war. I would think a narco message would have been left to serve as a warning to others in the journalism world..but is not the case here.


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